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Best Farmhouse Lighting Ideas

Best Farmhouse Lighting Ideas — Chandelier, Lamps and Other Light Fixtures (2023)

Best Farmhouse Lighting Ideas

Achieving a modern farmhouse style is a design trend that homeowners like to challenge nowadays. Besides adding rustic home decor, nothing can highlight genuine barn motif more than selecting the best farmhouse lighting fixtures. Let our team evaluate each option to help you find the perfect lamp for your space.

Reviews of the Best Farmhouse Lighting 

1. Kira Home Liberty 4-Light Industrial Farmhouse Kitchen Island Light

Kira Home Liberty 4-Light Industrial Farmhouse Kitchen Island Light

Coming up with unique farmhouse lighting ideas for your kitchen is one of the hardest tasks when you’re trying to find rustic-style decorations. Luckily, our team came across Kira Home Liberty’s light fixture equipped with 4 light bulbs that give a quaint feel to any room. 

Its caged bulbs are easy to install in different spaces other than the kitchen. With its metal exterior, rest assured that this industrial ceiling lamp can serve its purpose for a long time. This beautiful lighting also has well-thought downrods that could adjust in desired hanging height and works great for high-ceiling areas like above the dining table.


  • Durable and metal-constructed light fixture
  • Versatile lighting that gives quaint vibes to any room
  • Has beautiful cage designs with white inner shades
  • Equipped with adjustable downrods suitable for any space
  • Ideal for hanging above the kitchen counter and dining table
  • ETL-listed product and safe for use in dry locations
  • Offers 1-year warranty period if purchased from authorized dealers


  • Made for areas with high ceiling
  • Bulb sold separately

2. DOCHEER Cottage Vintage 5-Light Wood Metal Chandelier

DOCHEER Cottage Vintage 5-Light Wood Metal Chandelier

If we’re talking about the best farmhouse lighting ideas, then a vintage-looking chandelier will always complete the list. DOCHEER Wood Metal farmhouse-style lighting fixture has a beautiful rustic design that would fit even the most common space in your house, such as the living room or the dining room. 

Aside from its pre-installed bulb body, this chandelier has a dimmer switch that gives its users the option to control the brightness of the lights. Its wooden structure and rust-iron lamp body also ensures the light fixture’s durability. 

If you don’t fancy low-hanging lights, then you have the option to cut its metal chain that’s originally 210 centimeters long. 


  • Looks great in common areas like the living room and dining room
  • Five dimmable light bulbs with a switch to adjust the brightness
  • Design goes well with vintage-style decorations
  • Designed with reclaimed wood and rust-iron lamp body
  • Equipped with a long chain that can be easily cut to adjust height


  • Not made for narrow areas
  • Wood exterior needs regular maintenance

3. Progress Lighting P300051-104 Hansford Bathroom Vanity Lights

Progress Lighting P300051-104 Hansford Bathroom Vanity Lights

Among all the farmhouse lighting ideas listed in this post, Progress Lighting P300051-104 Hansford Vanity Lights is the most positively-rated product over the internet. 

Made with rustic iron fittings and optimal illumination light bulb, it oozes a mixture of both modern and antique street lighting design that suits the tastes of many farmhouse enthusiasts. It also has a well-polished nickel finish that maintains the looks of a vintage glass lamp.

Owing to its urban industrial style and unique glass-made globe, this modern rustic-style lamp would give any bathroom a beautiful and relaxing white glow. With its simple design, this light fixture can also be assembled without hassle. 


  • One of the most positively-rated light fixture on the internet
  • Bulbs wrapped in glass globes that give an illuminating white glow
  • Unique design similar to antique street lights with spherical shade
  • Rustic-style light sockets with polished nickel finish
  • Bulbs can be installed facing up and down


  • Glass exterior must be handled with care
  • Best for bathroom use or small room only

4. KingSo Rustic Pulley Pendant Foyer Farmhouse Light

KingSo Rustic Pulley Pendant Foyer Farmhouse Light

If you’re not keen on getting a chandelier or any light fixture with multiple bulbs, then going for KingSo Rustic Pulley Pendant Foyer Farmhouse Light is what our team would recommend. 

Perfectly suited to light up wide and high ceiling indoor areas such as above the dining table, living room, or hallways — this one-bulb pulley pendant fixture is one of the ideal farmhouse lighting ideas, especially if you tend to redecorate regularly. 

Putting aside its retro looks, its adjustable pendant pulley light bulbs easily make users achieve their desired lighting. Its hanging wire and ceramic lamp holder are designed to withstand heat, deformation, and corrosion. 


  • Shade material is consist of durable and heat resistant metal 
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble for redecoration
  • Designed with adjustable pendant pulley bulb 
  • Simple design that adds vintage appeal in dining or living room area
  • Equipped with hanging wire with a total length of 6.56 ft. 


  • Must be installed by a licensed electrician
  • Must not exceed the maximum power voltage of 60 watts

5. DINGLILIGHTING Glass Chandelier Ceiling Light Fixture with 3 Bulbs

DINGLILIGHTING Glass Chandelier Ceiling Light Fixture with 3 Bulbs

The style and decor of a house play a significant role in setting up people’s moods [1]. With DINGLILIGHTING Glass Chandelier, you can make a simple room ooze with a relaxing atmosphere. 

Integrated with dimmable bulbs, this glass chandelier is among the most suitable farmhouse lighting ideas to install in intimate settings. It has a charming and detailed glass cylinder shade, a design not regularly seen in generic chandeliers. 

