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Best Ceiling Fan

Best Ceiling Fan

As its name suggests, a ceiling fan is typically mounted on a ceiling of a room or space and uses its fast-rotating blades to effectively cool people down by producing a refreshing breeze.

Ceiling fans also help circulate air within a room, preventing stagnant and stuffy air.

Ceiling fans can come in many shapes and sizes, so it’s important to buy one which will suit your needs.

Best Ceiling Fan

The products we rely most upon sometimes have the tendency to break on us, especially in moments when we need them the most.

Nothing would be worse, in the peak heat of summer, than your ceiling fan suddenly breaking on you.

As we all know, high temperatures can sometimes bring out the worst in us: anger, irritation, and even annoyance.

So it’s best to have a reliable ceiling fan that you know you can depend upon not to break anytime soon.

You may be wondering, where do I begin?

Well, to make this process easier for you, we have compiled a list of all the best ceiling fans on the market, including size, shape, functionality, and more - so you’re sure to find a great ceiling fan that suits your needs.

You can stop worrying about your broken ceiling fan and start enjoying your summer vacation without feeling like you’re roasting.

Hunter Sea Wind Indoor/ Outdoor Ceiling Fan

With over 135 years of experience, Hunter produces fans with innovation, design, and expertise at their core, with the Hunter Sea Wind Fan as proof of this.

Available in two different colors - white and black - it is certain to fit seamlessly into your space while adding a chic and sophisticated flare - you don’t need to worry about eyesores with this fan!

Its five reversible blades allow airflow all around the room, keeping your space fresh and cool at peak performance.

Likewise, a reversible blade feature enables airflow throughout the summer and winter months, keeping your home refreshed in the summer while warm in the winter.

This ceiling fan can be used inside or outside your home, so whether this is in a bedroom, office, or covered patio, you won’t have to worry about rain damaging it.

Its easy function means that all you need to do to turn it on is pull a string, and you’ll get fan speeds of three different rotations, adaptable to whatever situation you find yourself in.


  • Easy installation - Effortless and user-friendly installation, whether you decide to assemble it yourself or hire a professional.
  • Reliable - Made from hard metal and plastic, this ceiling fan is very well-founded and will keep you comfortable throughout summer or winter.
  • Quiet - The WhisperWind Motor guarantees a very quiet fan, allowing you to work or sleep without distractions.


  • Purchase remote separately - If you’d rather use a remote than the pull string, you would have to purchase this separately from the fan.

Honeywell Ceiling Fan

This industrial-looking ceiling fan will add a rustic feel to your room.

With a matte-black fixture and reversible rough pine or chestnut blades, it gives you the option to choose whichever color blades that best suit your space!

With fan blade sizes long enough to look perfect in medium to large rooms, they have a total dimension of 52 inches.

A steel-drum mesh circular fixture holds three Edison light bulbs, creating a sleek and eye-catching focal point while giving your ceiling fan a multi-use ability.

A quiet reversible motor housing means that you can use this fan all year round, adjusting the direction and speed depending on whether you want to feel warmer or cooler.

An additional option allows you to control the airflow in your room with two settings: downdraft mode and updraft mode for optimal airflow.

The Honeywell ceiling fan is easy to install and contains 3 different mounting options - standard down rod, close, or angled, allowing you to fully customize your ceiling fan to best suit your room.


  • Great quality - Made from top-quality materials: wood and alloy steel.
  • Easy installation - If you follow all the guidelines and instructions correctly, it should only take 40-60 minutes to assemble your ceiling fan.
  • Remote - The remote included allows you to control the ceiling fan’s speed, power, light, and direction.


  • Size - This ceiling fan is larger and bulkier than other fans, so it may not fit certain small spaces or rooms.
  • Unsuitable for outdoor spaces - This is an indoor-only fan.

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Reiga Ceiling Fan 

With over 15 years of manufacturing ceiling fans, Reiga prides itself on quality, workmanship, and top standard materials, which they make sure to highlight in all their ceiling fans.

With regular and thorough motor testing, Reiga ceiling fans are one of the quietest and most reliable fans in the industry. It claims to be flawless, inside and out!

This modern and futuristic ceiling fan will make any room look sleek and contemporary with its curved blades and round lines.

Attached with three blades, this is a pleasing and alluring aerodynamic ceiling fan. Rotate your air all year round; while saving money on the electricity bill!

