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Best Cushioned Area Rugs

By Lianne Jones June 18, 2022 0 comments

Best Cushioned Area Rugs

When you kick off your shoes at the doorway, the last thing you want is to be greeted with nothing but stone-cold floor.

A hard floor is the last thing you want to come home to after a long day on your feet, and what’s more, having cold feet is not in the least bit relaxing.

But, I’m pleased to inform you that there’s an easy solution to this problem. There are some great cushioned area rugs on the market that not only look amazing, but feel amazing, too.

I’ve been reviewing and testing some of the best ones on the market so that I could review them for you today. These reviews will be coming up very shortly.

And I’m also going to give you a handy buying guide that will walk you through everything you might want to think about before you buy.

Then I’m going to top that off with a section where I answer all of your most frequently asked questions on the subject.

So, without further ado, let’s get straight to it!

YJ.GWL Fluffy Shaggy Patterned Area Rug


YJ.GWL Fluffy Shaggy Patterned Area Rug

This beautiful super soft shaggy rug has a 4.5 cm high pile to achieve a lovely velvet finish atop its sponge interlayer for unparalleled cushioning and softness.

It comes in 3 styles, white with a geometric black pattern, dark gray with a geometric white pattern, or light gray with a white checkered pattern.

So whichever style you get, you get a very modern looking rug that’s also very cozy at the same time.

The faux fur material is very skin friendly, and despite being such a thick pile, it won’t shed, making it very durable.

I believe it would look best in a living area, but I guess if you have room for it in a bedroom, it may not look out of place there.

It has a non-slip bottom, with a nice pattern for traction, which is especially handy if you have kids running around, and you don’t want them to slip up. And, it also prevents the rug from bunching as well.

The only real drawback to this rug is that it’s only available in one size, it’s 5 ft by 8 ft, so it would only suit medium to large rooms.

Amazon occasionally has deals on this particular area rug - simply click on check price to see if there happens to be a deal on now.

When this article was written, you could save a whopping 20% off the listing price! But even if you pay full listing price, it’s still great value for money.

My experience with the rug: This rug looked great in my living room - really modern, stylish and elegant. It felt amazing underfoot, and I would recommend it to anybody.


  • Modern, stylish and elegant
  • Great color options & patterns
  • Luxurious 4.5 cm high pile faux fur
  • Sponge interlayer for cushioning
  • Non-slip bottom prevents slipping


  • Only available in one size, namely 5 ft by 8 ft
  • Too big to put in the washer - has to be hand washed or wiped clean

Also Available To Buy At

Junovo Soft Rainbow Area Rug


Junovo Soft Rainbow Area Rug

Now, this is a perfect area rug for a kid’s playroom or a kid’s bedroom, with its beautiful pastel rainbow colors and tie-dye pattern.

With its yellow, pink, and blue fibers, the kids may even ignore their toys altogether and just enjoy running their hands over the rug, enjoying its brightness and softness.

It’s very soft and fluffy, and the combination of pastel colors really brightens up the atmosphere of a room.

It’s made from high quality faux fur, with cushioning, and despite the material being so thick, you don’t have to worry about it shedding.

What’s more, it also has a pattern on the underside to help the rug remain in place to prevent any accidental skids or bunching.

What’s more, it's available in a range of different sizes, from 2 foot by 4 foot, all the way up to 6 foot by 9 foot. Always in a rectangular shape that would suit most rooms.

My experience with the rug: The rug was thinner than I had expected, but that didn’t put me off, and the little ones loved playing on it.


  • Perfect for a playroom or kids bedroom
  • Pretty rainbow colors in tie-dye pattern
  • Soft, faux fur material with light cushioning
  • Designed for minimal shedding & skidding


  • The price tag does go up with the size (but that’s to be expected)
  • Has to be hand washed in cold water or simply wiped clean

Also Available To Buy At

Wonnitar Moroccan Washable Area Rug

Wonnitar Moroccan Washable Area Rug

This beautiful rug would suit a variety of rooms, whether it’s your main living space, or somewhere smaller like a bathroom or office.

