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Best Couch Pillows

By Lianne Jones June 11, 2022 0 comments

A few well designed and high-quality couch pillows will nearly always provide you a good return on your investment, while making your living space look amazing.

People will say that all these cushions serve no practical purpose, but they're actually an inexpensive ornamental emphasis piece that will render your sofa cosier and nicer to burrow into; a high-quality couch pillow can assist with cushioning your back and head.

So how exactly do you choose between the thousands of options available?

To help you resolve that issue, we dug deep into Amazon to locate the greatest throw pillows for every area in your house, including your lounge, bedroom, patio, kid's bedroom, and enclosed patio.

VANNCIO Pillow Cover



We like the fluffy patterns on the couch pillow and see it paired with sculptural pottery on a coffee table nearby.


  • Textiles: 100% cotton; sturdy stitching on four beams; interwoven 3D designs with hand embroidered arts on the front, pure white on back; one hidden metal zipper on one edge.
  • Decorate with abstraction: create your own home design ideas, whether urban or country, rustic or bohemian chic, Nordic or minimalist.
  • Never be afraid to use such creative patterned cushion shams on any book nook, couches, sofas, bed, or outdoor patios to give your area a sophisticated touch.


  • Pillow Cover Only: The package includes one 18-inch square pillow cover (45 x 45 cm); no cushion inserts are included; appropriate inserts sizes range between 18 to 20 inches but will need to be purchased separately.

MIULEE Pillow Cases



The room will have an academic feel thanks to these silk corduroy coverings - they even have a huge range of different colors.


  • Material: 100% grade A polyester, extremely soft.
  • Luxury and elegance: This lovely snug throw cushion cover is constructed of high-quality faux fur and has an elegant style and aesthetic, making it ideal for photography props. Sofa, bed, home, and office are all good options.


  • Different colors: Because of the manufacturing process, pillow cases with various intensity of light and angle will produce fluffy silver reflecting surfaces, resulting in the items having different colours. However, it is a normal occurrence and not a defect.
  • Pillow cover only: Only the cushion coverings are provided; the inner is not included.

Knot Design Pillows By Xizi



This pillow is shaped like a gigantic knot and may be tossed as if it were a real ball. The circular form also serves as a versatile brace for supporting your back and head.


  • Fabric: Velvet fabric is incredibly soft and sewn by hand for optimal comfort.
  • Versatility: This unique couch pillow can suit a variety of different rooms and decor styles.
  • Color choice: lots of different colors available to choose from.


  • Quite small, may not suit large couches.

Dahey Macrame Pillow Case


With a fire pit and wicker seats, these handmade pillow cases will look fantastic.
Boho vibes:

Macrame pillowcases are a gorgeous designer item that will give your home a boho vibe. Any informal home décor can benefit from the addition of texture and intrigue.


  • Simple decor: Perfect for a simple and fashionable room decoration. Suitable for use in the lounge , bedroom, workplace, café, and other areas, and will lend a touch of graceful colour to your house or other location.
  • Material: Cotton and cloth are soft materials. Beautiful, long-lasting, and environmentally safe decor. Unique design, skillfully handcrafted, giving the room a minimalist impression and a relaxing atmosphere.


  • Style specific: May not suit certain home decor styles.

VANNCIO Textured Boho Cases By VANNCIO



Abstract designs, mild pale colors are all appealing to millennial interior designers.


  • Exclusive Style: Simple yet cosy, exuding pleasant warmth and irresistible touches to your couches, sofas, armchairs, or beds, rounded 3D coloured cream patterns formed by dense stiches on the front side, in sandy orange and chestnut tone, popping against the white pillow base, simple yet cosy, exuding pleasant warmth and irresistible touches to your couch.
  • Material: 100% cotton and hand-embroidered; tightly seamed on three sides with one invisible metallic zipper on the edge; adorable embroidered patterns on the front offer your hands a lovely warming feeling; the entire base is thick and robust for everyday usage.


  • Covers only: The package includes one set of two 18-inch square pillow cases; no pillow inserts are included.

Flower Design Cover By JWH



This pillow cover is inspired by sunflowers and will have the spring atmosphere flowing all season.


