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Best Bookcases

By Lianne Jones June 11, 2022 0 comments

If you have lots of books then having a good quality bookcase is the best way to store them. Flimsy shelves are not always strong enough to hold books, and piles of books stacked around your home can look messy.

A bookcase also adds elegance and class to any room, and you can use it for other items such as photographs, ornaments and vases.

If you want to find a new bookcase for your home but you aren’t sure where to start then don’t worry. There are so many options and it can be daunting to narrow down your search, so we have done that for you.

We have put together this list of the best bookcases, and reviewed each one to make it easier for you to choose which one would be best.

Keep reading to find your perfect bookcase. 

Product Reviews

Here are our top recommendations for the best bookcases available to buy online.

Homeissue Vintage Industrial Bookcase


This book case has an industrial style and is made from a combination of metal and wood. This makes it the perfect fit for modern houses. You can choose from 3 tiers, 4 tiers or 5 tiers depending on how much space you have and how many books you need to store.

The 5 tier bookcase measures 70 inches by 47.3 inches by 12.7 inches. Each shelf has a maximum weight capacity of 70 pounds which means that you will be able to store plenty of books on each shelf.

The space in between each bookshelf is 13.7 inches so you will be able to fit tall books on there too.

The shelves are made from MDF which is very durable and the frame is made from strong steel.

There is an X-shaped brace on the back of the bookcase which helps to keep it sturdy, and the feet of the bookcase have anti-slip grips to protect your flooring and keep the bookcase upright.


  • Modern - This is a modern industrial style bookcase
  • Size - There is a choice of three sizes
  • Durable - The MDF and Steel materials are durable
  • Sturdy - The X-brace and the anti-slip feet keep it stable
  • Price - This is a very affordable bookcase


  • Installation - Some customers found that the installation instructions were not very clear
  • Quality- Some customers did not like the finish of the MDF shelves

Furino Wooden Rectangular Bookcase


This is a four tier wooden bookcase which comes in a traditional rectangular shape. However, it is sleek and simple which makes it look quite modern. It comes in various different shades of wood so you can find one that best suits your home.

The bookcase measures 41.7 inches by 23.6 inches by 9.4 inches. The gap between each shelf is 9.8 inches, so taller books will need to be stacked up on their side. You can also choose a 3 tier option which is smaller.

Each shelf has a weight capacity of 25 pounds, so you might want to space out the books with some lightweight ornaments or photographs to make sure you don’t overload it.

This bookcase is really easy to assemble. The shelves are made from engineered particle board and the company has been given a ‘green label’ for their environmentally friendly operation.


  • Style - This has both a traditional and sleek design
  • Color - There are multiple wood shades to choose from
  • Size- There are two sizes of bookcase to choose from
  • Assembly - It is easy to assemble this bookcase
  • Green - The manufacturer is environmentally friendly


  • Weight - The shelves have a low weight capacity
  • Height - The gap between the shelves is not tall enough for larger books

Sauder Select Washington Cherry Bookcase


This bookcase is very classy and elegant. It has a warm wood finish with beautiful grain and the shape of the bookcase is quite traditional.

It is made from recycled materials and engineered wood, so it is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

The bookcase measures 69.75 inches by 35.25 inches by 13.25 inches. Three of the 5 shelves are adjustable which allows you to customize the gaps in between to fit your books or whatever else you want to store or display on the bookcase.

Sauder is an American Company which has been established for over a century. Their products are reliable and they are also easy to assemble.

If you love Sauder products then you should also look at this Sauder Trestle Ladder Style Bookcase. It has an interesting ladder shape which adds a quirky touch to your home.

It comes in a choice of three colors including a vintage oak finish. It measures 71 inches by 24 inches by 17 inches which gives you plenty of space for your books.


