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What is the Best Ductless Range Hood?

What is the Best Ductless Range Hood? (2023)

What is the Best Ductless Range Hood?

As a modern kitchen owner, it’s crucial to keep your cooking area free from fumes and grease during food prep. Although a reliable filtration system can fix this problem, selecting the best ductless range hood can be tricky with many options in the market. To ease your frantic search, our kitchen experts tested how each range hood operates in this product roundup evaluation. 

Reviews of the Best Ductless Range Hoods

1. FOTILE JQG7505 Range Hood - Best Overall 

FOTILE JQG7505 Range Hood

If you have a budget to spare, the best ductless range hoods to invest in is FOTILE JQG7505. Although this kitchen equipment seems more pricey than other range hood options out there, this Fotile flagship caught our attention with its dual centrifugal motors that operate with 4-fan speeds. 

During the tests conducted by our team, we noticed that its extraction process operates quietly despite the efficient static pressure of its motors. We also found the maintenance of this ductless range hood hassle-free, thanks to its detachable oil filter with dishwasher-safe functions. 

Besides being convertible into a ducted range hood, it features a six ft2 cooking surface coverage. 


  • 4-fan speed settings
  • Twin centrifugal motors 
  • Stainless steel body
  • One of the best range hoods for modern kitchen 
  • Time delay function
  • Automatic fume detection
  • Infrared connectivity technology
  • Air vent that automatically opens for air flow 
  • Six square feet cooking area coverage
  • Powerful but extremely quiet operation at 39dB noise level
  • Flexible and hassle-free ductless installation
  • Can be installed in wall-mount or under-cabinet setup


  • More expensive than other ductless range hoods
  • Warranty services may vary depending on T&C

2. Broan-NuTone 413004 Ductless Range Hood - Best Budget Option

Broan-NuTone 413004 Ductless Range Hood

If an affordable ductless range hood is what you seek, then we’re proud to recommend Broan-NuTone 413004 as a great addition to your kitchen. Unlike other ductless and ducted range hoods in the market with LED lights, this filtration equipment requires incandescent bulbs that accommodate the full spectrum of light. 

This stainless steel range hood may appear challenging to maintain, but its replaceable charcoal filters and rocker switch controls make it easier to do so. Compared to other ductless hoods, it also sports an ideal size that would suit the space above your gas stove. 


  • More budget-friendly than most range hoods in the market
  • Protective incandescent lighting
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Control switches for easy adjustment of lights and fan speed
  • Includes grease-charcoal filters for exhaust recirculation
  • Ideal size for under-cabinet setup 
  • Powerful motor with 2-fan speeds


  • Range hood light bulbs sold separately
  • Requires charcoal filter replacement after a few months

3. Cosmo 5MU30 Under Cabinet Range Hood - Best for Apartments/Condos

Cosmo 5MU30 Under Cabinet Range Hood

Another budget option that will end your frantic search for the best ductless range hoods in the market is Cosmo 5MU30. As you can see, this model is moderately less expensive than most under-cabinet range hoods in the market. 

The efficient ventilation of this range hood is owed to its 3-fan speeds and aluminum mesh filters that keep grease out of your kitchen. 

And did we mention that this is a convertible range hood? That’s right. This powerful range hood has the capability for ducted and ductless functions with just the addition or removal of the carbon filter kit and aluminum mesh filter.  


  • Comes from a reliable manufacturer of ductless range hoods
  • 3-speed exhaust fan settings and efficient ventilation
  • Slim kitchen stove vent structure and durable exterior
  • Accommodates use of Carbon Filter Kit 
  • Bright LED lights
  • Aluminum mesh filters
  • Quiet range hood with 56dB maximum noise level 
  • The best ductless range hood for apartments and condos


  • Carbon filter separately sold
  • Warranty and refund services may vary depending on T&C

4. FOTILE Pixie Air UQS3001 Under Cabinet Range Hood

FOTILE Pixie Air UQS3001 Under Cabinet Range Hood

Just when we thought FOTILE has nothing more to offer us, Pixie Air UQS3001 under-cabinet range hood steals the show by flaunting its suction power capacity amounting up to 800 cubic feet per minute. 

Despite having powerful static pressure that keeps 4-6 stoves free from fumes and grease, these under-cabinet hoods operate in as low as 37 dB. Its aluminum mesh filters are also detachable and enable dishwasher-safe cleaning. 

Our home kitchen specialists are also impressed with the illuminated LED lights included in this range hood, making food prep not only more efficient but also energy-efficient.


