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Best Bar Stools

Best Bar Stools

Best Bar Stools

Has it started to concern you that you have a breakfast bar or a kitchen island but you don’t have any seats for it?

Maybe you’ve felt awkward when people come over and linger around the breakfast bar and you just know they’re wondering why they have nowhere to sit around an area that’s supposed to be perfectly designed for social occasions.

If so, maybe it’s time to change that feeling and invest in some bar stools!

Wanting to add an element of comfort and style to your home once you have your own place to live is extremely natural and, if you can, you should make the most out of it.

Adding to the fixtures and fittings is definitely something super exciting, so it’s about time you treated yourself to some beautiful, sleek bar stools to spice up your social occasions and make the most out of your breakfast bar or kitchen island!

Read on to find out which are the best bar stools available on the market!

Leopard Modern Leather Adjustable Bar Stools

Leopard Modern Leather Adjustable Bar Stools

These modern faux leather bar stools by Leopard have a sleek and fancy design and would look great at any table!

Super comfortable and designed to last, they’re made with high density foam, are quilted and are made from PU leather, which makes them resistant to wear and tear and allows them to be breathable.

Plus, the material also means they’re safe because you won’t slip or slide around easily on them.

The best thing about these stools is they’re adjustable, so you can adjust the height depending on how high or low your breakfast bar or kitchen island are.

Not only that, but they swivel too so you can have some fun with them and keep up conversations no matter where your guests are standing!

Don’t be worried or hesitant about the task of assembling them, either, because it’s super easy to do, and you’ll have them up and ready in no time.

You also have an amazingly varied selection of 23 colors to choose from so you can make sure they fit in perfectly with the rest of the furniture in your home!


  • Black faux leather - makes them look super modern and fancy!
  • Made from PU leather and high density foam - means they’re super comfortable, will last a long time and are safe to sit on
  • Swivel design and adjustable - you can swivel on them for some added fun and ease of conversation, and adjust their height to match how tall your table is
  • Easy to assemble - they’re hassle-free to put together so there’s no need to be anxious about assembling them
  • Available in different colors - you have 23 colors to choose from!


  • Base could be sturdier - base might break if it has to cope with taking very heavy weight

Also available at: Ubuy

Roundhill Furniture Contemporary Chrome Air Lift Adjustable Swivel Stools

Roundhill Furniture Contemporary Chrome Air Lift Adjustable Swivel Stools

These streamlined, stylish looking stools from Roundhill Furniture are extremely modern and would be a great addition to your home, providing that little extra touch of style!

The base of the stool is a sleek and shiny metal, making them quite sturdy so you don’t have to worry about them toppling over, and the seats themselves are covered in a faux leather so they’re a comfortable material to sit on.

They’re also fully adjustable and have an air lift design to give extra height to the seat, so you can make absolutely sure they’ll be the right height for whichever table you choose to have them at.

An added feature to the stools is their swivel design, so you’ll always easily be able to talk to people at a party no matter how much they move around!

The stools are very easy to assemble and come in a choice of black, scarlet and white, meaning you can select whichever color suits your home.


  • Stylish - streamlined and modern, they will add a bit of extra style to your home!
  • Metal base and faux leather seat - the base material means the stools will be fairly sturdy but the faux leather will also make the seats comfortable to sit on
  • Adjustable air lift design - you can easily adjust the height to suit how tall your table is
  • Swivel design - adds a bit of extra fun and also means you can easily keep up a conversation with someone no matter where they are in the room!
  • Three different color options - come in black, scarlet and white so you can choose whatever fits in best with the color of your current decor


  • Might be uncomfortable on your back - due to the streamlined design, they have no back to lean against, so might not be the right choice for you if you require back support

Also available at: Walmart

SUPERJARE Adjustable Counter Height Bar Stools

SUPERJARE Adjustable Counter Height Bar Stools

These SUPERJARE bar stools are designed with a touch of class and will stand out in your home with their stylish, unique appearance!

The stools are adjustable in order to make them whatever height you want them to be depending on how high or low the table is that you want them to be at - simply use the lever directly under the seat to raise or lower the height.

The large base of the stools mean extra stability and make them sturdy, so there won’t be any accidents caused by them falling over!

There’s also a plastic ring around the very base of them to stop the floor from scratching.

As with the previous products, these also have a swivel design so you can change directions and chat to friends and family easily if you need to.

For added comfort, they also have a uniquely designed backrest, which will relieve any pressure exerted to your lumbar spine- this is probably very welcome news to anyone who suffers from a bad lower back!

Last but not least, it’s also super easy to assemble - just follow the simple instructions and it will only take a few minutes.


  • Adjustable - use the lever under the seat to adjust how tall you want them in order for them to match up to the level of your table
  • Large base with plastic ring - makes them sturdy to avoid accidents and the plastic ring will add protection against scratching your floor
  • Swivel design - can chat to people easily by being able to swivel 360 degrees!
  • Unique backrest - designed to relieve pressure off your lower back for added comfort
  • Easy to assemble - only takes a few minutes to assemble and the instructions are simple to follow


  • Expensive - more expensive than other bar stools available on the market, so might not be right for you if you’re on a budget

Also available at: Ubuy

Winsome Wood Satori Saddle Seat Bar Stool

Winsome Wood Satori Saddle Seat Bar Stool

This Winsome Wood bar stool is super simple in its design but is timeless as it gives off the impression of belonging in an old-school, retro bar!

It’s very sturdy because it’s made out of durable, natural beechwood and has strong square legs, which can support much more weight than you might think just from looking at it.

