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Can You Paint A Kitchen Sink?

Can You Paint A Kitchen Sink?

Can You Paint A Kitchen Sink?

Kitchen sinks are available in many different colors and finishes. As long the sink is of quality and originally painted correctly, it can last for decades.

Despite this, some homeowners may want to change the color or finish of their sink. Whether one wants their sink to match their home décor, or change the sink's finish to a modern metallic one, kitchen sinks can be painted to update their appearance.

Kitchen sinks can be repainted, but you need to take into account what material they are made from first. Porcelain and aluminum sinks will all need a different method to repaint them successfully.

You'll find out if your kitchen sink can be painted in this article, as well as the processes needed to paint different surfaces. Keep reading on to learn more about painting kitchen sinks.

Can You Paint A Kitchen Sink?

In most cases, painting a kitchen sink is relatively easy to do. Unless the sink is large, you can finish the job in just two hours.

You'll need to paint each sink differently, depending on whether it is porcelain, aluminum, or Earthenware. Here are some tips on painting each sink surface.

Porcelain Sink

Porcelain sinks can be repainted with several different colors. Keep in mind that porcelain can chip easily if items are dropped on it, so take care when you begin painting.

You'll need to purchase a porcelain painting kit to paint your sink. This should include a premixed epoxy solution that can fill in any chips or cracks. This will help to create a cohesive, level surface before any touch-ups.

Make sure that you clean your sink with water and a sponge. Any grease or dirt will be visible through the paint, so ensure it's thoroughly clean before painting it.

Use a towel to get rid of any moisture on the sink's surface. Then use a small paintbrush to apply the porcelain paint. Keep the layers thin to avoid clumps.

Aluminum Sink

Aluminum Sink

Aluminum sinks can be painted to update their appearance. Repainting is a good idea if you notice the metal losing its shine. Several colors work well on aluminum, but you might want to stick with metallic finishes so the sink doesn't look too dull.

Like porcelain, aluminum can scratch and chip easily, so keep this in mind while you paint the metal sink.

There are lots of aluminum paints available to purchase. These will stick to the metal's surface to improve its appearance.

You can use these paints in two ways. The first is with a brush painting in the traditional sense. The second is with a paint sprayer. This device will help create an even paint layer so you don't end up with lumps.

Always wash your aluminum sink well before applying the paint. Remove all moisture with a towel or wait for the sink to fully dry before using the paint. The paint may stick to the moisture and lead to bubbles on the surface.

Earthenware Or Stoneware Sinks

Earthenware Or Stoneware Sinks

Earthenware sinks can be painted, but like the other materials, they require a certain type of paint.

In most cases, stoneware can be painted with epoxy paint. Use a thin coat to stop the paint from peeling off. Though you can use a paintbrush, epoxy paint works well with a sprayer. Hold the sprayer around 10 inches away from the sink to avoid thick layers.

Stoneware is known for cracking, so take care to avoid dropping the sprayer, paint can, or any other objects on your sink.

Tips On Painting A Sink

We'll cover a basic sink painting method below, but first, here are a few tips that can help make the process easier.

Make sure you have all of the necessary tools before painting.

Other than a paintbrush, paint, and sprayer, you'll also need a waterproof sealer, priming solution, and a finishing glaze.

If you want to create stripes or shapes of color, use masking tape to block off any spaces and paint where necessary.

Glaze is important as it will seal the paint layers and prevent them from fading. You need to wait until the paint layer has dried completely before adding glaze.

Make sure you turn off the water to avoid washing the paint down the drain. Only use the sink again once you're sure the paint and glaze have completely dried.

If you can, paint the sink in a ventilated area. If you can't, open the doors and windows and wear a safety mask. This will stop you from inhaling any harmful paint chemicals.

How To Paint A Sink

How To Paint A Sink

Here is a basic method that tells you how to paint a sink. Remember to only use paint that's designed for that sink's surface.

Step 1 - Preparation

Before you go in with paint, the sink needs to be prepared. Use soapy water and a sponge to clean your sink.

If there are any pieces of stuck debris, use a soft-bristled brush and soap. Scrub gently to avoid scratching the sink.

Once the sink is clean, use a dry towel to remove any leftover moisture. The sink needs to be completely dry before we add paint.

Step 2 - Fixing Damage

It's best to fill in any chips or cracks so the sink is as smooth as possible. This prevents the paint layer from drawing attention to these areas when it's dry.

If your sink is made from porcelain and has small cracks, you can fill these in yourself. Wait for the filling to dry and sand it down to create an even surface. Use a damp cloth to wipe away any dust and dirt.

If your sink did need repairing, clean it again to remove any dirt, grime, or filings.

Step 3 - Painting

Always read the instructions before you go in with paint. These may have safety guidelines like wearing gloves or turning on exhaust fans, so don't skip these.

You can paint your sink with a brush, but if you do use a sprayer, look at the instructions to avoid using the device incorrectly.

If you decide to go in with a primer, make sure that this layer has dried before going in with paint.

The second coat of paint is always advisable as this will make the paint last longer. You can repeat this process for two or three coats, but make sure that these aren't too thick.

Using a glaze can further prolong the life of your kitchen sink, but make sure that the paint has dried fully before adding this layer. Don't use the sink until you're sure the glaze has cured completely.


Yes, you can paint your kitchen sink, but you need to be aware of the material it's made from before doing so. Whether your sink is stoneware, porcelain, or aluminum, only use a paint that is suitable for the material.

You can achieve good results when using a paintbrush, but you may want to consider purchasing a paint sprayer. These will make it easier to apply the paint in an even, controlled layer.

No matter what color or finish you paint your kitchen sink, always make sure your sink is clean before you paint it. You should also wear a safety mask and gloves when needed, so check the label on your chosen paint to see if they are necessary.



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