Blades can be run counter-clockwise to cool down your room, or clockwise to warm up a room. Whichever option you choose, all rotations create powerful air movements, while at whisper-low function.

A handy smart-memory remote control allows you to adjust the lights to three different settings: white light, warm light, yellow light, fan speeds: with six different speeds, rotations (anti-clockwise or clockwise), and timing sleep shutdown: at 1,3,6 hour timings.

The smart remote controls will remember your preferences for when the fan is turned on again.


  • Noiseless - The blades produce very few sounds, perfect for small children trying to sleep, or anyone trying to focus on work.
  • Great airflow - With an option of six speeds, you can customize this ceiling fan to suit any situation you need.
  • Remote and stand - All options can be changed and customized with the remote control. Additionally, it comes with a stand, so you can stick the remote on your wall, or fridge, and have peace of mind that you won’t lose it.


  • Can’t mount on sloped ceilings - No additional fixture to accommodate for slanted/ sloped ceilings.
  • Hard to follow instructions - Any DIYer or first-time installer may have trouble following the installation instructions and may need help from a professional.

Minka-Aire Ceiling Fan

Looking for a smaller ceiling fan that won’t take up too much space?

Well, the Minka-Aire ceiling fan would be perfect for you with a diameter of 44 inches, it’s great for small rooms.

Its minimalist design would look great in any room, featuring three white blades and a white body for a clean and polished look without any dangling strings or attachments.

Not only does it look good, but it has excellent performance.

Featuring three blades, coupled with four different speeds and reversible airflow motions, this ceiling fan will suit all your needs all year round!

The remote control allows you to change the fan’s speed, direction, power, light power, and dimming, all in one place.

Additionally, an integrated LED light means you never have to worry about changing a lightbulb ever again!

For an additional purchase of Bond hub BD-1000, you can have the option of connecting your ceiling fan to a Smart device such as Alexa or Google home, creating a totally hands-free experience.


  • Small - Fit seamlessly in any small room, or office, without making the space look even smaller.
  • Minimalistic - A clean, chic look allows it to fit into any room type, without ruining your aesthetic.
  • Easy installation - Guidelines and instructions are very easy to follow and straightforward.


  • An additional purchase to connect to Wi-Fi - If you wish to connect your ceiling fan to a Smart device, you must purchase a separate accessory.

Also available at:

Portage Bay Ceiling Fan

Perfect for anyone with low ceilings, the Portage Bay ceiling fan measures only 11.5 inches from the ceiling to the bottom light fixture - so you don’t have to worry about hitting your head!

The fan features a stylish and contemporary matte-black design, with reversible blades in matte-black and Siberian walnut, allowing you to customize your fan’s blades based on its surroundings.

A reversible motor home provides different airflow during the warmer and colder seasons, so you can easily adapt your ceiling fan depending on the temperature.

In the summer, you can change the direction to produce colder air, and in the winter you can change it to be warmer. This cuts down AC and electricity costs.

An Opal-frosted dome provides light and illumination with a lightbulb, giving you the ability to dim the light from 100% to 10%.

Perfect for changing the ambiance of a room. Two cords allow you to change the direction of airflow and light easily and simply.


  • Easy to assemble - Straightforward installation.
  • Great for small rooms - Its close to ceiling design means that it fits great in small rooms without looking claustrophobic.
  • Classic design - Classic and timeless design means that it will look great in every room.


  • No remote - No remote included, all features are controlled using the dangling chords, which could be hard to reach for some people.
  • Can’t change the speed of blades - Blade speed is not adaptable, only one-speed setting.

Buyer’s Guide

When looking at ceiling fans, it's important to choose one that's right for you and your space.

Some rooms may require a smaller fan, while other rooms would require a larger fan to fill out an area, whether this is indoors or outdoors.

In theory, a ceiling fan’s main purpose is to produce air and circulate this around a room, although there are some additional key factors that you should consider when purchasing a ceiling fan.

To make this easier for you, we have created a list of all the things you should look out for when looking at ceiling fans, so you can find the best ceiling fan which will suit all your needs.

Size Of Ceiling Fan

The first thing to consider when purchasing a ceiling fan is what size fan you’ll need. Ceiling fans can come in all different shapes and sizes, so it’s important to measure your space to find out which ceiling fan would fit it best.

A larger ceiling fan would best suit a larger space that will not only fill out an empty-looking room but will also circulate the air more efficiently and easily.

