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Best Recirculating Range Hood

Best Recirculating Range Hood: Reliable Range Hoods to Complete Your Kitchen (2023)

Best Recirculating Range Hood

When it comes to cooking odors that fill the air when we cook the best dishes, you'd need the best range hood to back you up.

Our kitchen experts got you covered! Well, the range hoods got you covered.

From stainless steel designs to charcoal filters, we've prepared a list of range hood perfection. Buckle up because here are the 8 best recirculating range hoods in the market for you.

The 8 Best Recirculating Range Hoods

1) Broan 413004 (Best Overall)

Broan 413004

Coming in at the first of our list is this easy-to-install, non-ducted under cabinet range hood. We love it as much as the next guy that appreciates both a classy-looking kitchen and clean, clean air.

The Broan 413004 Non-Ducted Under-Cabinet Range Hood comes from one of the best brands of range hoods out there.

We love that this is one of those recirculating range hoods containing a removable combination, along with a grease and charcoal filter. The models that are all part of the 410000 series come with a variation of colors and sizes.

Plus, for a recirculating range hood, the grease-charcoal filter is not just good at filtering the smell and the air of regular cooking impurities but also really effective with smoke.

We all know burning stuff in the kitchen is a common accident, and that's so handy that this range hood added that to its function. That's just automatically awesome in our book!

Notable Features

    • Non-vented design so you can use it without air ducts.
    • Rocker fan comes in two fan speeds.
    • Has a separate switch for the incandescent light.
    • Filters are replaceable for easy maintenance.
    • Measures 30 inches, with 18 inches minimum height above the cooktop.

    This is one of those ductless vent hoods that is ADA Compliant. This means that people with disabilities can also use it. It's functional and inclusive in design!

    Any range hood from the 410000 series of Broan comes available in a variety of sizes and colors. These are available are 24 inches, 30 inches, 36 inches, and 42 inches. The colors include stainless steel, white, bisque, black, and almond.

    Vented kitchen hoods that consider accessibility and aesthetics will always be at the top of our list.

    This range hood has two fan speed settings, controlled by a rocker switch, with a maximum of 2,850 RPM (rotations per minute). That's great for optimum air flow around the kitchen and house!


    • Super easy to install.
    • Efficient in removing odors by trapping smoke and grease
    • Works with ADA-compliant applications.
    • Has a protective lamp cover to prevent damage to the lights
    • Comes in many different colors


    • Lightbulb not included 

    2) Hauslane Chef Series PS18 (Best Value)

    Hauslane Chef Series PS18

    For anyone that appreciates a sleek modern design in their kitchen alongside great function and output, this might just be the range hood for you.

    The Hauslane Chef Series PS18 Under Cabinet Recirculating Range Hoods come with different models to choose from. Today, we'll be reviewing the PS18 model in particular.

    This range hood is perfect for a kitchen that's always busy. Its design goes great with a contemporary home, as well. And with contemporary design comes great modern benefits.

    Its stainless steel construction doesn't only make it look sleek but makes it durable. The filter kit is dishwasher safe. That means that installation and maintenance are easy and hassle-free!

    Notable Features

      • Ideal for heavy-duty cooking thanks to its strong suction power
      • Comes with a buttonless system, digital kitchen clock, baffle filter kit, and touch screen
      • Versatile venting system that comes with three different options: vertical round, vertical rectangular, and horizontal
      • Comes with energy-saving, warm LED lights
      • Has six fan speed options that come with dual motors

    The range hood has a touch panel which makes for an instant control ventilation feature. That's totally useful when you're busy in the kitchen.

    Plus, if you choose to use the auto shut-off safety feature, it will automatically vent the room of any odors or smells. Talk about safe and easy!

    This perfect vent hood comes in two different variations in size: 30 inches and 36 inches. It also comes in three different colors: matte black, matte white, and a classic stainless steel look.

    We really appreciate that this kitchen hood has a filter made of aluminum mesh. It comes in six layers to remove all the bad air. Plus, it's easy to clean since it's dishwasher safe

    Cabinet range hoods like this one don't get any better because it's simply the best!