  • Style - This is a very elegant bookcase
  • Sustainable - The bookcase is made from sustainable materials
  • Adjustable - You can adjust the position of the shelves
  • Brand - Saudr is a trusted American brand
  • Assembly - It is easy to assemble the bookcase


  • Weight - Some customers have found that the weight capacity of the adjustable shelves is not as good as the fixed shelves

Bush Furniture Salinas Vintage Bookcase


This vintage style bookcase is ideal if you have a retro style in your home. It comes in multiple color choices, but the black is particularly striking with a distressed finish.

The rectangular shape is ideal for most rooms and spaces. It is made from sustainable engineered wood.

The overall dimensions of this bookcase are 62.95 inches by 31.73 inches by 12.17 inches. 2 of the shelves are fixed which helps the bookcase to remain sturdy and stable.

The other three are adjustable, which allows you to choose how much space you want between the shelves. This is ideal if you have some larger books. Each shelf has a 25 pound weight capacity.

The curved base rails and tapered legs add to the overall style of the bookcase. It is easy to assemble and will look great in your home.


  • Style - This vintage bookcase has a retro style with lovely details
  • Sustainable - The bookcase is made from engineered wood
  • Adjustable shelves - Three of the shelves can be adjusted to choose the height
  • Assembly - This bookcase is easy to assemble


  • Weight - The weight capacity is 25 pounds per shelf which might not be enough for very heavy hardback books

Henn & Hart Brass Bookcase


This brass bookcase has a geometric design and a very modern style. It would look great in a minimalistic style home, or in a chic style room. There are two sizes to choose from and a choice of three color finishes.

The shelves are made of glass so they are very sturdy and strong. Each shelf can hold a maximum of 40 pounds of weight, aside from the bottom shelf which has a weight capacity of pounds.

The overall dimensions of this bookcase are 68 inches by 34 inches by 14 inches. It is fairly easy to assemble.


  • Style - This bookcase has a modern geometric style
  • Size - There are two sizes to choose from
  • Color - There are three colors to choose from
  • Weight - The glass shelves are very strong
  • Assembly - It is easy to assemble this bookcase


  • Damage - Some customers found that the glass shelves were damaged during delivery ot transit and they needed to request a replacement

Neumann Tall Modern Bookcase


This is an industrial style bookcase with a mixture of engineered wood and steel alloy. This makes it strong and durable. It comes in four different sizes so you can choose the one that best fits your space.

The largest bookcase has 5 tiers and measures 62.2 inches by 23.6 inches by 11.8 inches. Each shelf can hold up to 30 pounds which is better than a lot of other products.

This bookshelf can be assembled in just 8 easy steps so you will have it set up in no time.


  • Style - This bookcase has a modern industrial style
  • Size- The bookcase comes in a choice of four different sizes
  • Weight - Each shelf can hold 30 pounds of weight
  • Assembly - This bookcase can be assembled in just 8 steps


  • Adjustable - The shelves are not adjustable

Armocity Industrial Bookcase


This is another industrial, modern bookcase which is made from wooden boards and a durable metal frame. It has some interesting stylistic features including built in shelf dividers.

This is ideal if you want to display some ornaments and photographs alongside your books.

This shelf has 5 tiers and measures 61 inches by 28.3 inches by 11 inches. There is a space of 13.2 inches between each shelf, and the shelves have a maximum weight capacity of 35 pounds which is plenty even for large, heavy books.

Not only is this bookcase affordable, it is easy to assemble and has had a lot of positive reviews from customers.


  • Style- The style is modern and industrial
  • Shelf dividers - These are perfect for displaying other items
  • Height - The shelf height is big enough for tall books
  • Weight - Each shelf can hold up to 35 pounds of weight
  • Price - This bookcase is affordable
  • Assembly- This bookcase is easy to assemble


  • Adjustable - The shelves are not adjustable

Camaflexi Shaker Style Bookcase


This traditional shaker style pine wood bookcase comes in three different sizes so you can choose the one that best fits your space. It also comes in a choice of brown or white.