  • Energy-efficient and illuminated LED lights
  • 800 CFM suction power capacity and operates quietly
  • Capacity and coverage to keep 4-6 cooktops smoke-free
  • Manufactured by top-rated ductless hood brand
  • Engineered with an effective air management system
  • Designed with stainless steel structure fit for modern home


  • Moderately expensive recirculating range hood
  • Range hood requires regular maintenance

5. Broan-NuTone PM390 Power Pack Range Hood

Broan-NuTone PM390 Power Pack Range Hood

Budget is not a problem when you buy a recirculating hood like Broan-NuTone PM390. Upon conducting our evaluation, we noticed that this high-quality range hood automatically detects heat and turns the blower speed accordingly. 

Instead of LED lights, these recirculating hoods can be integrated with 40-watt candelabra bulbs that give incandescent capacities for a broader range of lighting colors. Unlike other ductless hoods, this model uses washable mesh filters instead of replaceable carbon filter kits.


  • One of the most budget-friendly under-cabinet ductless range hoods
  • Heat-sentry technology for automatic heat detection
  • Inclusive of a 6-inch air duct connector
  • Features washable aluminum filters instead of carbon filters
  • Engineered with practical lighting requirements for added safety
  • Has stainless steel structure for lasting usage
  • Has 390 CFM airflow capacity for reliable suction performance


  • Stainless steel design requires regular cleaning
  • Light bulbs not included and sold separately

6. Cosmo COS-QS75 Under Cabinet Ductless Range Hood

Cosmo COS-QS75 Under Cabinet Ductless Range Hood

One of the most affordable convertible range hoods we encountered during our tests is Cosmo COS-QS75. Because this model came from a trusted brand, it didn’t take us by surprise when the operation started smooth, all thanks to its 4-speed fan dual centrifugal motors and 500 CFM airflow capacity. 

And because this stainless steel ductless equipment can be converted to a vented range hood, baffle filters and carbon filters can be integrated into the unit. Besides its exquisite exterior that blends well with a modern kitchen, this hood is also configured with cutting-edge technology and can be operated with remote control. 


  • Operates with 4-speed fan dual centrifugal motors
  • Features 500 CFM airflow for efficient operation
  • Compatible with carbon filter kit and stainless steel baffle filters
  • Equipped with energy-efficient and high lumen LED lights
  • Has a stainless steel structure with increased durability
  • Has convenient controls and can be operated with remote control 


  • Charcoal filter kit sold separately
  • Stainless steel exterior requires regular maintenance

Ductless Range Hood Buyer’s Guide 


As you may already notice in this list, most ductless hood models are equipped with charcoal carbon filters. These types of filters are the ones responsible for filtering the fumes and smoke in the kitchen. Generally, you’ll have to replace a charcoal filter every few months, depending on the frequency of your cooking. 

On the other hand, there are also baffle and mesh filters often seen in modern kitchen hoods in the market. These filters last longer than the prior filter mentioned because most of them are washable. However, keep in mind that the durability of your filter depends on how well you maintain it. In that sense, our kitchen experts recommend regularly checking your filters.


It doesn’t matter if you’re purchasing a wall-mount range hood or an under-cabinet model. The feature you must be keen on is the CFM rating of your unit. Through this feature, you’ll know how much ventilation power your range hood could provide in your kitchen. 

The standard recommendation for CFM rating is around 300 to 600 CFM. With that measurement, your range hood is sure to have an adequate amount of coverage that can keep your cooking surface fresh and clean.

However, there are really no definite CFM settings, and it all depends on your kitchen habits and cooking style. Aside from that, you also need to consider your current space. If you have a large kitchen, it’s a no-brainer that there will be more smoke and fumes, which means your range hood needs a higher CFM rating to accommodate airflow. 


It is a known fact that kitchen hoods operate with powerful motors and are integrated with suction technology to keep the grease and fumes out of your cooking surface. Considering this equipment’s function, it’s no surprise that you’ll hear sounds coming from it during operations. 

Having known this dilemma, the manufacturers crafted range hoods with lower noise levels to make sure that your cooking session isn’t disturbed by unnecessary sounds. 

However, given that ductless models retain more humidity than ducted hoods, you’ll need a more powerful fan that creates louder noise. The solution for this is to buy ductless hoods with a built-in timer to reduce power wastage and minimize noise levels. 


When cooking, the busiest and most crucial human senses in work are your sight. To address the need, many range hood brands include bright lighting in their units. Selecting which type of lighting to equip your kitchen depends on your needs and preference. 

If you’re keen into energy-saving, then going for LED bulb lights is an ideal option as it demands less energy but can be very bright. On the other hand, the standard kind of light often used in these types of equipment is incandescent bulbs [1]

Besides being cheaper, these lights accommodate a broader color spectrum. However, they require a higher power rating and don’t last as long as their alternative. 

