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What is the Best Under Cabinet Range Hood?

What is the Best Under Cabinet Range Hood? (2023)

What is the Best Under Cabinet Range Hood?

There’s no denying that cooking and proper ventilation go hand-in-hand in maintaining the air quality at home. However, planning an elaborate kitchen layout isn’t as easy as you think. With the installation limits often seen in cooking spaces, our kitchen specialists decided to take a closer look at the best under-cabinet range hood in the market to ease your worries.

Reviews of the Best Under Cabinet Range Hoods 

1. FOTILE JQG7505 Under Cabinet Range Hood - Best Overall

FOTILE JQG7505 Under Cabinet Range Hood

High-quality range hoods don’t always come at low prices. If you have the budget to invest and you’re looking for a product that’ll stand the test of time, then the best under cabinet range hood we can recommend is FOTILE JQG7505. 

Unlike most range hoods, this vent hood is constructed with exquisite tempered glass and stainless steel materials. Our kitchen experts are thoroughly impressed with its 39db noise level despite operating with a powerful centrifugal motor and 4-fan speed setting. 

It’s capable of 540Pa static pressure that extracts kitchen residues efficiently. There’s also no doubt these kitchen hoods fit a modern home setting as it’s integrated with hands-free control panels. 


  • High-end and durable ducted range hood
  • Delay and screen lock function
  • Hands-free and user-friendly control panel
  • Side-draft design that vents air effectively
  • Exhaust options covering up to 6 ft2 of cooking surface
  • Best range hoods for a modern home setting
  • Centrifugal motor and 4-fan speeds


  • More expensive than other under-cabinet range hoods
  • Glass & stainless steel construction requires regular maintenance

2. XtremeAir PX10-U30 Under Cabinet Range Hood

XtremeAir PX10-U30 Under Cabinet Range Hood

While searching for reliable under cabinet range hoods, our team of home kitchen enthusiasts bumped into XtremeAir PX10-U30. Instead of charcoal filters often used in a ductless range hood, this equipment operates with washable stainless steel baffle filters. 

Running with an airflow capacity of 900 cubic feet per minute, this model noticeably has a low noise level even at the highest fan setting. And did we mention that this manufacturer offers a lifetime motor warranty? 

During our tests, we also found it pleasing that this under cabinet range hood is equipped with bright LED lights. Not only are these lightings energy efficient, but it also makes your food prep safer. 


  • Integrated with two bright LED lights and squirrel cage blowers
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel construction
  • Dishwasher-safe baffle filters
  • Powerful range hood with a low noise level
  • Inclusive of lifetime motor warranty 
  • Digital control panel with remote control
  • Highly suited with a contemporary cabinet space


  • Moderately higher in pricing than other range hoods
  • Stainless steel baffle filters must be cleaned regularly

3. Broan-NuTone BCDJ130SS Stainless Steel Range Hood - Best Design

Broan-NuTone BCDJ130SS Stainless Steel Range Hood

The biggest challenge in selecting ideal range hoods for your kitchen is finding the one that perfectly fits the layout of your cooking space. If you’ll ask our team, Broan-NuTone BCDJ130SS is by far the best range hood we’ve seen in terms of construction. 

Along with its ideal size and quiet operation, this ducted hood features a stainless steel design suited to blend with any kitchen interior. You’ll also have no problem with laborious food preps because this vent hood features energy-efficient LED lights that will accompany you throughout the cooking process. 

If you want to convert this into a ductless hood, you have to buy charcoal filters from the same manufacturer.


  • Traps cooking grease with dishwasher-safe micro-mesh filters 
  • Bright and energy-efficient LED lights
  • 400 CFM ventilation capacity and five sones noise level
  • Captur system that removes cooking odors
  • Ideal size range hood for upper kitchen cabinet installation


  • Power cord kit is sold separately
  • Range hood filter requires regular cleaning

4. Broan-NuTone 403004 Under Cabinet Range Hood

Broan-NuTone 403004 Under Cabinet Range Hood

If there’s one thing our kitchen experts are sure of during this roundup, it’s the fact that this brand always offers affordable but impressive under cabinet range hoods. Broan-NuTone 403004 is designed with durable stainless steel construction and runs with two-fan speed configurations. 

These budget-friendly cabinet range hoods have a 160 CFm ventilation capacity. Instead of charcoal filters that you need to replace regularly, it features washable aluminum mesh filters. 

Another thing that sets it apart from the rest is that it doesn’t feature LED lights and must be equipped with protective incandescent lamp lenses.


