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Best Farmhouse Sink

Best Farmhouse Sink

The modern farmhouse sink has been around for a long time, and if you ever have the chance to go out to some of these older homes or even newer ones there will be a kitchen sink in nearly every room!

The traditional wooden farmhouse sinks are no longer made but they’re still one of the most popular choices that many people choose when it comes to their new kitchen remodel.

These old-style sinks come in all shapes sizes and styles from the round simple to the rectangular fancy. They always add a lot to any kitchen decor and they can really make your home feel more welcoming and cozy.

There is something about an antique farm sink that just makes for a great piece of art right on your own kitchen countertop.

We decided to take a closer look at some of the best antique farmhouse sinks out there so that we could give you a better idea of what you’ll find once you start looking for them, and help to make a smart, informed decision, and pick the perfect sink.

Ruvati RVL2300WH

 Ruvati RVL2300WH

The Ruvati RVT2300WH barn sink has been crafted from genuine fireclay and handmade in Italy by skilled artisans who have worked hard to develop their craft over several generations of perfection and practice.

Fireclay is so special because it’s fired to an extremely high temperature, which fuses everything together and creates an enamel surface that resists chips, cracks, and scratching - ideal for a durable, long-lasting sink.

The stunning finish is what helps this Ruvati sink really stand out from the crowd, and will add an amazing focal point to your kitchen.

The RVL2301WH has a reversible design that can be mounted with either an elegant smooth or a decorative fluted finish, depending on your preference - there is also an option to decide to display an under-mount or a flush mount.

The large, deep bowl holds even the largest pots and pans or stacks or dishes and provides a lot more usable space inside the sink than smaller bowls, making this the perfect option if you have a large, busy household with plenty of washing up.


  • Stunning design, handcrafted in Italy and made from genuine fireclay- this is a truly eye-catching piece that will form a real focal point for your home.
  • Very durable - able to resist chips, scratches, and cracks, making it perfect for busy family life.
  • Reversible design - allows you to choose the design that suits you.
  • Comes with standard drain assembly and basket strainer for easy installation
  • Spacious sink -ideal for larger families


  • Very heavy - will require at least two people for fitting and installation

Latoscana LFS3318W

Latoscana LFS3318W

Another stunning option that can add a real touch of class to your kitchen, the Latoscana is a reversible sink, and constructed from quality fireclay - this means that the unit is finished on all sides, allowing you to opt for a fluted or smooth finish for the front of the sink - you can tailor the final result to match the rest of your design and aesthetic.

As an added bonus, you can also customize your look even further by choosing from a raised, under-mount, or flush-mounted design, helping you to create an ideal look.

At ten inches, this is a deep, spacious basin that is more than capable of handling all your pots and pans with ease, making it a popular choice with those who need plenty of space to keep up with a busy, active household.

The unit is also fully compatible with waste disposal units for added ease and convenience and features a large center drain for easy, straightforward drainage and use.

The finish is white, clean, and classic, and the incredible, quality Italian craftsmanship is evident throughout the design of the piece.

The farmhouse style will add a touch of tradition to your space, and the whole unit feels incredibly well made and built to last - a true investment that is sure to be worth the investment, and stand the test of time.


  • Stunning white design is clean, classic, and traditional - a wonderful addition to your kitchen decor
  • Italian fireclay is durable and built to last - helping to offer you value for money
  • Sink can be installed to suit your aesthetic - choose for a plain or fluted edge and a range of mounting options.
  • Large enough to handle plenty of dishes - ideal for busy households
  • Fairly easy to install - though quite heavy, so multiple people will be required


  • Can scratch when abrasive household cleaners are used, so take care

Kraus KHF203

Kraus KHF203

The Kraus KSF203 stainless steel kitchen sink features an extra-deep basin so it’s easy for large pots and pans to fit inside, reducing your workload and ensuring that you have plenty of space to wash up.

Despite this, the sink and fittings are still compatible with standard plumbing - you can enjoy the size and space of a commercial unit in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

As an added bonus, the sink comes with thick rubber pads installed underneath the unit - this helps to ensure that your sink and kitchen are whisper quiet, as it reduces sound, while the inclusion of a sturdy stone guard helps to add durability and increase the longevity of your unit.

