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Best Electric Knife Sharpener

Best Electric Knife Sharpener

Are your knives looking dull and lifeless? Need to sharpen up your blades and increase efficiency in the kitchen?

If so, you've probably considered an electric knife sharpener. However, you've probably also realized that the market is SATURATED with options, and the confusion surrounding which sharpener to choose does not help. 

If you're a novice cook, do you really need one? If you do, what models yield the best results? How do you know if the model you're after can handle the knives you're using? The questions are endless. 

Thankfully, choosing the right sharpener doesn't have to be a chore. If you're not sure where to start, here's our guide on how to pick the best electric knife sharpener for your needs, including our round-up of the best sharpeners we've tested! 

Ready? Let's get started.

Mueller Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

Mueller Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

First on our list is the Mueller Professional Electric Knife Sharpener. This product has received a lot of positive feedback from customers who have purchased it and used it for years.

So it’s no wonder why this is one of the best electric knife sharpeners you can buy!

The Mueller Professional Electric Knife Sharpener features an extra-large work surface that makes it easy to get all your knives in place and ready to be sharpened. It also comes with a built-in LED light, so you will always know when your blades are sharp enough.

There are two different settings available, coarse or fine, which allow you to choose how much you want to hone your blades.

The Mueller Professional Electric Knife Sharpeners also include a storage tray where you can store your blades while they are being sharpened.

When we tested this knife sharpener, we found that it takes about 30 minutes to sharpen a blade.

The only downside to this electric knife sharpener is that there is no power cord included. You must use either a USB cable or AC adapter to run it.

If you don’t already own one, this could be a problem because you won’t be able to use it if you don’t have electricity.


  • Extra-large work surface: This electric knife sharpener has an extra-large work surface, so you'll have plenty of room to work with safely when sharpening your knives. 
  • Easy to use: There are no complicated instructions for this knife sharpener, making it easy to use, even for beginners!
  • Includes a storage tray: This knife sharpener even comes with a storage tray, so you'll have somewhere to safely stash your blade away after they’ve been sharpened.


  • No power cord: Unfortunately, this knife sharpener doesn't come with a power cord. This means you'll have to use either a USB cable or an AC adapter to power it up.

Sync Living Knife & Scissor Sharpener

Sync Living Knife & Scissor Sharpener

Net on our round-up is the Sync Living Knife and Scissor Sharpener. This product was designed by a professional chef, so you know it's going to perform well.

The Sync Living Knife and Scissors Sharpener features a large work area that makes it easy to hold multiple knives at once. It also comes with an integrated LED light, so you'll never need to worry about finding a flashlight again.

We were impressed with the quality of this knife sharpener, as it felt very sturdy and durable. We also liked how the sharpener had an adjustable height, so you can make sure that you're not cutting yourself when using it.

It even has a non-slip rubber base and an ergonomic handle with a rubber ring to make sharpening your knives both a safe and comfortable experience. No risk of hand or muscle fatigue with this one!

When we used this knife sharpener, we found that it took approximately 20 minutes to sharpen a single knife. There are two different settings available, coarse or fine, which lets you choose how much you want your blades to be honed. 

One of the main downsides to this knife sharpener is that it does not come with a power cord, so you'll have to source this yourself. 


  • Integrated LED light: This knife sharpening tool comes with an integrated LED lighting system, so you'll always be able to find what you're looking for in dark areas.
  • Ergonomically designed: This knife sharpener has an ergonomic design, so you can rest assured that you're holding it correctly all throughout the process.
  • Adjustable height: This knife sharpener has an adjustable height, which means that you can adjust it to fit any type of kitchen countertop.


  • No Power Cord: Like the Mueller model, this sharpener doesn't come with a power cord which may deter some buyers.

Chef’sChoice TRIZOR XV Electric Knife Sharpener

Chef’sChoice TRIZOR XV Electric Knife Sharpener

Now it's time to explore the Chef'sChoice Trizor XV Electric Knife Sharpener. This product is made from high-quality materials and is built to last.

