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What is the Best Stainless Steel Sink?

What is the Best Stainless Steel Sink? Your Top Kitchen Sink Options in 2023

What is the Best Stainless Steel Sink?

Where else would you wash dishes, prep food, and clean your hands? Only in the sink, of course!

Your sink WILL take a beating. That's why stainless steel sinks are YOUR best choice for a beautiful and functional kitchen.

Here are the best stainless steel sinks to get, according to our experts.

Reviews of the Best Stainless Steel Sinks

1. Nantucket APRON332010-16 33" Stainless Steel Single Bowl Farmhouse Kitchen Sink: Best Overall

Nantucket APRON332010-16 33" Stainless Steel Single Bowl Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

This Nantucket undermount apron sink has more than enough space for ALL your preparation. Because it's 33 inches long and 10 inches deep, dishwashing will be a breeze for you.

With its thick rubber dampening pads, you can wash your dishes in peace. It dampens all the clanging sounds from your pans.

Plus, it comes with a colander basket strainer — what a bonus! With this attachment, washing veggies is simple, quick, and easy.


  • Uses durable 160 gauge, 304 stainless steel
  • Drain system reduces standing water
  • Plenty of extra additions


  • Expensive

2. Nantucket SR3218-16 32" Undermount Stainless Steel Sink Pro Series: Best Value

Nantucket SR3218-16 32" Undermount Stainless Steel Sink Pro Series

Sure, it looks industrial, but this single-basin undermount sink from Nantucket is a BEAST!

It has all the features of a luxury sink:

  • A 16-gauge, 304-grade stainless steel
  • A back-leaning water drainage system, and
  • Insulation and rubber padding for noise reduction

Even with a 10-inch deep basin, you only need at least a 33" base cabinet to fit. It's also easy to mount, so if you're into DIY, installing this WON'T BREAK your back.

It also comes with premium extras, like a colander drain and grid. What a steal!


  • Satin finish is easy to rinse
  • Needs little under-cabinet space
  • Easy to mount


  • None, really

3. Kraus Standart PRO KHF200-33 33" Stainless Steel Single Bowl Apron Front Farmhouse Sink: Best Budget

Kraus Standart PRO KHF200-33 33" Stainless Steel Single Bowl Apron Front Farmhouse Sink

This Kraus Standart undermount sink has OVERSIZED bowls which fit your baking sheets, roasting pans, and large pots and pans. If you cook for a big family, the basin size is a HUGE plus.

Even at its budget price, the Kraus Standard already uses 16 gauge, T304 stainless steel, which you can ONLY FIND in high-end products.

Our favorite feature is its wear-resistant satin finish, which is rust-free and corrosion-free.

And if you need to cook breakfast early in the morning, you'll be at peace with its NoiseDefend soundproofing technology that uses EXTRA THICK pads for 80% of the sink.


  • Affordable
  • Large basin size
  • The quietest sink in this list


  • Could use a steeper slope for better drainage

4. Whitehaus WHNAP3322 33" Stainless Steel Double Bowl Farmhouse Sink

Whitehaus WHNAP3322 33" Stainless Steel Double Bowl Farmhouse Sink

If your kitchen's more upscale, this farmhouse-style top mount sink from Whitehaus is both beautiful and practical — perfect for the urban home.

Its double basin design helps you wash your dishes in a breeze, and its large right-side bowl can fit skillets and roasting trays for your gourmet dishes.

We love the customized front apron of the Whitehaus. When installed, it's seamless across your countertop. You can even choose from one-hole or no-hole drilling for your faucet!


  • Easy to mount, drop-in sink
  • Seamless against countertops
  • Excellent water drainage
  • Faucet hole option available


  • Very expensive

5. Polaris PD2233 32" Stainless Steel Double Basin Undermount Kitchen Sink

Polaris PD2233 32" Stainless Steel Double Basin Undermount Kitchen Sink

This undermount sink from Polaris has two bowls for more organized dishwashing and food preparation. It's cold-rolled, 16-gauge stainless steel can withstand scratches and stains.