    • Extremely high quality and innovative
    • Super easy to clean
    • Easy to control noise and motor speed
    • Durable and sleek stainless steel body
    • Great at keeping cooking fumes out of the area


    • A bit on the pricier side
    • A little difficult to install 

    3) Cosmo 5MU (Best Budget Pick)

    Cosmo 5MU

     Just like you, we appreciate any kitchen hood that's budget-friendly. It's always a plus if it's gorgeous and works really well!

    The Cosmo 5MU Under Cabinet Convertible Hood is a recirculating hood that delivers just that!

    This convertible range hood can definitely be relied on. It has a stainless steel body that's suited for narrow kitchen space holders.

    Recirculating range hoods like this one, in particular, ensures high visibility cooking with its energy-saving LED light. Plus, it has a three-fan speed setting that's great for your cooking conditions!

    You'd be welcoming not only a great-looking range hood into your space but a very fresh kitchen.

    Notable Features

      • Flexible to be used as a vent hood, recirculating, ductless, or ducted hood
      • For recirculating setting: use the CFK4 carbon filter
      • Suitable size for condo and apartment kitchen units
      • Aluminum mesh filters are completely dishwasher safe
      • Made with 400 series stainless steel and 20-gauge thickness

    This is an example of those convertible hoods that can turn into recirculating hoods with ease. We love how flexible and versatile it can be!

    The multi-layer filter of this range hood makes for an incredible filtration system in the kitchen area.

    Those worried about their little ones would love this awesome range hood!

    We know that having little ones around means more to spend on and more to worry about. That's why this is one of the best range hoods that'll help hit two birds with one stone.

    The Cosmo 5MU range hoods go easy on the budget and is efficient on filtration.


    • Super affordable and budget-friendly
    • Easy installation and adjustment
    • Looks super classy
    • Durable body and casing
    • Comes from a trusted and well-known brand


    • Does not come with carbon filters
    • Not that easy to clean the grease from it 

    4) ZLINE KB Series KB30

    ZLINE KB Series KB30

    Imagine cooking an array of food over the weekend. It's the kind of food with a lot of spices and a lot of fumes.

    You'd want a range hood with great suction power! Luckily, we got just the right one for you.

    The ZLINE KB Series KB30 Wall Mounted Recirculating Range Hood is a great wall-mount range hood with a durable body and powerful filtration. It's one of those convertible range hoods that's awesome at catching smoke, stream, and grease elements.

    With dinner preparations come great cooking smells. You'd need something to make sure the whole house doesn't smell like your lunch, and this range hood has got you.

    On top of that, it has powerful fans that can be as quiet as a hushed conversation between two people in the highest setting.

    You can have an actual conversation over the kitchen counter without worrying about loud noise above your cooking.

    Notable Features

      • Can be used as a ducted range hood, convertible range hood, or even a ductless hood
      • For ductless setting: uses a carbon filter
      • Comes with a chimney extension that fits within a 7-12 feet ceiling height
      • Made with 430 brushed and 21-gauge thickness stainless steel
      • Has a 3-year warranty

    Being a definite good investment, this range hood was designed to last you a long time. Plus, the body is super cool and durable.

    It has three-directional built-in LED lights which are useful when cooking, especially for midnight snacks.

    Not only that, but it comes with a four-fan speed section that'll suit the intensity of the dish you're making.

    We love that its baffle filter set is easy to remove and clean since they are dishwasher friendly. Maintenance is easier than ever!

    This range hood can vent out the fumes it collects or recirculate it with optional charcoal filters. Talk about one of the best recirculating range picks on this list!


    • Super efficient air purification
    • Does not rust
    • Easy to clean and maintain
    • The noise level is deficient considering its power
    • Durable and will last you practically forever


    • Consumes more space
    • A bit on the pricier side 

    5) Cosmo QS75

    Cosmo QS75

     When it comes to the best recirculating range hoods, we just have to include a pick that's super quiet yet super powerful with an efficient motor that'll last you a long time.

    We're talking about the Cosmo QS75 Under-Cabinet Range Hood.