  • Design concept: Gives you a fresh spring mood. Layers upon layers of seeds and petals faithfully imitate the look of a gorgeous flower in full bloom. Each flower petal is manually sewed firmly, hand created, resilient, and sturdy.
  • Decoration: charming touch to your living space, provide you a cheerful and calm mood after a long day at work; unique and fashionable floral pillow cases to apply to rustic couches.
  • Ease and durability: All seams are over-locked, durable, and resuable; easy pillow insertion and washing.


  • Expensive: May not suit all budgets.

MIULEE Velvet Cases



Gorgeous velvet cushions with tassels for a vintage look.


  • MIULEE Warranty : If you have any issues, you can contact MIULEE at any time for pleasant customer service and the MIULEE 90-Day No Questions Asked Warranty.
  • Material: 100 percent grade A velvet - soft and environmentally friendly. The zipper is smooth and hidden. To minimise fraying and maintain longevity, all material edges are well stitched.


  • Pillow cover only: Does not include pillow inserts.
  • Specific color scheme: Pink pillows may not suit all color palettes.

Wozukia Funky Leopard Cover



This animal style printed pillow case is suitable for both children and adults.


  • Material: This cushion is composed of strong, skin-friendly velvet fabric that is thick, warm, and stylish, offering you the most calm relaxation and silky touch.
  • Pillow case sizes: Choose from three different sizes: 16"X16", 18"X18", and 20"X20".


  • Heavy decoration: May not be suitable for more minimalist decor styles.
  • Best for: Pattern averse people

Indigo Cover By Home Brilliant



This blue soft linen cover is straightforward and uncomplicated, and it won't overwhelm a small space.


  • Material: High-quality, long-lasting linen blend that is pleasant to hold and lie on. The high-quality fabric effectively conceals your previous pillow patterns.
  • Craftsmanship: High-quality materials. For an exquisite aesthetic, utilise a color-coordinated hidden zipper closure. To prevent fraying and ripping, use tight zigzag over-lock stitches.


  • Single pillow cover only: There is only one pillow cover included in the package, no insert included.

MIULEE Burlap Style Covers



The modest stitching pattern adds texture and flair to this beautiful pair of cases.


  • Fabric: Made from a high-quality linen-like fabric with a lovely feel. Long-lasting thickness and durability. With use, it becomes softer organically.
  • Unique design: Rather than being a solid hue, it is multicoloured. The interwoven texture is stylish and delicate, and the gorgeous stitches are strong all throughout. A striking addition to any home's decor.
  • Zipper closure: An invisible zipper blends in with the rest of the fabric for an exquisite aesthetic, simple insertion and removal, and smooth operation.


  • Expensive: May not suit all budgets.

Superhero Quote Throw Pillow Case By Easternproject



On an adjacent bookcase, there was a pillow cover that matched the collection.


  • Material: Burlap made from 100% cotton blend linen fabric.
  • Vivid color and design: Exquisitely designed pillow cases will thrill the superhero enthusiast in your life.


  • Pillow cover only: There will be only a single throw pillow cover each pack. There are no inserts included.

Natus Covers



Stripy cushions, which are a common theme with linen tablecloths, make your home look fresh and sophisticated.


  • Mix and match: Whether your home is modern, traditional, or somewhere in between, Natus Weaver has 4 lovely hues to complement your furniture and décor.
  • Suits different fabrics: This smooth linen pillow cover goes with a variety of sofa fabrics, including leather, chenille, and linen.


  • Pillow cover only: Does not include pillow inserts.

K MASANIJI, Floral Cases With Embroidery



These covers are the ideal addition for a cosy decor, with laces, linen, and embroidered flowers.


Beautiful Embroidered Pattern - These pillow cases are made of a linen blend cloth with colourful embroidered flowers and will help you create an English country garden home.

Premium quality: Skin-friendly and long-lasting. No colour fading.


  • Pillow cover only: Does not include pillow inserts.

Soft Velvet Cases By PANDATEX



These gorgeously soft and velvety coverings, available in six hues, will give your room a luxurious feel.


  • Aestetic: Gorgeous velvety pink material, perfect for making a lounge look plush and sophisticated.
  • Very soft material: Made from a silky soft velvet material for maximum comfort.


  • Small size: May not be suitable for larger sofas of those who prefer big cushions.

HYSEAS Stump Pillow



Finally, you can perch atop a “real” stump indoors! The 3D printing on these cool pillows make them look super realistic and unique.