Since the Polaris requires undermount installation, you'll need a 33" minimum cabinet size for it. If your cabinet is smaller, just remember this detail.

Plus, it even comes with a cardboard cutout template for easy installation! That's a tiny detail we thought was beautifully well-designed.


  • Offset drain effectively flushes out debris
  • Easy to mount for an undermount sink


  • The sound dampener is decent but not excellent

Stainless Steel Sinks Buyer's Guide

Design and Style

Your sink's design can make or break your kitchen's interior design. Besides your gas range, the sink is a highlight of your kitchen decor.

The location of your sink can change the style in different ways. Here are some of the common designs for stainless steel sinks.

Corner Sinks

A corner sink is hard to install, but they're functional since they maximize your countertop. If you have a small space, corner stainless steel sinks can give you MORE prep space and countertop space.

There are a few cons with the corner sink. They're harder to install, and ONLY ONE PERSON can use your sink at a time.

Island Sinks

If you LOVE hosting brunches at home, an island sink might work for you. You can use an island sink to prepare food WHILE entertaining your guests, so you can join in on the conversations.

Island sinks aren't too common, since it eats up counter space. Most island sinks these days are for wet bars, but we rarely recommend island sinks for primary use.

Island Sinks

Bar Sinks

These are also a type of single basin sink but they're usually smaller. A bar sink is best as a SECONDARY SINK in your kitchen island, which you can dedicate for hand washing or food prep.

Size and Structure

Your sink dimensions spell the difference between functional and a total mess. A shallow, small sink can't accommodate kitchen needs like food prep and washing pots and pans.

No one washes their dishes in a restroom-sized sink after all!

Sink Length

The number of bowls in your sink can affect your sink length.

  • A standard single basin stainless steel sink can reach 33 inches long
  • A double bowl steel sink can be as long as 42 inches
Sink Length

We recommend a sink that's AT LEAST 27 inches long for a standard-sized kitchen. If you have a double-bowl steel sink, one bowl has to be at least 27 inches for an easier cleaning time.

Sink Depth

Deep sinks are great for industrial kitchens since they can fit large pans and trays.

Problem is, you might have a harder time washing away the little bits of food stuck at the bottom WITHOUT a detachable spray head [1].

Plus, a deep sink can eat up cabinet space, so check the minimum cabinet size for the sink you'll buy.


Since you're using stainless steel sinks, you'll need to consider gauge, too. Gauge is how thick your stainless steel material is.

Kitchen sinks are usually in the 18-23 gauge range. A lower gauge sink is thicker than a higher gauge sink, and higher-end sinks are 16 to 19 gauge.

Type of Sink

Manufacturers classify their products according to the materials they use. Common kitchen sink materials include cast iron, firecast clay, granite, and stainless steel.

The top choice for many?

Most homeowners choose stainless steel sinks since they're durable, easy to clean, and don't require a lot of maintenance.

The best stainless steel sink/s matches all kinds of kitchens, from industrial designs to farmhouses.

So if you don't know which one to choose, you can't go wrong with stainless steel sinks. It's timeless and universal.

Type of Sink

Stainless Steel Ratio and Grade

When you're checking your stainless steel sink specs, you might see this number: the chromium/nickel ratio.

A stainless steel kitchen sink is an alloy of chromium and nickel, which makes them LESS SUSCEPTIBLE to rust.

Number of Bowls

Your sink's basin size and number depend on what you need. You'll usually find single and double basin sinks in the market.

Single Bowl Sink

A single basin sink usually only has one compartment. They're better for smaller homes since they're more compact.

And if you already plan to install a dishwasher in your home, you can save extra sink space for countertops — or even larger sinks for your pots and pans.

Double Bowl Sink

A double basin sink has two bowls for easier dishwashing: one bowl for soapy water, and one bowl for rinsing/clean water.

You can also use one bowl for dishes and the other for pots and pans. Or you can use dedicate one bowl for washing dishes while letting your family wash their hands in the other bowl.

You get the point.

Double Bowl Sink

And if you've long practiced Asian culture, you probably understand why dishwashers aren't famous options. So if dishwashers aren't for you, then a double bowl sink is best.