And there’s no problem if you’re not a fan of soft-illuminated bulbs; this farmhouse lighting fixture is highly compatible with a variety of lamps. 


  • Good farmhouse lighting ideas for entryway and dining table
  • Chandelier lights that give off a vintage industrial feel
  • Has glass cylinder shades highly compatible with different lamps
  • Dimmable lighting with a switch to adjust the illumination
  • Inclusive of mounting hardware functions to make installation easier


  • Constructed with fragile glass that must be handled with care
  • Bulbs must be bought separately

Farmhouse Lighting Buyer’s Guide

Design and Build 

Coming up with one or two farmhouse lighting ideas is not enough to finalize your shopping list. First and foremost, you must decide the kind of design and build that would suit the look of your current exterior. 

The lighting fixture of your choice must have bulbs perfectly fitted in the intended area. Just as there are narrow spaces where a chandelier couldn’t fit, there are also low-ceiling spaces that do not suit a pendant pulley lighting fixture. 

We also advise you to take the design into consideration. Even if you’re aiming for a barn motif, there has to be a balance in your selection. It doesn’t matter if it's a wooden chandelier or a pendant light. The most important thing is it suits the look you’re going for. 

Type of Farmhouse Lighting

Another way to go on about selecting the most brilliant farmhouse lighting ideas is to consider its different types. Naturally, these lighting fixtures vary in functionality. Take a chandelier, for example. We all know that it’s a staple lighting fixture for wider areas such as living and dining rooms. 

Next on the farmhouse lighting ideas list are the pendant lights. Unlike chandeliers, pendant fixtures have fewer lamps, often just one. It’s a tasteful take on a minimalist look as it requires high ceilings for its low-hanging features. 

If you’re keener on having a fixed lighting rather than a specific look, then flush mounts are among the reliable farmhouse lighting ideas you can try. It gives an ample amount of lighting concentrated in one area, so it’s perfect for a small room. 

Materials Used

On the other hand, the most suitable farmhouse lighting ideas for comfort rooms and other intimate spaces lighting will always be wall sconces. Attached on sidewalls, you can achieve a rustic look with this lighting, even with a limited area. 

Floor lamps and fanlights are two farmhouse lighting ideas not often mentioned when shopping for decorations. Even if these two seem unimportant, these are the types of products that complete the feel and look of farmhouse lighting. 

Along with table lamps, these farmhouse lighting ideas are used for corners and areas that aren’t often reached by regular lighting. They vary from wooden structures to metal exteriors, depending on the product purchased.

Materials Used

More than going for a particular look, considering the materials and components is crucial when selecting from the bottomless list of farmhouse lighting ideas. As previously mentioned, you must consider the location of your lighting before deciding what to purchase. 

For wooden farmhouse lighting, it must be placed in areas not regularly exposed with dire conditions as these may damage the design of the fixture. On the other hand, farmhouse lighting products meant for kitchen tops and comfort rooms would often come with an iron or metal exterior as they’re more exposed to heat and moisture. 

Color of Lighting

Although there are many boxes to tick when going through farmhouse lighting ideas, we can’t rule out the essence of light colors. Many manufacturers nowadays create lamps that have dimmable switches that can turn into soft illumination. 

However, you must remember that it will still depend on where you want to place the light. If you’re looking for farmhouse lighting ideas for the kitchen, we advise going for brighter bulbs because such types are suited for concentrated work. 


No matter how many farmhouse lighting ideas you’ve encountered, it all comes down to which you can afford. Depending on the sizes, types, and designs, farmhouse lighting can cost a hundred dollars to more than a thousand dollars. 

Although some of these farmhouse lighting ideas tend to be costly, buying a quality product goes a long way and will save you from repair and replacement expenses in the future. 

Go DIY or Buy Farmhouse Lighting?

While we don’t discourage going DIY after selecting your desired farmhouse lighting ideas, buying lamps not only saves you time but also gives you a variety of options to choose from. From wooden fixtures suited for retro feeling up to vanity lights similar to classic street lights, you have the power to decide how you like your space to look. 

If you have the expertise and tools to create your furnishings, then, by all means, you’re free to try doing any of these farmhouse lighting ideas and challenge your options through modifications. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy farmhouse lights?

You can buy farmhouse lights from budget-friendly house furnishings stores and applications online such as Shopify or Amazon. These products can also be found easily in local stores in nearby neighborhoods selling furnishings. However, as much as possible, try to buy from legitimate dealers for the warranty.

What is the most popular finish for light fixtures?

The Brush nickel finish is the most popular finish for the best farmhouse light fixtures, especially for lighting with a steel exterior. Although it still depends on your taste and the kind of design concept you have in mind. Its slightly brushed satin finish creates a subtle and softer look that blends well with standard kitchen appliances. 

Our Top Pick For a Farmhouse Lighting: Kira Home Liberty 4-Light Industrial Farmhouse Kitchen Island Light


Kira Home Liberty 4-Light Industrial Farmhouse Kitchen Island Light


After going through the best farmhouse lighting ideas, our team concluded to select a product that offers the most straightforward features and functions. 

Owing to its breathtaking cage design with white shades, Kira Home Liberty 4-Light Industrial Farmhouse Kitchen Island Light emerges as our top pick in this evaluation. Through our series of tests, we’re still in awe of how reliable and versatile its well-thought downrods, making it suitable in almost any type of area.

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