  • Novel design: To present you with a more realistic amusing pillow the company utilizes the newest 3D digital printing technologies.
  • Material: The shell is constructed entirely of polyester microfiber, with a durable sponge liner. The skin-friendly soft cloth is a lovely material.


  • Spot clean only: Case is not removable so you will need to spot clean this pillow

Embroidered Zebra Stripe Decorative Pillowcase By Aitliving



This embellished cover is an abstracted version of the traditional zebra print.


  • Contemporary design: Modern fully embroidered zebra stripe patterns on a soft and durable fabric, elegantly designed for comfortable and luxury with durability.
  • Material: Cotton fabric with chain stitching embroidered embellishment is a strong and sturdy material.


  • Heavily decorated: May not suit more minimalistic decor styles.

Buyers Guide

Throw pillows, more so than any home item, can totally transform a room - refreshing a space for the season or pulling together a diverse color palette, with little effort or money invested.

How do you choose the throw cushions which will perform best in your home when there are thousands of colours, designs, fillings, and materials to choose from? We've put together some tips to assist you in your search for the ideal pillow.

Size And Shape

Throw pillows are available in a wide range of forms and sizes. Variate the shape and size of the cushions you purchase for the most dynamic design.

  • Square - The most frequent shape for toss pillows is square. They are most commonly available in 16-, 18-, or 20-inch sizes, but they can also be obtained in bigger or smaller sizes. Keep square pillows in common sizes if you really like to switch up the style of your decorations frequently, since new pillow coverings will be easier to come by.
  • Round - Round pillows are less frequent than square pillows, but when utilised to complement the horizontal line of rectangular and square pillows, they may be a lovely choice.
  • Bolster - The purpose of cylinder-shaped bolster pillows is to support your arms or back when you're seated, and they're most typically found on beds.
  • Lumbar - The shape of lumbar throw pillows is oblong and rectangular. They were created to give extra support, like bolster pillows, but are now more commonly used for decorative purposes, mainly to balance square pillows or embellish an armchair.


Throw pillows are made of three different materials. There are also combinations of the fillers described below.

  • Polyester - The least expensive fill option is synthetic polyester, which is an excellent choice if you only want to use your pillows for decoration. To avoid lumps and bumps becoming an eyesore, make sure it's neatly packed.
  • Down - Down cushions are smoother and last longer than synthetic pillows, but they can be twice as expensive.
  • Foam - Although foam is sometimes used for square and lumbar cushions, it is more typically employed for other purposes because it keeps its shape longer than down or polyester.


Throw pillows are available in practically any fabric you can imagine, but these are the most common.

  • Cotton - It's long-lasting, simple to clean, and informal, making it an excellent choice for families with small children or dogs.
  • Velvet - Velvet instantly lends warmth to a room. Use it to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your house during winter.
  • Faux fur/fur - Fur accents have become a popular choice for couches and armchairs in recent years because of the soft, opulent aesthetic they provide. However, be aware that fur pillows are virtually often dry-clean only
  • Linen - Because the fibre is frequently combined with durable textiles like cotton or polyester, linen pillows, like cotton, are comparatively low maintenance. Cultivate a light, airy summer atmosphere with linens.
  • Wool - Wool, whether cable-knit or needlepoint, gives a room a snowy, alpine feel. It's best used in the winter or at mountain retreats.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Pillows Should You Add To A Couch?

Replace one, two, three, or even all of the cushions on your sofa for a new, personalised design.

An odd number of cushions, in general, provides for the most organic, appealing layout: three for small sofas, five for bigger ones.

Do Pillows Have To Match The Couch?

You shouldn't have to have identical pillows anymore. It actually appears more stylish and sophisticated if you don't!

You may, for example, match the colour of your cushions to the colour of the walls and sofa, but choose a different colour pattern.

On An L-shaped Couch, How Many Cushions Should You Have?

The typical recommendation for most sitting room sectional couches is somewhere between 7 and 9 throw pillows.

Throw pillows, on the other hand, are not all made equal. To complement the room's decor, choose the proper size, which is usually between 12" and 20," and combine multiple pillow colours and patterns.

For A Three-Seat Couch, How Many Cushions Do I Need?

For a three-seater sofa, we recommend utilising anywhere from three to six cushions.

Using three cushions creates a pared-down aesthetic, four cushions creates symmetry, and five and six cushions create a more fuller view with plenty of potential to highlight textural and size distinctions.

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