Lots of people are switching out their double-bowl sinks though since most people already own dishwashers. Plus, single-bowl sinks can actually be bigger, since it doesn't have the division.


Before purchasing a sink, check with your architect. There are mainly three ways to install sinks, so pick a model that fits your home.

Sinks typically follow these installation types.

Apron Sinks or Farmhouse Sinks

These are becoming all the rage these days, especially in homes with the farmhouse aesthetic.

These have higher capacity and EXTEND BEYOND the front of your kitchen countertops. They're typically deeper, too.

An "apron front" sink suits modern kitchens well, but it might look out of place in an industrial kitchen. But they're a breeze to use for dishwashing because it has SO MUCH SPACE!

Top Mount/Drop-In/Self-Rimming Sink

Top Mount/Drop-In/Self-Rimming Sink

As the name implies, you install top mount sinks from above. Your countertop would have a hole reserved for sinks, and that's where you "drop-in" your top mount sinks.

A top mount is usually easier to install than other types, so keep that in mind if you like DIYing.

Undermount Sinks

You set up undermount sinks from the bottom-up, so they appear flush against your countertop. They're harder to install, but the results are flawless.

Undermount sinks are better for solid stone surfaces, but AVOID THEM if you're using laminates for your kitchen.

Price and Warranty

Stainless steel kitchen sinks are expensive! But you'll use your kitchen sink every day, so it's only right to invest in a quality product you can use for life.

That's why, besides looking for quality sinks, you also need to check for the warranty of your sink.

Luckily, quality brands like Bocchi, LaToscana, and Nantucket offer limited lifetime warranty as long as you don't bomb your sink.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best quality stainless steel sink?

If you're looking for the best quality sink, look for one that's 300-series, with a back-leaning drain, and a rubberized sound guard padding.

300-Series Stainless Steel

A 300-series grade stainless steel kitchen sink, also known as an "austenitic" stainless steel is more heat, corrosion, and stain-resistant than other kinds.

So if you accidentally drop a pan fresh off the stove, a 300-series stainless steel sink can take it. And of course, stains are part of the cooking experience!

This kind of steel also resists rust well. Remember: high-quality sinks don't have rust spots!

Good Drain System

What's a sink without a drain? A quality sink leans ever-so-slightly to one side so your water and debris can drain easily.

Good Drain System

Most sinks these days have a back-leaning drain assembly, so you can use the rest of the sink to stack your dishes in while letting water drain out one way.

Sound Proof Padding

Metal scraping against metal is noisy and painful! It's like nails against a chalkboard for many people. OUCH!

To avoid clanging pots, pans, and silverware from making too much noise, a high-quality stainless steel kitchen sink can come with thick rubber pads to ensure quiet washing.

The Best Quality Stainless Steel Sink

Our top pick, the Nantucket APRON332010-16 Farmhouse Kitchen Sink, has all of these features, and more! Made with 16-gauge, thick 304 stainless steel, it's built to last.

The finish suits any kitchen, whether industrial or modern. Plus, Nantucket sprays its sinks with EXTRA INSULATION, so you don't get annoying condensation.

And if you live in a quiet neighborhood, the rubber padding is thick enough for continuous, peaceful dishwashing.

What is the best gauge stainless steel sink?

Remember: the lower the gauge, the thicker the steel. And thicker stainless steel is MORE RESISTANT to hot pans and can take the weight of heavier pots.

For a truly functional and luxurious kitchen, choose a 16 or 18 gauge sink. You can't go wrong with either!

Who makes the best stainless steel kitchen sinks?

The best sinks come from specialists in the industry. Our favorites include Nantucket and Kraus, since they're made in the USA and focus on user experience.

With limited lifetime warranties, you can rest easy, knowing that your sink is built to last.

Our Top Pick For A Stainless Steel Sink: Nantucket APRON332010-16

Nantucket APRON332010-16

The Nantucket is convenient, suits your interiors, and is durable. It's easy to install, and we've yet to find any rust spots on this sink!

If quality is your priority, this is the best all-rounder for a beautiful and functional home.

We hope this expert review helped you pick out the next sink for your home!

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