  • Captures grease with dishwasher safe aluminum mesh filters
  • Extremely budget-friendly under-cabinet range hood
  • Two-fan speeds and exhaust fan options
  • Effective incandescent overhead light
  • Capable of 160 CFM cooking range hood ventilation
  • Designed with a long-lasting stainless steel hood insert


  • More suitable for light cooking
  • Lights are not energy efficient

5. Cosmo COS-5MU36 Convertible Under Cabinet Range Hood

    Cosmo COS-5MU36 Convertible Under Cabinet Range Hood

    If a sleek range hood is what you seek to replace your existing hood, Cosmo COS-5MU36 can be the answer to your frantic search. It doesn’t matter if you’re in need of ducted or ductless range hoods because this Cosmo flagship is a convertible model as well. 

    Despite having massive suction power and three-fan speeds, this unit only operates with 56dB maximum noise levels during exhaust fan operations. Besides its affordability compared to other range hoods, we’re also the biggest fans of its multi-layer filtration system that traps oil and grease efficiently and effectively. 


    • Has an exhaust fan that operates with three-speed settings 
    • Capable of both ducted and ductless range hood setup
    • Relatively affordable than other convertible range hood options
    • Engineered with an effective multi-layer filtration system 
    • Vent hood filters at only 56dB maximum noise level
    • Has durable stainless steel surface and high lumen LED lights


    • Filters are sold separately
    • Stainless steel surface requires regular cleaning

    6. Broan-NuTone 413004 Under Cabinet Range Hood

      Broan-NuTone 413004 Under Cabinet Range Hood

      The best ductless range hood for your under cabinet headroom doesn’t have to be expensive. Another affordable option our kitchen specialists can recommend is Broan-NuTone 413004. 

      Instead of LED lights, this under-cabinet hood lights up your cooktop with incandescent lightings. We also do not doubt that maintaining this range hood will be easier, all thanks to its stainless steel exterior and rust-resistant design. It also has rocker switches that allowed us to change fan settings and manage lightings conveniently. 


      • Affordable stainless steel kitchen range hood
      • Has rust-resistant stainless steel exterior 
      • Features a rocker switch that controls fan and lights
      • Replaceable charcoal filter for grease and oil capture


      • Range hood bulbs sold separately
      • Only compatible with ductless range hood setup 

      7. Hauslane Chef Series Under Cabinet Range Hood

      Hauslane Chef Series Under Cabinet Range Hood

      As you may have already expected, the best under-cabinet range ventilation system often comes from a trusted brand. That’s why our resident experts weren’t surprised at all when we tested Hauslane Chef Series Under Cabinet Range Hood. 

      Should you find yourself looking for a small but reliable range hood, this stainless steel kitchen range hood won’t disappoint your expectations. Upgrade the air quality of your cooking space with its 3-speed exhaust and dishwasher-safe baffle filters. After the test, all we can say is these range hoods by Hauslane suit heavy-duty cooking.


      • Equipped with washable stainless steel baffles 
      • 3-speed exhaust and high suction power
      • Stainless steel construction and customizable hood settings
      • Comes from a brand of high-quality under cabinet hoods
      • Best under cabinet hoods for small kitchen spaces
      • Feature two range hood light settings 


      • Baffle filters need regular cleaning
      • More expensive than some ducted range hoods

      Under Cabinet Range Hood Buyer’s Guide 


        Similar to other electrical appliances, under cabinet range hood brands come in different sizes. However, before you decided to pick one for your cooking area, you should consider the available space under your kitchen cabinet. 

        Generally speaking, your range hood should be at least one size wider than your cooktop to accommodate all the fumes and smoke coming out of it. If you search through the market and read through this list, you’ll notice that most range hood options come in sizes between 30 to 36 inches. 


        Despite the typical sizing, there are plenty of smaller and bigger range hoods in the market and vary depending on your chosen model and brand. Our range hood experts also suggest considering the type of cooktop you currently use. 

        For example, gas cooktops may be suitable for range hoods with sizes ranging from 24 inches to 30 inches. On the other hand, electric stoves that are smaller in comparison can be handled by a 20 to 24-inch range hood. 


          The more CFM rating a range hood offers, the better airflow it will provide for your kitchen. If you’re not familiar with the features of this equipment, keep in mind that CFM is one of the crucial labels you should look into when getting a range hood. 

          This measurement determines how well your unit’s ventilation or filtration system will operate. However, it’s also important to note that this isn’t the only factor that affects the performance of your range hoods. On top of that, higher CFM also demands higher power consumption and louder operations. 

          The available range hoods in the market nowadays have around 300 to 900 CFM rating, enough to keep any size of kitchen fresh and free from fumes, smoke, and odors. 


            You may not know it, but the human hearing spectrum ranges from 20 Hz to 20 kHz [1]. With this undeniable fact, it’s normal for users to find a range hood that operates with a fan and motor quite distracting during and after cooking sessions.