The largest bookcase has 6 shelves - two fixed shelves and four adjustable ones. This means you can accommodate larger books.

The solid wood construction is very sturdy and durable and can hold lots of weight. The wood is responsibly sourced so you can be satisfied that this is a sustainable product. It also comes with a wall mount to keep it extra stable.

Some customers have found that the assembly is quite fiddly, but overall this is a good quality bookcase.


  • Style - this is a traditional style bookcase
  • Size - There are three sizes to choose from
  • Color - There are two colors to choose from
  • Adjustable - There are 4 adjustable shelves
  • Construction - This bookcase is made from a solid wood construction
  • Sustainable - The wood is sustainable sourced


  • Assembly - The assembly can be quite difficult

Buyer’s Guide

Now that you have seen our recommendations for the best bookcases, you need to narrow down your choice and decide which product is going to be best.

If you are struggling to make a decision, here is some advice on what you should consider.


The first thing you need to think about is how much money you want to spend. These bookcases vary in price depending on the manufacturer and what materials the bookcase is made from.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a good bookcase, but if you have the money then it might be nice to invest in a good quality piece of furniture that will last a long time.


Once you have decided on your budget, you should consider how much space you have in your home for your bookcase. This will determine what kind of products you should be looking at.

If you have a narrow gap available but your ceilings are high then you could go for a tall bookcase that isn’t very wide.

If you have floor space but there are already shelves or paintings on the wall, or you want to put the bookcase under a window, then a wider but shorter bookcase would be ideal.

If you have a lot of room in your home then you might want to get a very big bookcase to fill the space and create an interesting feature.

Another thing you need to figure out is how many books you need to store. Do you need three shelves, four shelves, or five shelves? Perhaps you might need two bookcases if you have a lot of books.

Make sure that the bookcase you choose is going to be big enough to store all of your books.


One of the most important things to consider is the style of the bookcase. It is important that it looks nice in your home and compliments the rest of the decor.

If your style is modern then you might want to go with a metal bookcase, or an industrial mix of metal and wood. If you have a rustic home then a traditional solid wood bookcase would look good.

If you have a retro style then you might want to choose a painted vintage bookcase.


Bookcases need to be strong and sturdy to support the heavy books without breaking or falling over. You also need to be sure that whichever bookcase you buy is going to last you a long time.

Pay attention to what material the bookcase is made out of and how the shelves are attached.


If you have considered all of the above and you are still struggling to choose then consider the warranty.

Spending a little bit more money on a bookcase with a good warranty might save you money in the long run and will give you peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Clean My Bookcase?

If your bookcase is made from wood then you can clean it with furniture polish and a soft cloth. Apply the polish to the cloth then work it into the wood with a circular motion.

If your bookcase is made from metal then you can remove the dust with a microfiber cloth. If there is dirt on the bookcase you can use warm soapy water and a soft cloth, but make sure you dry it afterwards to prevent rust.

Do not use a scratchy cloth or sponge as this could damage the metal.

Can I Assemble A Bookcase On My Own?

It depends on the bookcase you choose. A small bookcase might be easy to assemble on your own, but if the bookcase is large and/or heavy then you might need some help.

It is best to have someone there to help you in case you get stuck.

Which Is Better - A Wood Bookcase Or A Metal Bookcase?

Bookcases are traditionally made from wood. This is because wood was readily available and was used to make most furniture. Modern style bookcases are often made from metal.

They are just as strong as the wooden ones, they just have a different appearance. Both wood and material bookcases are good products, it depends on what style you prefer.


Using a bookcase is one of the best ways to store your books. It is important to choose a bookcase that will compliment the style of your home.

It also needs to fit into the space that you have, so make sure you take all the necessary measurements first.

There is something on this list to suit everyone, so you will be able to find your perfect bookcase. If you are struggling to choose which bookcase to buy, don’t forget to read our advice in the buyer’s guide.

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