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Best Coffee Tables

Best Coffee Tables

Best Coffee Tables

A coffee table really acts as the centerpiece to your living room and is practical and convenient, so if you don’t have one and are looking at your lounge area thinking that something is missing, you’re definitely right!

After all, where have you been putting your cups or dinner plates this entire time? Why have you been hiding away your coolest books rather than displaying them in the center of the living room?

Not having a coffee table is making you miss out on all the best aspects of having a living area in the first place!

It’s a place of comfort, where you can relax, and also the place people see when you invite them into your home for a cup of coffee.

This means you should be able to have somewhere to put your feet up when you watch television, or show off your best keepsakes to everyone. Buying a coffee table will enable you to do exactly that!

Luckily, we’ve made a list of the best coffee tables for you that are available on the market, so you can right this wrong and really enhance your living room!

Yaheetech Lift Top Coffee Table

Yaheetech Lift Top Coffee Table


If you want a coffee table with amazing capabilities, this rectangular one by Yaheetech is the one for you!

When we say ‘capabilities’, what we mean is this table comes with a lift top design that looks super cool and is extremely convenient.

The tabletop can be lifted to whatever height suits you best and is most comfortable for you, and you can even use it as a work space whilst sitting on the sofa if you want to.

And for further added convenience, underneath the tabletop there’s a storage space to keep your belongings!

The table is made of CARB P2 compliant MDF and finished with a water-resistant veneer, making it very sturdy, plus you don’t have to worry about water soaking into it if you spill a drink on it. It won’t wobble at all once it’s been assembled!

Speaking of assembling, it’s also very easy to put together and comes with an illustrated instruction manual so it’s easy to follow.

You can choose from five different colors as well to ensure it will fit in perfectly with the rest of your decor!


  • Lift top design - tabletop can be lifted to whatever height you desire, so you can even use it as a workspace and use your laptop whilst sitting on your sofa!
  • Extra storage space - there’s additional storage space under the tabletop that can be accessed when the tabletop is lifted so you can store your belongings
  • Made from CARB P2 compliant MDF with a water-resistant veneer - means it is strong and sturdy and water won’t soak into it if you spill any liquid on it
  • Easy to assemble - comes with an illustrated instruction manual so you can easily follow the steps to put it together
  • Different color options - you have a choice of five different colors so you can make sure it matches your current decor


  • Could be too low for some - even though the tabletop lifts, if you’re very tall you may still have to bend over a bit if you want to do your work and use your laptop on it

Also available at: Yaheetech

Ameriwood Home Parsons Coffee Table

Ameriwood Home Parsons Coffee Table

This Ameriwood coffee table is simple but stylish in its design and looks like a classic rectangular coffee table you’d expect to see in any home, which is actually what makes it a great choice. Sometimes simplicity is the best way to go!

The table is lightweight, making it easy to move it if you need to, but it’s also sturdy so you don’t have to worry about it breaking or tipping over.

It’s a great size and will fit nicely in smaller apartments or houses because it’s not too big or bulky. It would even be perfect for a dorm room so you can live your student life in style!

The table is finished with a water-resistant coating, meaning liquid won’t soak into it if you accidentally spill anything, plus it allows you to easily wipe it up with a damp cloth.

It’s super easy to assemble, requiring minimal effort - simply attach the four legs to the tabletop and it’s job done!

The table is available to buy in black oak, espresso or white so you can make sure it matches your other furniture when it comes to the all-important color coordination!


  • Lightweight but sturdy - it’s easy to move about if you need to, whilst still maintaining a sturdy design
  • Good size for small spaces - great for if you have a small apartment or house and it will even fit in a dorm room!
  • Water-resistant coating - liquid won’t soak into it and it’s easy to clean up spills
  • Easy to assemble - extremely easy to assemble as all you have to do is attach the four legs to the tabletop
  • Different color options - available in black oak, espresso or white, which are nice, neutral colors so it can match the rest of your furniture


  • Not the best for large spaces - it’s fairly small so if you have a big living space, it may look out of place due to its size

Also available at: Ebay

GreenForest Round Coffee Table

GreenForest Round Coffee Table

If you’d prefer a round coffee table for your living space, this GreenForest one is the perfect match for you!

Round tables definitely bring a certain elegance to the area they’re placed in, and this one has a stylish wood and metal design.

The P2 particle board material means the surface is waterproof and heat-resistant, so you can be sure you won’t damage it even if you spill a hot drink on it.

It has a storage space underneath, where you can keep your belongings, such as any daily essentials you may need. And you can store as much there as you want because the table is extremely sturdy and can support up to 300lbs of weight without ever wobbling!

The metal part of the table is made from 3D mesh and has special paint over it which ensures the metal frame will never fade in color.

It’s super easy to assemble and comes with instructions and tools to help you put it together!

The table is available in walnut, brown and oak.


  • P2 particle board - means the surface material is waterproof and heat-resistant so you never have to worry about damaging it if you spill anything
  • Storage space - made with two tiers, it has additional storage space underneath the tabletop to store your everyday items
  • Sturdy - can take up to 300lbs of items on it without breaking or giving way
  • 3D mesh and special paint coating - means the metal frame on the bottom part of it will never fade in color
  • Easy to assemble - comes with both instructions and tools to help you put it together


  • Not much color variation - only comes in walnut, brown and oak, which all look quite similar to each other

Also available at: Ecoffeecity

Mecor Rectangular Glass Coffee Table

Mecor Rectangular Glass Coffee Table

Glass-top coffee tables can look beautiful and elegant in any living room, and this Mecor one is no different!