This double sink has two drains, one on either side. It has a 60/40 ratio and a standard drain on both sides - this is ideal for convenience, and means that you can wash in one, and rinse in the other, speeding up the process and keeping things hygienic.

The drain opening sits at the back of the basin, and the surface features channels, allowing water to drain away consistently even when there are still dirty dishes in the sink.

The Kraus model comes with a stunning satin-steel finish, which adds a modern, sleek look, and helps to ensure that the unit is corrosion and rust resistant - it does, however, mean that the material will scratch easily, even with normal use.

In addition, the sink comes with rounded corners - this helps the entire surface to be kept clean, reducing the amount of work you have to do.

The rounded corners also combine with the sleek under-mount design to create a seamless, neat appearance - ideal for a chic, minimalist aesthetic.

Included in the purchase price is a lifetime warranty, plus some useful accessories, including a two-piece strainer set and a three-piece straining set, a premium kitchen towel, and a dish grid to protect the bottom of your sink - this is great value for money, and makes the whole installation process simple and easy, as you automatically have everything you need to get started.

Installation is simple, and all required hardware is provided with your purchase, in addition to a cut-out template for a perfect fit.


  • Sleek, minimalist design adds a stylish touch to any kitchen space
  • 60/40 split offers you plenty of space for washing and rinsing
  • Rounded corners make it easy to clean, and add to the sleek design
  • Drain assembly, strainer set, and dish grids are all included - allowing you to get installed and set up in no time
  • Satin finish - helps reduce rust and corrosion, and improves the lifespan of your sink


  • Surface is susceptible to scratches if care is not taken.

Kraus KHF200

Kraus KHF200

If you are on the hunt for excellent value for money and a quality farmhouse sink, this Kraus model ticks every box.

This is a brand that has a strong reputation within the world of kitchen goods and appliances, and it is easy to see why - this is a chance to enjoy the benefits and perks of a high-end sink, with a price tag that is more affordable and accessible.

As an added bonus, homeowners can benefit from a limited lifetime warranty and a material that is resistant to dents, as well as being designed for durability.

The 10-inch under mount sink is made with industrial grade, corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

Some customers report that areas of rust do show up over time, but proper care, attention, and cleaning can help to keep this to a minimum, and this is an unfortunate side effect of this type of material.

Rounded corners and satin finish are easy-to-clean, while the inclusion of the channel grooves helps to guide any water to the rear-mounted drain for optimal drainage - this works even if there are still items left in the sink, allowing you to drain as you go if this is necessary.

Rubber dampening pads add superior noise reduction whether you’re washing dishes or running the garbage disposer - perfect for keeping your home calm and tranquil - and you will also find a stone-ground coating below, which is great for durability and extending the life of your sink.

This Krauss model also comes with some great accessories. When purchasing the model, you will also gain a 3-piece strainer set, a premium kitchen towel, and an anti-splash grid to protect the bottom side of the sink - this means that you can start washing up as soon as your unit is installed.

Manufacturers and experts recommend making the most of the dish grid, and using it whenever you are using or washing something that may bash against the bottom of the sink, as the surface can scratch quite easily - this extra grid helps to protect your investment, and extend the lifespan of your sink.

Installation is easy and includes all the hardware you need as well as a cut-out template to help you get things just right.


  • Basin is deep and wide, allowing you to tackle even large pots, pans, and dishes with ease.
  • The satin finish and rounded basin offer a sleek, clean design - allowing you a stylish aesthetic without having to break the bank.
  • Channel grooves allow water to drain quickly, reducing the risk of a flood, and helping you to replace dirty water with clean in no time.
  • Comes with a strainer set, drain assembly, and dish grids - all of which help to protect your sink and increase its lifespan.
  • Affordable price, without compromising on quality


  • Material is prone to rust after a period of time - this may be treatable with specialist cleaning products and regular maintenance

Kraus KGD-442BLACK

Kraus KGD-442BLACK

If you are on the hunt for something a little different to create a real focal point for your kitchen, this model from Krauss should be a key consideration, as it ticks pretty much every box.