If you install a small ceiling fan in a large room, not only will it look a little odd, but it will also not be able to circulate all the air in the room properly. So, a bigger fan is best suited for larger spaces.

On the other hand, if you have a smaller room, a small ceiling fan would work best. Sometimes, if you have a large fan in a small room, it can make a room feel very claustrophobic and make it feel even smaller.

Hence, a small ceiling fan is best for smaller spaces. Allowing you to optimize your space best!

Types Of Ceiling Fans

Much like there are different sizes of ceiling fans, there are also different types of fans that fit a space or room best.

The first type of ceiling fan would be an outdoor/ indoor fan.

Based on your specific needs, you may want an outdoor or indoor fan.

Indoor fans are not waterproof, like most outdoor fans are, so they can’t be used interchangeably.

However, indoor fans are great for the summer months and cooling a space down.

While outdoor fans are great for climates that are warm throughout the year, and fit best on covered patios, you won’t have to worry about them getting wet as they typically have water-resistant protection.

Another type of ceiling fan is one that has a built-in light.

Whether these are bulb lights, LED lights, or dimmable lights, you can find a ceiling fan that will suit your needs.

These are great for bedrooms or small spaces which don’t have a lot of space for a light and ceiling fan - so why not integrate them!

Lastly, based on your personal preference and style, you can find a range of ceiling fans that will meet your living space aesthetics.

Whether this is the finish, material, or design, there are many options that would fit seamlessly into your space without creating an eyesore.

Reversible Blades

Although this may not be completely necessary, it can be very beneficial.

Not only does it cut down on electricity costs, but it also allows you to easily change the direction of your ceiling fan to suit whatever circumstance you find yourself in.

For instance, in the summer, you can change the ceiling fan blades to move counter-clockwise, this would evenly distribute cool air around a space.

On the other hand, in the winter months, you can change the direction of ceiling fan blades to push air downwards, pushing the warm air from the ceiling down and evenly through a room, making it feel warmer.

This allows you to use a ceiling fan all throughout the year, rather than just in the summer months.


This may be a deciding factor for many people, especially if you have small children or are sensitive to noises. As ceiling fans get faster, they typically begin to make more noise.

Therefore, to prevent this from happening, it’s best to find a ceiling fan that is noiseless or quieter.

Especially in warmer climates, this would allow you to leave the ceiling fan on all night long to ensure a comfortable night's sleep without any distractions.

Types Of Ceiling Fan Mounts

In addition to purchasing the right size of ceiling fan, it is also important to buy the right type of ceiling fan for your ceiling in a space or room.

Typically, there are four different types of ceiling fans, these are low-profile fans, stem-mounted fans, extended mounts, and sloped or angled mounts.

Low-profile ceiling fans are designed to fit close to a ceiling and are typically used in rooms or spaces smaller than 9 feet.

This will ensure that you don’t have an accident such as hitting your head, or the blades catching on any objects. They often include light fixtures as well.

A stem-mounted ceiling fan includes a rod of about 3-5 inches that extends from the ceiling. This is great for taller rooms, and will even out the look of a space.

Like the stem mount, an extended mount is essentially the same thing but with longer rods, ranging from 6 to 100 inches in length.

These are best for very tall rooms or spaces, as they will help direct airflow to places that need it most.

Finally, a sloped or angled mount is usually used for sloped or angled ceilings, keeping the ceiling fan horizontal.

These are great for any tricky-shaped ceilings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is A Ceiling Fan Cheaper To Run Than Air Conditioning?

Compared to ceiling fans, air conditioning units use 5-9 times more electricity than a fan does.

Even when comparing different models and makes of air conditioners, they all cost much more than ceiling fans to run.

Therefore, yes, ceiling fans are much more cost-effective when looking at energy costs.

Additionally, comparing energy efficiency on ceiling fans is a great way to save money.

What Is The Purpose Of A Ceiling Fan?

In theory, a ceiling fan’s main purpose is to cool people down. It does this by rotating its blades to move air around a room.

Although it doesn’t necessarily change the temperature of a room, the blades produce a cool breeze, helping you to cool down. This is also known as evaporative cooling.

Final Thoughts

Ceiling fans can come in many shapes and sizes and contain different functions and rotations.

Therefore, it’s important to choose a ceiling fan that will best suit your home and requirements.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you find the best ceiling fan and informed you of all the key specifications to look for when purchasing a ceiling fan.


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