The construction of this table means it’s strong and definitely won’t wobble, as it’s made using solid metal to hold it together.

It has two tiers, with another glass storage space below the tabletop, so you can place your belongings or keepsakes on both the top and bottom.

The great part about this is that, because it’s glass, you can see through to the bottom storage area, meaning you can use it as a display as well.

It’s also super easy to clean due to its smooth glass surface - simply get a cloth and wipe away any spills!

It comes with all the necessary tools and hardware to put it together, meaning it’s very easy to assemble.

You can also choose between three different colors for the legs of the table: black, walnut and white.


  • Beautiful design - the glass design will look super stylish and elegant in your home and will match your other fixtures and fittings perfectly
  • Sturdy - has solid metal holding it together, so it definitely won’t wobble or give way
  • Two tiers - has an additional storage space underneath so you can display your keepsakes on both the top and bottom units
  • Easy to clean - because it’s made from glass and is super smooth, it’s very easy to clean - just wipe it down with a cloth and it’ll be shiny and spotless again!
  • Easy to assemble - comes with tools and hardware to help you put it together


  • Could smash - because it’s made from glass, it could smash if anything extremely heavy falls on it

Also available at: Walmart

Household Essentials Oval Rustic Coffee Table

Household Essentials Oval Rustic Coffee Table

As the name suggests, this coffee table from Household Essentials gives off a rustic vibe and looks very cool - plus it’s an aesthetically pleasing oval shape!

Once again, this table conveniently has a storage space at the bottom so you can store extra belongings and household items there.

It’s built to last, as it has a steel framework and high quality wood laminate. You definitely don’t have to worry about it breaking any time soon and it won’t wobble at all when you place your things on it.

It’s also fairly small so it will fit perfectly in small apartments, houses or dorm rooms!

It’s both easy to clean and easy to assemble, with all the tools you need to build it included in the box!

There’s a good range of color options with this table, as it comes available in six different, neutral colors. This means you can guarantee at least one of the colors will fit in with the rest of your decor!


  • Aesthetically pleasing - feels very rustic and its oval shape makes it interesting on the eye!
  • Storage space - has two tiers, including one at the bottom so you can store additional items there
  • Sturdy - has a steel framework and high quality wood laminate, meaning it’s strong and is built to last
  • Easy to assemble - comes with the tools included in the box so you can put it together super easily!
  • Different color options - you have a choice of being able to buy it in six different colors, which are all quite neutral to ensure it won’t look out of place amongst your other furniture


  • A bit on the small side - might be too small if you have quite a large living area

Also available at: Liftsfit

Buyer’s Guide

When you take into consideration just how important coffee tables are to the aesthetic of your living room, you definitely need to make sure you’re going to choose exactly the right one.

If you pick something that doesn’t fit in with the rest of your furniture and your general decor and style, it will end up looking completely out of place and will totally detract from the look of your living room, rather than adding to it.

Coffee tables come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and materials, so it can be difficult to pick which one to buy.

That’s why we’ve created a buying guide for you below, so you can make sure you know all your options before going ahead and purchasing the perfect one for you!

Shape And Size

Shape And Size

Coffee tables happen to be a versatile beast, coming in a large range of shapes and sizes. They can be small or big, long or wide, round or rectangular - all of which make it a very difficult decision when it comes to choosing the right shape and size for your home!

With this in mind, you’ll need to consider the size of your living area - it’s a good idea to measure up the space if you can - and pick something that will fit accordingly.

The main thing you don’t want to do is buy something too big, otherwise it will end up taking over your whole living room and you’ll barely be able to move.

But when it comes to picking the shape you want, it will all be based around your own personal preference and style, so choose whatever appeals or stands out to you the most when you see it!


When thinking about the material the coffee table is made out of, one of the most important factors to consider is the strength and quality of it. There are many different materials that a table can be made out of, some sturdier than others.

Wood remains the most popular choice for a coffee table due to the stylish, rustic finish it gives and its durability. But if it’s completely made out of wood, it does tend to be more expensive.

Often you can find ones with a wooden tabletop but a metal base, which are cheaper but still remain sturdy and look great!

Glass is also a popular material considering its elegant look, but you have to make sure you’re extra careful around it otherwise it might smash, for example if you drop something heavy on it.

The material does also affect the design and appearance of the table, which at the end of the day is down to personal preference and your individual style.

You’ll have to take into consideration both the quality and the aesthetic and decide on the perfect one for you accordingly.


As with all things, price will probably be an important factor in your buying considerations.

Luckily, a lot of coffee tables are attractive and of good quality without completely breaking your bank account!

How much you spend is completely up to you. You can easily get a great table for under $200, but if you want to spend more on a premium one, that’s completely fine.

Whatever you choose, just make sure it’s worth the money by checking the reviews. The last thing you want is your table breaking only a few weeks after buying it!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Most Durable Coffee Table Top?

Solid wood is the most durable material for the surface of a coffee table.

It can be expensive, but you can get a table that’s made from solid wood on the top and metal on the bottom, which will bring the price down a bit compared to having one that’s entirely made of wood.

What’s A Good Size For A Coffee Table?

A standard size for a coffee table would be around 54 inches long and around 20 to 30 inches wide. This can fit in a big living room.

But if you have a particularly large living area, where you can fit quite a few chairs and sofas, then a coffee table that measures at least 60 inches long would be an ideal size for it.



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