Geometric patterns such as this Moroccan one never truly go out of style. And with its trendy “shabby chic” it’s great for camouflaging the dirt that accumulates throughout the course of the day.

It’s available in two great color options. There’s the more understated silver and gray option, which would look great anywhere, or for something a little more bold, there’s also a gorgeous teal option which is quite something.

But despite not being a shaggy style rug, and being a relatively low pile, the expertly woven fibers are high in density, and provide some underfoot cushioning. And, of course, you don’t have to worry about the fibers shedding.

It’s functional and durable, with a 0.39 inch pile height that won’t shed. And it also has a non-slip rubber backing to help the rug remain in place and prevent skidding and bunching.

It’s available in a range of rectangular sizes, starting at 2 by 3 feet, and going up to 3 feet by 5 feet. And it’s also available as a round rug, in either 3 feet or 4 feet diameter size.

And provided you buy a small enough size, you can even put it in the washer dryer if it gets too dirty. Otherwise, you can simply brush or vacuum it.

My experience with the rug: The 2 by 3 foot silver gray option looked great in my home office, and I could even wash it in the washing machine. Super convenient!


  • Geometric pattern that’s never out of style
  • Excellent color options to choose from
  • Shabby chic look to camouflage dirt
  • Non-slip backing prevents skids
  • Soft, underfoot cushioning
  • It’s machine washable!


  • It’s not a sumptuous, shaggy, high pile rug

Also Available To Buy At

 Luxe Weavers Persian Rug


Luxe Weavers Persian Rug

Having this rug in your living space is like having a work of art on your floor! I just love the abstract, modern design with its contrasting colors.

It really adds something to the ambience of the room, instantly making it more suave and sophisticated.

It’s available in 8 different color options, namely blue, brown, dark gray, gray, ivory, multicolored, silver, and turquoise. All of which look not only vibrant but also very luxurious.

Made by artisans in Turkey, the fibers are intricately woven to form a medium pile with a soft texture that delivers plush, cushioned comfort to your feet.

What’s more, this rug can safely go underneath furniture without risk of the furniture legs causing a dent in the fabric. And if you were to drop anything on it, there would be less chance of it breaking, thanks to the built-in cushioning.

And that’s not all - I was also pleased to learn that the rug is both dirt and stain resistant, which makes it really easy to clean.

It’s available in a wide selection of rectangular sizes, starting at 2 by 3 foot, and going all the way up to 9 by 12 foot. So there are options for small and large spaces alike.

All in all, it’s a very durable rug that’s designed to both look good and to last. Perfect for high foot traffic areas.

My experience with the rug: I just loved the style of this rug, it was exactly as I had expected - I just wish I could have one for every room!


  • Abstract, modern design that’s suave and sophisticated
  • It’s available in 8 different, luxurious color options
  • Medium pile for cushioned comfort to your feet
  • Dirt and stain resistant, and easy to clean
  • Options for small and large spaces alike
  • Thick, durable, & designed to last


  • This is such a popular rug that even Amazon occasionally runs out of stock of certain sizes and colors

Also Available To Buy At

Rainlin Fluffy Throw Rug


Rainlin Fluffy Throw Rug

This fluffy throw rug provides a whopping 1.55 inch high pile for the ultimate in cushioned luxury.

It is handmade with a variegated tie-dye pattern to produce a low-key, understated element of luxe to it.

And despite being of such a high pile, it will not shed easily, because the fibers are tightly woven for a lovely, velvety feel underfoot.

On the underside of the rug, there are grip dots to help the rug stay in place and prevent it from sliding or bunching.

It’s available in a choice of 17 different shades. My favorites are the khaki and the solid coffee, but there are many more besides.

And it’s also available in different sizes, starting relatively small at 2 by 3 feet, and going all the way up to 7.6 by 10 feet, so you can use it to decorate small or large spaces alike.

In addition to the rectangular offering, you can also get it a nice, round shape, including 4 foot, 5 foot, and 6 foot in diameter.

I was blown away by the length of the manufacturer guarantee - a whopping 10 years!