            Typically, the CFM rating also affects the noise coming from your range hood. Lucky for you, many manufacturers have already seen this dilemma coming, so they made sure that their products create fewer sounds as possible. 

            If you look at the listed configurations, you’ll see ratings measured in decibels and sones. These units of measurement will tell you how loud or quiet your kitchen hood will be once in use. If you’re determined to select the quietest of them all, get a range hood with a larger duct to avoid this noisy dilemma.


              There are three lightings often used in a range hood equipment in today’s market: LED, incandescent, and halogen lights. The most common among them are the LED lights. These types of bulbs are energy-saving and often last longer than the other two. 

              On the other hand, incandescent lighting is famous for its affordability and capacity for a broader color spectrum. Like LED, halogen lights are long-lasting. It uses halogen gas, so it has a high light quality, efficiency, and life rating. 


                Range hood filters are the ones responsible for trapping all the grease and oil away from your kitchen. While charcoal filters are often used for ductless installation, we highly recommend getting a unit that includes stainless steel baffle filters. These kinds of filters last longer than others and tend to be easier to clean. 

                Type of Range Range Hood 

                  The type of range hood you should get should be more than personal preference. First of all, you should consider the structure and layout of your kitchen. Under-cabinet hoods are popular because it basically saves space having installed under the kitchen cabinet and they can be easier to install than others. 

                  Upon browsing your options, you’ll definitely bump into options like chimney hoods, microwave hoods, island hoods, and many more. You’ll also need to determine if you’ll be getting a ducted or ductless kitchen hood. 

                  The significant difference between the two is that ducted models vent fumes and smoke outside the house, while ductless designs filter the contaminants and release cleaner air back to the kitchen. 

                  Safety and Product Certifications

                    When buying any electrical equipment, looking for product certifications is equivalent to a safety precaution. Having this requirement meant that the manufacturer and the range hood in question passed minimum standards set by the industry and the government. 

                    The first seal of approval you should check is the Home Ventilating Institute (HVI) certification. This specialized organization evaluates products in relation to sounds, lightings, electrical, and airflows. If the range hood of your choice has an HVI label, rest assured that the product meets several sets of criteria. 

                    There are also kitchen hoods with Americans with Disabilities Act seals. This ADA certification means that these products can be used by the elderly and individuals with disabilities easily.  

                    Safety and Product Certifications

                    On the other hand, if you’re looking for an energy-saving kitchen hood, you can seek products with Energy Star Rating. Some range hoods from the Broan-NuTone brand have this type of seal. 

                    Last but not least, range hoods from Electrical Testing Laboratory listings also meant that the products had undergone several testing and were certified to be safe for occupational usage. This type of certification is given by Occupational Safety and Health Administration. 

                    Advantages of an Under Cabinet Range Hood 

                    Under-cabinet range hoods have many advantages to offer in your kitchen. One of those perks is the ease of installation. Because typical kitchens come with cabinets above the range, having this type of range hood meant you don’t need to rearrange the layout of your cooking space. 

                    Cleaning an Under Cabinet Range Hood 

                    First of all, you must regularly replace or clean the filters depending on the type of attachment equipped in your range hood. Basically, carbon filters are disposable, so you don’t have to worry about them. However, you must make sure that the baffle filters and aluminum mesh filters in your hood are dishwasher-safe to avoid instances of damage. 

                    The frequency of your cleaning also varies in the kind of kitchen activities you engage yourself in, whether it’s light or heavy cooking. The rule of thumb is that you wash these filters every one to three months to ensure that grease is not clogged in them. 

                    The type of exterior of your range hood also matters if you’re cleaning it every now and then. If you have a stainless steel kitchen hood, water with soap should be enough to keep it clean. Using cleaners with strong chemicals may cause unintended damage, so we don’t recommend it unless needed. 

                    Frequently Asked Questions 

                    Are under cabinet range hoods good?

                      Yes, under-cabinet range hoods are good, especially if your kitchen layout includes cabinets on top of your cooktop. Most homeowners prefer these types of hoods because some of them don’t require ductwork and perfectly fit small spaces. If you’re a homeowner, this is an ideal option for your cooking ventures.

                      Our Top Pick For an Under Cabinet Range Hood: FOTILE JQG7505


                      FOTILE JQG7505



                      When it comes to selecting the best under-cabinet range hoods, our kitchen equipment specialists thoroughly examined each product in terms of functionality and efficiency. After careful evaluations, we concluded FOTILE JQG7505 as our top pick. 

                      Despite being a more powerful range hood than most options, its lower noise level definitely caught us off guard and led to its unanimous victory in this roundup.  

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