It features a large working space that allows you to hold up to three knives at once easily. It even includes a storage compartment, so you'll have a place to store your blades after they've been sharpened.

Another thing we loved about this sharpener was its sleek design. The unit itself looks like a futuristic spaceship, and it feels incredibly solid. You won't feel like you're holding something fragile here.

This electric knife sharpener is powered via USB and batteries, so there's no need to plug it into an outlet. The unit itself is lightweight so that it won't weigh down your hands during the entire process.

There are two different settings available: coarse and fine. Depending on how sharp you'd like your blades to be, you can use either setting. With this sharpener, you can expect to take roughly 15 minutes to finish sharpening each knife.

Unfortunately, we found that the unit itself is quite small when we tested this sharpener. While you can still comfortably hold it in your hands, it might be difficult to maneuver around your workspace.

However, if you're willing to put in the effort, then you should be able to get the job done.


  • Sleek Design: This sharpener has a sleek design, which makes it look more modern than traditional models.
  • Large Working Space: This sharpener has enough room to hold up to 3 knives at once.
  • Battery Powered: This sharpener is battery powered, so there's no risk of having to plug it in every time you need to sharpen your blades.
  • Durable Construction: This sharpener is made from sturdy plastic and metal, so you know it will stand the test of time.


  • Small Size: When compared to other similar products, this sharpener is relatively small.
  • Limited Settings: There are only two settings available (coarse or fine), so you'll have to choose between one or the other.

SHARPAL 191H Pocket Kitchen Knife & Scissor Sharpener

Still haven't found the right sharpener for you? Let us introduce you to the Sharpal 191H Pocket Kitchen Knife and Scissor Sharpener.

This sharpener comes with a comfortable handle that fits perfectly in your hand. Unlike most other models, this sharpener also has a retractable blade guard, which protects your fingers from getting cut while using the tool.

The unit itself is light and easy to carry around, making it perfect for everyday tasks. You can use this sharpener anywhere, as long as you have access to a power source.

The Sharpal 191H pocket kitchen knife and scissor sharpener works by first grinding away the dull edges of your blades. Once the blades are sharp, you simply pull them out of the sharpener and continue using them.

You can expect to spend approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute per blade to complete the sharpening process. If you want to speed things up, you can opt to use the included guide to help you along the way.

When we tested this product, we were impressed with its performance. As a result, we were able to quickly and easily sharpen our knives without any issues.

However, we did find that the sharpener was not very durable. After just a few uses, we noticed that some of the parts had started to wear off. Fortunately, they are replaceable, so you shouldn't have any problems replacing them.

While we didn't experience any major issues with the sharpener, we do recommend taking extra care when handling it. As mentioned earlier, it is fairly lightweight, so you may accidentally drop it if you aren't careful.


  • Lightweight: The Sharpal 191H is extremely lightweight, making it easier to transport around.
  • Comfortable Handle: The handle on this sharpener is designed specifically for comfort, so you won't feel like you're holding something heavy.
  • Blade Guard: This sharpener features an adjustable blade guard, which helps protect your hands from being injured.
  • Easy To Use: This sharpener is incredibly simple to use, requiring little to no instruction.


  • Not Durable: Unfortunately, we found that the unit wasn't very durable and after just a few uses, we noticed some issues with scuffing, scratching, and wear. 

PRESTO 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

PRESTO 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

Now, let's finish things off with the Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener.

This model offers a number of different settings, including coarse, medium, and fine. It also includes a built-in LED light, making it ideal for those who need to work at night.

When we tested this sharpener, we found that it worked well for both straight edge and serrated blades. However, we did notice that it took longer than many of the other units to sharpen each blade. 

We were also disappointed with how loud the sharpener was, especially considering that it is meant to be used indoors.

Overall, we were pleased with the performance of this sharpener. It performed well and was relatively easy to use. However, we would prefer more options, such as a finer setting or one that could accommodate larger blades.