My experience with the rug: I had the solid coffee rug in my living room for a while, and it did a great job of disguising any dirt, and was super comfy to walk around on.


  • 1.55 inch high pile for the ultimate in cushioned luxury.
  • Handmade with a variegated tie-dye pattern
  • Fibers are tightly woven to prevent shedding
  • Grip dots to help the rug stay in place
  • Available in different shades & sizes
  • 10-year manufacturer guarantee


  • This is such a popular rug that even Amazon occasionally runs out of stock of certain sizes and colors
  • The price tag does go up with the size (but that’s to be expected)

Also Available To Buy At

Buying Guide

As promised, here’s your buying guide. Let me walk you through everything you might want to think about before you buy.


The color of the rug should be in keeping with the room it’s going to be in. But this does not necessarily mean that it has to be an exact color match with the floor, the walls, the curtains, or the furniture.

You may find that your new rug will compliment your room’s color scheme, even if it matches nothing else in the room.


You decide how busy you want the rug to look. A dark multicolored rug will hide a lot of dirt, but a pale rug will help make the room look more open.

The rug could be an interesting centerpiece of the room, designed to catch the eye. Or it could be more plain, so as not to distract from your other beautiful furnishings


Different fabrics have different feels to them, and different properties. As do different weaves.

And this has implications for how durable it is and how much wear and tear it can take, as well as how easy or difficult it may be to vacuum or scrub clean.

Cushioning Level Vs Shedding

I’m all for cushioned rugs, and how snug and cozy they feel underfoot.

But on the other hand, if your rug is too thick, or is of too high a pile, this may cause the rug to shed its fibers and lose its magnificent appearance after too much wear and tear. So getting this right can be quite the balancing act.

And another quick word of warning. If you were to buy a high pile run, but then put heavy furniture on it, the heavy furniture could cause the fabric of the rug to form a dent that can’t be undone.

Low Vs High Pile

Rug thickness is described in terms of pile heights. These typically fall into 3 categories.

A low pile height is less than a quarter of an inch, a medium pile height is between a quarter and half an inch high, and a high pile height is half an inch high or more.

Low pile rugs are generally stiffer, and less plush, while high pile rugs (AKA deep pile) have longer, softer fibers.

Easy To Clean (And/Or Stain Resistant)

Unfortunately, try as you might to avoid it, crumbs and spills are as good as inevitable. So, you’re going to need a rug that’s as easy to clean as possible. And that goes for both being easy to vacuum and easy to scrub clean.

Value For Money

One of the main reasons people go for rugs over carpet is because of just how much more affordable they are.

However, it’s worth noting that rugs can really vary in price, and some can cost as much as $70 or more, depending on the size.

Answers To Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

What Can You Put Under An Area Rug To Make It Softer?

If you want to make your area rug softer to walk on, you can add a layer of padding underneath. This is called carpet padding, and you can find a range of carpet padding available to purchase from Amazon on this link.

This carpet padding comes with additional benefits, such as providing additional insulation, and making the rug non-slip, thus preventing slips and injuries, thanks to the traction it has with the floor.

How Can You Tell If A Rug Is Soft?

When shopping for area rugs online, you can tell it’s going to be soft to the touch just by looking at the photo. However, if it’s not obvious from the photo, then you’ll have to go by how the pile height is described…

As mentioned in the buying guide earlier, low pile rugs are generally stiffer, and less plush, while high pile rugs (AKA deep pile) have longer, softer fibers.

Should Carpet Be Lighter Or Darker Than Walls?

The guidelines (and guidelines is the right word, not rules) is that the wall color should be two tones lighter than the flooring. But you don’t need to go with that if that scheme doesn’t appeal to you.

The benefit of having a darker rug or carpet is that darker colored rugs don’t show dirt as easily as lighter colored rugs. Which leads us nicely onto the next question.

What Is The Best Color Rug To Not Show Dirt?

Dark brown is one of the best rug colors for hiding dirt. The darker, the better. And for even better camouflage, you should look for either a textured rug, or a patterned one or both.

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