Although it’s made out of wood, it’s actually a very comfortable stool to sit on, so you can still have a great night at your breakfast bar or kitchen island without having a sore backside at the end of it!

It’s very economical due to its backless, armless, fairly small design, meaning you can easily fit it under your breakfast bar or even keep it in the corner of your home - it will easily blend into the aesthetics of the rest of your decor.

You have to purchase this stool individually, which at first may seem annoying, but actually it can be ideal for if you want an uneven number of barstools.

For example, with the space you have available, you might want five stools to create the perfect fit and aesthetic of having them looking evenly spaced out!


  • Timeless design - simple but timeless, it gives off the aesthetic of looking like it belongs in a classic, retro bar!
  • Sturdy - made from tough, natural beechwood and offers a lot of extra support with strong, square legs to keep it stable
  • Comfortable - comfortable to sit on despite being made from strong wood
  • Economical - doesn’t take up much space in your home so can easily be put away when not being used
  • Comes individually - doesn’t come as a set, which can be great for if you need an uneven number of bar stools for your table


  • Can be difficult to assemble - if you don’t have much experience of assembling, it might be tricky to put together

Also available at: Walmart

Flash Furniture 30 Inch Metal Bar Stool

Flash Furniture 30 Inch Metal Bar Stool

These Flash Furniture metal bar stools are, again, simple yet classic looking. They’re similar to what you’d find at any bar or cafe, and now you can have them in your own home!

Because they’re metal, they’re extremely sturdy and are very unlikely to break in any circumstance, even if you throw them across the room - which, by the way, we definitely don’t recommend!

The stools come fully assembled so you don’t have to apply any effort into putting them together when they arrive. You can just pop them wherever you want and that’s your job done!

You can also stack them easily (four to eight stools high), which is very useful for storage purposes when you don’t need them, or if require some extra space for a big party.

They’re made from galvanized steel, which means they can be kept outside without you having to worry about them rusting.

Plus, the seat drain on top allows rainwater to pass through them so the water doesn’t build up.

The stools also come in an extremely varied range of colors - with 20 different ones to choose from - to conveniently suit whatever decor you already currently have in your home!


  • Sturdy - being made from metal means they are super tough and won’t be easily broken, plus they can take heavy weight on top of them
  • Arrive fully assembled - there’s no need for you to put the parts together yourself, as it’s already been done for you!
  • Stackable - you can stack them four to eight stools high for convenience purposes
  • Galvanized steel and seat drain - the seat drain allows rainwater to pass through them and the material they’re made from means they won’t rust even if they’re kept outside
  • Varied color range - come in 20 different colors so you can match them to your current furniture


  • Only come in one height - means you’ll need to measure your breakfast bar or kitchen island and make sure the stools will be roughly the right height to fit properly

Also available at: Walmart

Buyer’s Guide

You might not think it, but it can actually be quite a difficult task finding the right bar stool for your home, so you really need to know what to look for!

There are so many stools available on the market, all of them different shapes and sizes, plus they come bearing different features.

The most important part about choosing a stool is making sure it suits your own personal style and it fits in perfectly with the rest of your decor and fixtures and fittings, otherwise it will look completely out of place.

You do want your barstool to catch people’s attention, of course, but not for the wrong reasons!

Below is a list of factors to consider when investing in your first bar stools, so read on to make sure you’re well prepared when you begin searching for one.

Adjustability And Swivel

Bar stools can either be adjustable or not, meaning you can either change how high or low you want them to go, or you can’t.

This is an extremely important factor to take into consideration. Just imagine the pain of spending a lot of money on a non-adjustable bar stool only to find out when it arrives that it doesn’t reach your countertop!

Adjustable bar stools can be a good option, as it means you won’t need to go through the effort of measuring the height of your breakfast bar or kitchen island and making sure it adds up to the height of the bar stool.

However, you might prefer the design of some non-adjustable stools. Luckily many are readily available in different height sizes anyway, so as long as you measure up your table, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

It’s also worth noting that many adjustable stools come with the ability to swivel, which is great for being able to easily talk to people no matter how much they move around the room, plus there’s less risk of scratching the floor if you have to move the stool!

Back Support

Depending on the design of the bar stools, some come with a back to them and some don’t.

Deciding whether to buy one with back support really depends on your own personal preference, although ones with a back do tend to be more comfortable!

You might really like the design of a certain set of bar stools but if you need a backrest for comfort purposes, especially if you have a bad back, and they don’t have one, then it’s probably best not to go for those ones.

However, if you don’t have an issue with not having a back to your stool and love the design of some without, then definitely go for them!



Bar stools can be made out of different materials, and sometimes the seat and the base on the same stool can also be different.

The important thing here is to make sure the material they’re made out of is sturdy - but also comfortable - and can take a fair bit of weight, otherwise accidents can happen if the stool can’t take the weight and either gives way or topples over.

Metal is obviously the most durable material and very easy to clean.

Investing in something that perhaps has a metal base but a leather seat can be a good idea as it provides security at the base but extra comfort to actually sit on!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes A Bar Stool Comfortable?

The material of the seat will usually determine how comfortable a bar stool is. For example, sitting on leather will probably be much more comfortable than sitting on metal.

Having back support on the stool also makes it more comfortable, especially when you could be sitting on it all night for a social gathering.

What Height Should A Bar Stool Be?

If you want a bar stool for an actual bar, it should be around 28 to 33 inches high. A 30 inch bar stool will fit perfectly under a standard 42 inch bar counter.

However, if you want a stool for a kitchen island, the usual height range is from 24 to 27 inches high.

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