This large, double bowl sink is made from extra-durable granite composite and is suitable either for under-mount or top-mount installations, allowing you to choose the look that is the best fit for the overall look and vibe of your kitchen.

One thing to remember is that you will need a cabinet base of at least 36 inches to install this unit, so make sure you check this out ahead of time.

The unit is constructed with durability in mind and is designed to ensure that the color does not fade or tarnish over time, helping to ensure that your sink looks good as new for years to come.

The model comes in one of two styles, and finishes, allowing you to choose the best option for your kitchen design, and has the added advantage of being thick, sturdy, and designed to absorb noise as much as possible - this can be a major advantage when you are handling heavy pots and pans, or crashing dishes around to wash.

Overall, this is a sink that is designed to more than stand the test of time, and also comes with a lifetime warranty for added peace of mind and security - you can afford to invest a little more, safe in the knowledge that your purchase will be protected.


  • Designed for durability thanks to granite composite - this is a sink that is built to last and will withstand many years of washing and busy family life.
  • Can absorb noises for more comfortable living
  • Stylish, sleek finish helps to create your ideal aesthetic
  • Can be installed to match your kitchen design for total convenience
  • Durable and built to last - allowing you to make the most of your investment


  • Needs a minimum cabinet height

Ruvati Verona RVH9200

Ruvati Verona RVH9200

One of the best features of the Ruvati Verona sink is that it is a relatively inexpensive, functional workstation for contemporary 36-inch cabinetry.

This large, single basin sink is made from stainless metal and has thick rubber padding for sound insulation, allowing you to enjoy peace and tranquility as you take care of chores and tasks.

The unit is made from stainless steel, and this is great for reducing rust and extending the lifespan of your unit to help increase value for money.

In some cases, a few users have reported an issue with minimal condensation gathering in the space underneath the sink - this is, however, an issue that can be totally avoided as long as proper plumbing is installed and maintained.

The sink also boosts the value for money factor by including a number of extras; alongside your purchase, you will receive a cutting board made of sapele wood, a deep stainless steel colander, a roll-up drying rack, and a basket strainer - all of this help you to make the most of your sink, and prolong the lifespan of each unit.

Installation is made easier thanks to the design that overlaps the face of the cabinet face and a simple rough cut will still allow you to enjoy stunning results and achieve the kitchen of your dreams.

The inclusion of four drain grooves keeps water flowing and reduces the risk of stagnant or standing water, without being overly noticeable or ruining the sleek design.


  • Affordable price tag - allows you to enjoy a quality, durable sink, without sacrificing quality or features.
  • Resistant to rust, allowing you to enjoy your sink for longer
  • Drain grooves include - preventing water from pooling, and allowing fast, effective draining
  • Minimizes noise for a calm, tranquil environment
  • Designed to be super durable - able to withstand the stress of everyday family life.


  • Can be a risk of condensation if the sink is not installed correctly.

Buyers Guide

Now that we have had a chance to take a closer look at the best farmhouse sinks on the market, you may be wondering how you go about making the right choice for your home.

To help, we have put together the ultimate buyer's guide featuring everything you need to know!

Why Choose An Antique Farmhouse Sink?

There are several reasons why someone might want to get an antique farmhouse sink instead of the traditional stainless steel or black cast iron sinks that are much more common these days.

Farmhouse sinks are super stylish, and come with a variety of different looks, shapes, and designs - this ensures that there is something for everyone to love, including those who prefer classic or contemporary styled kitchens.

They are also very durable and, on the whole, easy to keep clean; this means that they don’t need to be taken apart to have them cleaned which makes it a lot easier to work in them since you don’t have to worry about being careful not to damage them.

It may also come as a surprise to learn that farmhouse sinks are also quite affordable - contrary to the perception of them as luxury options - making them a great choice for anyone wanting to spruce up their kitchen without having to break the bank.

In fact, with a little bit of research and a trip to one of our top recommended sources you can probably find one (or more) for pennies on the dollar. So let us now take a look at some of the things you’ll find when choosing the perfect farmhouse sink for your home.