    Range hoods like this one are incredibly quiet and usually come with two or three fan speed selections. But this convertible range hood is special because it comes with four speeds to choose from.

    This is popularly known as an excellent ducted range hood in the market. What people sometimes don't know is that you can make it ductless too.

    For this, you will need a carbon filter kit which you can buy separately.

    Notable Features

      • Comes with a backlit touchscreen, four fan speed selection, and twin centrifugal motor
      • Has a separate switch for the fan and the light
      • Has dishwasher-safe and extremely durable Arc Flow stainless steel filters
      • Includes high-lumen LED lights that are energy-saving
      • Made from stainless steel with 18-gauge thickness

    We appreciate that this is an energy-efficient range hood with its lights and motors. It truly fits a modern home with how it looks and is designed to work.

    Range hoods like this one are super convenient since it comes with wireless remote control [1]. That's so useful!

    It's especially awesome if you have a lot on your hands because we know how busy it gets in the kitchen.

    This vent hood has a 900 CFM motor which is great when handling fumes or toxic pollutants. It filters the air, so it not only smells fresh but also makes it clean and healthy for you and the family.


    • Has a useful wireless remote
    • Easy to clean Arc Flow filters
    • Convenient convertibility from ducted to ductless
    • Very quiet for its motor power
    • Powerful and easy to clean fans


    • Have to buy the carbon filter separately

    6) Winflo350 CFM

    Winflo350 CFM

     We love a range hood that can effortlessly remove smoke, fumes, and grease as much as the next guy. Obvious plus points if it's pretty.

    The Winflo 30" 350 CFM Convertible Under Cabinet Range Hood is just that: effortless filtration while looking pretty with its uniquely European-inspired design.

    Range hoods like this are made to have an easy installation process that only one person can do alone. It's super convenient, especially if you're living that independent lifestyle (honestly, kudos).

    We appreciate that not only installation is easy, but maintenance too. They come with aluminum mesh filters that are dishwasher-safe. Just plop it in there, and you'll be good to go.

    Notable Features

      • Easy installation into framed or frameless cabinets
      • Convertible installation possible: for recirculation hoods (ductless) or vented (ducted)
      • Comes with energy-saving white LED lights
      • Has push-button control for three-fan speed selections
      • Quiet operation at even the high-speed setting

    The best recirculating hoods are convenient for its users, and this is a concrete example of that.

    It's a range hood that is durable, easy to add to your beautiful kitchen, and easy to keep clean. What more do we ask for?

    This range hood provides maximum performance at minimum cost.

    The cabinet range hood is a convertible with a simple switch. Fumes can be vented out of your space through back or top or converted to recirculating (ductless) using charcoal filters sold separately.


    • Amazing suction power
    • Super easy to install, use and maintain
    • Durable and long-lasting build quality
    • Overall great design


    • The lights may be a little dim
    • The recirculating option might be less efficient than the ducted option 

    7) CAVALIERE 30" Inch 400 CFM 

    CAVALIERE 30" Inch 400 CFM

    If you're looking for a wall mount range hood with a classic brushed stainless steel finish that will fit any kitchen interior, this might just be the one for you.

    The CAVALIERE 30" Inch 400 CFM Convertible Wall Mount Range Hood is awesome and optimal in every way you need and want.

    This is an example of one of those range hoods that have commercial-grade baffle filters. The best part is that you have it in your very kitchen.

    The two stainless steel baffle filters can capture and remove grease moisture and smoke from your cooking area through a ducted chimney. The filters are easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

    We love that this range hood also has 3-speed options on its fan. It also has LED lights and a touch-sensitive panel for controls. We love a range hood that's easy to use when you're busy in the kitchen.

    Notable Features

      • Has a 400 CFM centrifugal blower with an ultra-quiet dual chamber motor
      • Comes with two dimmable 35-watt halogen lamps
      • Includes dishwasher-safe stainless steel baffle filters
      • Has a 6-inch ducted vent
      • Fits within a maximum of 8.6 feet ceiling height

    It has an adjustable chimney for however you want it in your kitchen. It efficiently eliminates odor and harmful pollutants from the air in your kitchen.

