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Best Wood for Farmhouse Table Ideas

Best Wood for Farmhouse Table Ideas — Create Your DIY Table With These Options (2023)

Best Wood for Farmhouse Table Ideas

Are you just moving into your new house? Do you have plans of spicing up the living room with chairs, sofas, and table tops?

There is no need to feel overwhelmed because we will guide you with the best wood types for your DIY farmhouse table project.

5 Wood Types You Can Use for Your Farmhouse Table

1. Maple


Indeed, it is the perfect supplement not just for your pancakes but also for your farmhouse table and chairs. Its strong density level and scratch-resistance make it a favorite among woodcutters.

Unlike other woods, maple makes use of a yellowish-white appearance on both the sapwood and heartwood. The bright tones help it stain well in the long run.

Furthermore, it is environmentally-friendly and can withstand water penetration.

These qualities ensure that your farmhouse table does not experience dampening regardless of the weather.

2. Pine


Let's start with a European-based product, shall we? Among all the wood types, pine is one of the favorite picks among most homeowners, table makers, and construction workers. [1]

Pine boasts of a soft texture and medium-weight size. Indeed, carrying tables made out of pine won't be a difficult task.

In terms of color, it will depend entirely on the type of pine wood you have.

If you are using sapwood, expect pine wood material to be predominantly white. On the other hand, heartwood displays a reddish-yellow to reddish-brown color.

3. White Oak

White Oak

One other wood option that will do wonders for your farmhouse table construction is white oak.

Forming the table base won't be a problem because the material makes use of standard-sized boards. It may take a while to dry up, but it has a great stain finish overall.

Light-themed colors are to be expected for the sapwood. As for the heartwood, a dark brown tone is to be expected.

4. Cherry


One thing that's common for both the cherry fruit and hardwood is their reddish color.

Therefore, if you want a table top and base that incorporates warm colors, you may need to consider purchasing this type of wood.

One other asset of cherry is it has a strong resistance and durability against dents and cracks, making it an excellent hardwood choice for the farmhouse table, chairs, and other home appliances such as closets.

5. Walnut


The last type of wood we are going to feature is walnut. In the beginning, walnut contains a white sapwood color.

However, as it ages over time, you should begin to see a light-brown color. Indeed, your farmhouse table might look like one giant Hershey's chocolate bar.

Do note that the slow-growing process is one reason why this type of wood will cost expensive.

Wood for Farmhouse Tables Buyer’s Guide


Before you can even think about assembling your living room with your DIY farmhouse table and chairs, you need to consider whether the wood types you want are available.

If you are having a hard time looking for the wood of your choice, one thing you can do is ask your local stores to double-check the availability of such products.

You can even verify whether you can buy extra materials for your farmhouse table, such as the table top, base, and even color paint.

Mixing of Different Woods

You also need to consider mixing the different variations. You can have a table that consists of a hardwood top along with a hickory base.

The only thing you need to be wary of is the inconsistent colors you might get due to the differences in characteristics.

This rings true, especially if you try to stain each kind of wood using the same color. Not all woods have different abilities when it comes to absorbing the stain.

Preferred Colors

One thing to consider when doing farmhouse table projects is the color. You don't have to be an architect or expert when coming up with plans for your house.

All you need is to determine which colors stand out and go well with one another.

For example, if you want contrasting colors, try going for a dark table top and pair it with a light-colored base.

For a more consistent look, all table aspects need to have the same color. You may want to stain a sample wood structure before committing to a material.

This extra step will ensure your table stands out perfectly.


Of course, the last major thing to remember when buying a farmhouse table is cost. When you look for materials, look at the price of each material and other tools involved.

Do you wonder why the cost is different among all table types? Well, that's because factors such as the type of lumber and table size come into play.

Furthermore, some box stores sell table kits with extra equipment such as a top and base, while others don't.

All these considerations contribute to how high or low the total cost of all table materials will be.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Wood for a Farmhouse Table?

We feel that maple checks all the boxes required for choosing the best wood material for your farmhouse table.

Of course, our pick may be subjective, but one thing's for sure: your table will be in good hands should you decide to use this wood type.

Our Top Pick For Wood for Farmhouse Table: Maple



After looking at the different options, maple stands out among the rest, thus making it our consensus pick.

Its strong resistance against scratches and dents is second-to-none.

The color also presents a perfect balance of bright and dark tones, making it blend well with your chairs and other parts of your living room.

For the environmentalists out there, it is one of the least toxic and most environmentally-friendly table materials.

Indeed, these reasons should be more than enough to convince you to buy this particular wood material.

We hope you had fun going over each wood material. Do know that all woods produce excellent farmhouse tables from the top all the way down to the base.

The choice is entirely yours to make but look for a type of wood that complements your chairs and shields your farmhouse table from damage.

These contribute a lot when it comes to constructing the best table for your home.

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