Ducted vs. Ductless Range Hood 

Upon scrolling through the best ductless range hoods in the market, you may have already noticed their glaring differences with ducted range hoods. First, ducted hoods serve just like a small kitchen chimney that drives away the smoke from the house. 

This design is often seen in wall-mounted range hood models common in establishments like hotels, restaurants, and other commercial spaces. 

Recirculating Range Hood

Contrary to that, ductless kitchen hoods don’t vent the fumes out. Instead, this equipment filters them and releases cleaner quality air to the surface. This procedure is possible because of the carbon and charcoal filter often included in its system. 

The reality of choosing between ducted and ductless kitchen hoods depends on your cooking space, habits, lifestyle, and even the current season. The best advice our team can give you is to buy a convertible range hood that allows users to tweak settings and convert the unit from ducted to ductless and vice-versa. 

Recirculating Range Hood

Before you fret, recirculating hoods are another term used for ductless or non-vent models. True to its name, these types of kitchen hoods recirculate hoods through their filters rather than venting smoke, fumes, and grease outside the house. It’s also helpful to note that this unit requires more fan power than its alternative designs. 


Investing in a ductless hood to keep your kitchen island or cooking area fresh always comes with a corresponding price tag. Although there are hoods sold under 100 bucks, buying a premium vented range hood priced over $1000 is also equally wise. 

At the end of the day, it all depends on your budget. You should also keep in mind that these recirculating range hoods require the replacement of charcoal filter kits from time to time, so expect this additional expense. 

Structurally speaking, ductless kitchen hoods suit smaller cooking spaces more and costs lesser than ducted models. Not having to worry about the ductwork will also potentially save you from professional installation fees. 

How Does it Function?

Now that you’re well-informed about the different features of this kitchen equipment, the next thing you should know is how does ductless range hood work altogether? As previously stated, these types of hoods rely on filtration functions rather than their ventilation system. 

And because they have no ducts, the undesirable smoke and fumes are directed to the filters and then released to the kitchen as a cleaner airflow. The charcoal filter that is often attached in ductless models is solely responsible for trapping contaminated air, while oil filters are the ones that capture cooking grease. 

Tips & Reminders for Cleaning 

No kitchen equipment is going to last without proper maintenance, and that includes ductless hoods. Although most of these units come from trusted brands that offer warranty services when you purchase from them, knowing how to clean your hood is crucial for uninterrupted cooking sessions. 

One of the first things you should keep an eye on is the filters of your range hood. The filtration system, including the fans, should be maintained accordingly to make sure that the suction of residues doesn’t leave any traces. 

Ideally, cleaning your kitchen hood should be done every six months in between. However, you should take into consideration the frequency of your cooking sessions and the type of meals you’re prepping. 

The type of cleaning materials also matters when maintaining a kitchen hood. You wouldn’t want to use cleaners with chemicals that can potentially damage your unit. For example, for hoods constructed with plastic, the suitable and safest solution is using an all-purpose cleaner or warm water with soap.

Tips & Reminders for Cleaning

For copper-plated range hoods, you should go for copper cleaner solutions available in the market rather than risking damage with generic cleaners. On the other hand, stainless steel hoods are much easier to manage because you’ll only need water with soap to clean their surface. However, these types of construction may require more cleaning than others. 

Last but not least, always check underneath the hood. This place is often the root of damage for many kitchen hoods as it can be easier to neglect because it’s out of sight. Make sure that the stove is off and cool down when you lean over to clean it to prevent unprecedented accidents. 

You may spray a cleaning solution suited for the type of hood construction you have, and be sure to wipe it clean after. During the process, it’ll help if your window or the exhaust fan is open for better ventilation. 

Should the grease appear to be hard to clean, there’s no shame in using stronger solutions or chemicals. However, the chances of leaving traces and odors from them are very likely.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ductless range hoods any good?

Yes, ductless hoods are good, especially if you’re limited in space and don’t have the structural capacity for installing ductwork in your kitchen. Instead of driving undesirable fumes and air out in the vent, these hoods filter them and remove heat and humidity. Through its filters, the cooking odor will neutralize.

Our Top Pick For a Ductless Range Hood: FOTILE JQG7505



After testing the best ductless range hoods in the market, our team of kitchen tool experts decided to hail FOTILE JQG7505 Range Hood as our top pick in this product roundup. With its dual centrifugal motors and 4-fan speed settings, we can assure you that this kitchen hood will enhance your cooking experience for the longest time. 

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