How To Choose Your Farmhouse Sink

As mentioned earlier, farmhouse sinks come in many different styles and materials. This means that each has its own pros and cons that you should really think about prior to buying one.

Therefore, before heading out to buy one, here are some things to consider when narrowing down what type of farmhouse sink could be just the thing for you.


The durability of any piece of furniture is an important but often overlooked factor, especially when considering sinks.

A good rule of thumb is to try and avoid purchasing anything that isn’t going to last you for at least ten years, but the reality is that no matter what you choose, you’ll end up needing to replace your farmhouse sink eventually.

Therefore, it is always worth thinking carefully about the exact style and material of the sink you are planning on getting, so you know exactly what kind of sink will stand up best to whatever stresses you throw at it over time.

For example, stone sinks tend to stain less than porcelain ones and are a great option for people with kids because they won’t mark very easily.

Cast iron sinks, although hard-wearing and long-lasting, scratch and chip pretty quickly after coming into contact with sharp utensils like knives or forks, so make sure you pay extra attention to where you place them in the kitchen.

Steel sinks can also scratch fairly easily, but usually don’t require too much maintenance.

Finally, glass sinks are extremely durable but can be slippery if you aren’t careful when placing them - they can also be tricky to keep clean due to how slippery they are.


As previously explained, there are a range of different styles of farmhouse sinks available today, with everything from sleek and modern-looking white sinks to rustic country-style sinks that feature exposed pipes and wooden beams.

It is a good idea to ensure that your new sink lives in harmony with the rest of your space, and if you wish to highlight elements such as timber beams and wooden floors within the room, then this is something you need to keep an eye on with your sink.

This can mean opting for a rustic country-style sink rather than a modern stainless steel model, or vice versa if the latter is more your aesthetic.


On average, the price of a farmhouse sink varies quite a bit depending on where you get it from. For example, a standard sink from a big-name brand retailer may cost between $100-$300, whereas a similar size sink from one of those little-known artisan producers could cost anywhere from $30-$200.

Ultimately, it is a good idea to opt for the most expensive sink that your budget will allow; this is likely to offer greater durability and help your unit to last longer.


Size is another key consideration; you will need to ensure that your chosen sink fits into your countertop effectively and that it is large enough to meet your needs - the deeper the sink, the more you will be able to wash at once, and the more likely you will be to efficiently use your sink.


When considering the materials used to create your sink, you should focus on durability, as well as selecting a material that truly fits in with the style you were aiming for.

For instance, if you wish to avoid using galvanized metal as it tends to turn green over time, then stainless steel would be a better choice.

Alternatively, copper or brass are often associated with traditional European kitchens, so they represent great choices too.

When buying a sink make sure that you check out all features and specifications to ensure that your choice is of the highest quality.

The last thing that you want is to become stuck with a sink that has been damaged down the line by things such as water spills.


Finally, when choosing a farmhouse sink you need to take into account its design. Is it a single bowl unit? Do you require two bowls and separate washing facilities, or do you just want a full double basin sink?

If you wish to add a spout, is your sink mounted under the countertop, or does it sit atop a shallow pedestal?

These are all important factors in determining which type of sink is best suited to the style of your home.

The style of sink you choose may also dictate the faucet that you opt for - many users choose to match their faucets and sinks to help tie together the entire kitchen area.

This is particularly useful if you wish to feature this sink in the center of your island, but don’t want to compromise on any essential functionality.

You might even choose this sink because it is the perfect size for multiple uses, including both cooking and serving dishes and food preparation areas.

However, you mustn't forget about the style factor, because kitchen sinks come in many different shapes and sizes, depending on your own personal preferences.

For example, sometimes people prefer a simple single bowl sink, while others might simply not like the idea

Final Thoughts

Choosing a new farmhouse sink is an important part of ensuring that your kitchen looks its best, and helps to make chores more effective and efficient.

There are a number of options to consider, but perhaps the main thing to remember here though is that if you are planning on using your new sink regularly, then you are probably best going for a stainless steel or cast iron sink.

Due to their durability, these will last longer than the cheaper copper and plastic models. Certain manufacturers also offer lifetime warranties on their products, and these are worth a little extra investment.

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