  • Multiple Settings: This sharpener allows you to adjust the setting depending on what type of blade you are sharpening. You can choose between coarse, medium, and fineness.
  • Built-In Light: The sharpener comes equipped with a built-in LED light. This makes it ideal for working in dimly lit areas, although for your safety, we don't recommend this.
  • Works With Both Straight Edge And Serrated Blades: This sharpener works equally well for both types of blades, allowing you to get a good look at the blade before you start sharpening.


  • Takes Longer Than Most Units: While most sharpeners will take less than 10 minutes to complete, this sharpener takes about 20 minutes to sharpen a single blade.

  • Loud: We found that it was difficult to hear background noise or conversations when using this sharpener. It's a lot louder than some other models.

Buyer’s Guide

Now that we've introduced you to an impressive range of knife sharpeners, it's time to give you a crash course on the things you should be looking for in your next purchase.

The right electric sharpener can last you years and give you plenty of use out of your knives, so making the right choice is imperative.

Not sure where to start? Stick with us and take a read through our buyer's guide for more useful information. 

Sharper Than A Serrated Blade?

Before buying any sharpener, make sure you understand the difference between a serrated blade and a straight-edged one. If you're not familiar with these terms, here's a quick refresher:

A straight-edge blade is simply a knife that has no serrations. They’re typically made from carbon steel and are often used for carving meats or vegetables.

A serrated blade has teeth cut into its surface, usually made from stainless steel and are designed to help you slice through foods like bread and cheese.

While there are pros and cons to both types of blades, they have very distinct uses. For example, if you want to carve meat, you'll probably want to go with a straight-edge blade.

But if you're planning on cutting up fruits and veggies, then a serrated blade might be better suited for the job. 

Once you know what knives you want to use or do use the most, you'll need to choose an electric sharpener that's up to the job.

What To Look For In An Electric Knife Sharpener

When shopping around for an electric knife sharpener, you'll find that there are several different features to consider. Here are some of the most important ones:


Sharpening tools come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small enough to fit inside your kitchen drawer, while others are large enough to sit on top of your countertop.

The size of the unit will depend on how much space you have available.


When choosing an electric knife sharpener over a manual one, weight plays a big role. Manual sharpeners tend to weigh a tonne or two, which means you'll likely struggle to move them around.

Electric sharpeners are lighter, meaning you won't have as many problems moving them around.

Power Source

You'll also want to pay attention to the unit's power source. Many units require AC power, but those that don't are generally smaller and easier to transport.

Blade Support

Some sharpeners only support flat blades, while others can handle both flat and curved blades.

This feature is especially helpful if you own multiple knives with different blade profiles.


Finally, you'll want to look at the warranty offered by the manufacturer. Most manufacturers offer lifetime warranties on their products, while others offer shorter warranties.

Keep in mind that this isn't always the case, however, so shop carefully before buying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Knife Sharpeners Bad For Knives?

No, knife sharpeners aren't inherently dangerous. In fact, they can actually improve the lifespan of your knives.

Knife sharpeners work by removing the dull edges of the blade, allowing the metal underneath to become sharper. The problem arises when people try to sharpen their knives too aggressively.

Overly aggressive sharpening can cause damage to the blade itself, making it less durable and more prone to breaking.

Do Knife Sharpeners Get Dull?

Yes, they do. That being said, most sharpeners include a mechanism that automatically adjusts the angle of the blade after each pass. This allows you to keep the sharpness of your blades consistent throughout the lifespan of the product. 

How Long Do Electric Sharpeners Last?

Most sharpeners should last between five and ten years. However, the quality of the sharpener will determine its longevity. However, if you buy a cheap model, it may not last as long as a high-quality product.

Final Thoughts

If you're looking for a new knife sharpener, we recommend having another look through our list of best electric knife sharpeners. We've tested dozens of models and found that these five are the best overall options.

They're affordable, easy to use and provide excellent results every time. 

So, try not to let yourself be overwhelmed with choice. Choosing the right electric knife sharpener doesn't have to be a chore. We hope this guide has helped you choose the right product for you!

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