    It also restricts noise levels to a minimum while working at maximum filtration speeds. We love that for you, especially if you like making your dinner over a nice conversation or good music.

    This vent hood is also great as an island range hood considering its size and dimensions.


    • Great built and quality for its price
    • Classic design that fits with any kitchen
    • Cooking-friendly soft lights


    • The touch control option is not that sensitive sometimes 

    8) Fotile JQG7501

    Fotile JQG7501

     Heavy cooking in the kitchen with loads of spices requires heavy-duty air filtration. Don't worry because we have the right cabinet/wall mount range hood for you.

    The Fotile 30" JQG7501 Under Cabinet and Wall Mount Range Hood is specifically designed for people who cook dishes that emit a lot of steam and odor.

    We get it, though. The best-tasting dishes usually are the ones that produce the most fumes.

    These are one of those range hoods that are easy to maintain. Plus, it achieves 92% separation of grease and fumes for that clean kitchen air no matter what you cook.

    Notable Features

      • Hassle-free installation and professional installation services 
      • Has powerful duality motors with a maximum of 850 CFM
      • Comes with a touch screen control with a nifty lock screen function
      • Includes an easy-to-remove and clean grease tray and oil filter
      • Comes with a 90-degree automatic open baffle plate

    Though this range hood doesn't come with a ductless option, you vent it through the top or back area.

    But we do recommend that you go straight up. This is to utilize the complete power of the hood.

    As one of the best recirculating range hoods, it can operate at three motor speeds. That's not all, but it's also tranquil at the highest motor speed. We love this for a peaceful kitchen vibe.


    • Has powerful exhaust capacities
    • Can be mounted as an under cabinet range hood or directly onto a wall
    • Useful choice of two duction options
    • Super easy maintenance


    • Doesn't have an auto-clean option 

    Let's Go Over Some Questions

    How do recirculating hoods work?

    A recirculating range hood has a fan that pulls the air underneath the canopy and into the unit.

    The air collected will flow through a filter or set of filters within the unit. The filter/s collect debris, smoke, and grease.

    Metal filters catch grease and other steamed solids. On the other hand, carbon filters out the smoke, ash, and other microbial particles.

    After passing through the filters, the air is vented back into the area.

    What is the difference between ducted and recirculating hoods?

    Ducted hoods lead the air outside of the home.

    On the other hand, recirculating hoods filter and clean the air that cannot be released outside the home.

    What are the types of recirculation hoods?

    Some of the common range hoods that are available in the market are under-cabinet and wall-mounted. A lot of the kitchen hoods on this list are included in that category.

    There are also island range hoods, downdraft hoods, and pendant hoods.

    Top Picks Recap

    Best Budget Pick: Cosmo 5MU

    Cosmo 5MU

    The Cosmo 5MU- 30″ & 36″ Under Cabinet Convertible Hood is an amazing pick if you're looking for a kitchen hood that's great on your budget.

    It's flexible to be used as a recirculation hood (ductless) or vented hood (ducted). It's even one of the best in the market, with great filtration and easy maintenance.

    This is awesome for a budget pick, don't you think?

    Check Today's Price

    Best Value: Hauslane Chef Series PS18

    Hauslane Chef Series PS18

    When it comes to a range hood that's great for its value, a range hood from Hauslane Chef Series Under Cabinet Recirculating Range Hoods might be the pick for you.

    We thought this to be the best for its value because despite it being a little expensive, it'll last you practically forever.

    It's made to be the best of the best, with the premium design and features given its price. It's modern and efficient in what it does in every way possible, which makes it totally worth it.

    Check Today's Price

    Best Overall: Broan 413004

    Broan 413004

    If you're one to pick an all-around awesome range hood, then the Broan 413004 Non-Ducted Under-Cabinet Range Hood is going to be a match made in heaven.

    It's easy to maintain, has two fan speed options, is inclusive in design, and not to mention it's stunning. Overall, it's the absolute best option for you!

    Check Today's Price


    The best recirculating range hoods come easy as long as you know what you're looking for and know the best in the market. We hope this carefully curated list and guide helped you, in one way or another.

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