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Best Backsplash For White Cabinets

Best Backsplash For White Cabinets

Best Backsplash For White Cabinets

If you have many white cabinets in your kitchen (which is very trendy right now), then many interior designers say that you should do something more unique and different with the backsplashes.

This lets you add some individuality to a space that, on the whole, is not very exciting to look at.

If your kitchen is particularly gloomy or cramped, then you should maybe make the backsplash white as well to open up the space and make it brighter.

However, there are so many daring backgrounds that embrace color, pattern, and other tile types that it feels like a wasted opportunity not to try them out.

These backgrounds provide your kitchen ideas a more unique mark while also embracing color, pattern, and various tile styles. They bring interest to your kitchen designs.

There are many different choices available for backsplashes that may be installed in white kitchens.

You can choose from many materials, including, terracotta tiles like a zellige, ceramics, and marble for a design that is streamlined and clean. One of the best ways to do this is to use marble slabs.

Tiles provide a feeling of texture and can add more texture depending on the arrangement that you chose. Depending on the arrangement that you pick, tiles can also provide a good place for your eye to rest in an otherwise white kitchen. 

When choosing your kitchen backsplash, you not only want it to be stylish but also functional. Kitchens can get dirty very quickly, so you will want a backsplash that will be easy to wipe down after a long day of cooking.

If you are searching for the best ideas for a backsplash or you are looking for more colorful backsplash ideas that’ll work with your white cabinets, then you have come to the right place.

Whether you are trying to find the best material for a backsplash or you are looking for more colorful backsplash ideas that will match perfectly with your white cabinets, we have you covered with this list of ideas.

Use Marble

Use Marble

Marble's cool and rich style looks wonderful in a range of environments, and nothing says classic more than a magnificent white marble backsplash.

The luxurious and sophisticated beauty of marble is stunning in a variety of different kinds of interiors.

Marble, when employed in white kitchen backsplash ideas, will create a delicate impression of grandeur, and the inherent distinctions in the material will help avoid the area from being too uniform.

This is because marble has veining and other natural variations.

If you want to get the most out of the natural qualities of marble, you shouldn't let the width of your sink or stove limit you (this is especially important if you're looking at the more expensive end of the spectrum for kitchen tile costs). 

You could instead use a marble slab that takes up the entirety of the wall that can be found just behind the stove.

In order to prevent the overall appearance of the kitchen from seeming to be overly busy, the other walls in the kitchen do not have any form of backsplash on them.

This is also a useful way of creating different areas in your kitchen. For example, the marble area could be where you cook, while the plain area could be where you prepare meals. 

Add Some Color

There is no hard rule that specifies that all-white kitchens must have backsplashes that are also white to seem cohesive.

Patterned tiles may be used to create a magnificent focal point in an otherwise neutral, white kitchen layout. It is possible to use patterned tiles in a kitchen that is otherwise decorated in white to provide a point of interest.

You don’t have to use bright colors either if that is not your style. You may prefer to apply natural colors to your encaustic patterned tiles, which will produce a beautifully worn-out and glamorously faded effect.

A faded or light pink and white tile pattern is an excellent option to adorn the wall space directly behind the range.

These colors work especially well if the area is decorated primarily in black and white, so these tiles offer an eye-catching splash of color across the space.

Tiles Everywhere

Where exactly does the tiling stop on the backsplash? Does it have anything to do with your sink at all? Is it just happening with that specific wall?

If you can’t decide where to put the backsplash, why not just put it everywhere? By tiling up to the ceiling in a white subway-style utilizing tiles that size 4 inches by 8 inches, you can take your kitchen design much beyond the conventional constraints of a backsplash.

The result is sparkling wall art for the kitchen that has a glazed sheen on both sides, as well as a location that is simple to clean regardless of how high those splashes reach.

Textured Tile

If you are worried that a black and white kitchen could look a little too clinical, a textured tile is a fantastic way to mix things up and add some visual interest to the space.

White tiles are often classic and clean; yet, you may prefer making use of textured tiles since it provides an old-world atmosphere with each tile being distinct from the next.

A good option is getting some glazed terracotta tiles in the style of Moroccan design. These shine unevenly over a backsplash because of their uneven character and the fact that they were hand cut.

Once it is installed, it boasts a lovely pearlesque quality that gently glows in any space. It's a sight to behold that's just breathtaking.

Metal Backsplash

In areas of the kitchen where tiling could look too fussy or even, you could try using metallic solutions instead. This is one of the modern kitchen ideas you should consider.

Having a backsplash made of brushed stainless steel is an excellent choice for kitchens that feature modern elements such as handleless cabinets and geometrically precise layouts.

This creates the idea of a space-age backsplash while still having a touch of elegance reminiscent of an industrial setting.

While you may think that metal may look a bit weird in your kitchen, the effect is subdued as a result of the juxtaposition of the backsplash with white cabinets and countertops.

Gloss Finish

White is an ideal color option for areas where you want there to be as little of an impression of darkness as possible, such as in ideas for space-enhancing small kitchens, where you want there to be a little darker as possible.

The selection of wall tiles for the kitchen that have a finish that reflects light, such as a high gloss or glazed tile, really helps to open up the space as it allows light to bounce around the kitchen, making it look and feel brighter.

Ceramic gloss tiles in white are neutral in color though can add some warmth and iridescence to the space.

Painted white wood cabinets and marble work surfaces can be seamlessly combined with rectangular wall tiles, placed in a brick look for a touch of industrial elegance that works well with brass lighting and wall-mounted pot filler.

Smaller Marble Tiles 

When redesigning a kitchen, if you are not willing to spend a significant amount of money on a single large slab of marble for the backsplash, you should think about a more cost-effective approach to bring the opulent implications of the material into the room.

One such approach is to use multiple smaller slabs of marble instead of a single large slab.

You could try using smaller-sized white marble tiles that offer the appearance of tradition. These tilings are stripped down and simple, and they have a very light veining.

The magnificent marble has a milky tone, and its surface has a delicate and glossy shine that would fill any room with an air of pure elegance.

Using individual marble tiles has the potential to provide its very own one-of-a-kind design. This is because the marble's irregular veining, which jumps and hops along the wall, gives the marble its distinctive appearance.

Because each tile is carved from natural marble, it boasts its exquisite subtleties, which makes each one fully one of a kind.

Natural Textures

If you want to bring character to an all-white kitchen, you may enjoy adding a zellige tile or a marble that has texture and movement to play against the white and the hardware accents.

A good design option is to pack a largely white kitchen to the brim with aesthetically attractive natural materials to achieve the greatest degree of textural contrast possible in the space.

This idea works best if you have a lot of wooden elements in the kitchen. For example, picture white horizontal shiplap walls meeting white-stained vertically paneled wooden cabinetry in this kitchen.

The walls are white, the ceiling is made of light wood, and the furniture is also made of light wood.

Into this mix, add a gorgeous green-gray marble that is utilized as a backsplash but has also been included in this space's ideas for the kitchen island, creating a statement that is not only an injection of color but also a reinforcement of nature as the source of inspiration for this kitchen's design.

Off-White Tiles

Off-White Tiles

There are several colors of white, and the ambiance of your kitchen may be greatly altered depending on which one you choose to use.

If you don’t want to go overboard with the colors but still want to make a distinction from the white cabinets, then you could utilize off-white terracotta tiles in select areas, such as around the stove.

Whether they are the star of the show or fade into the background, it is extremely important to pick your shade carefully.

Rooms that don't get a lot of natural light might benefit from a warmer tone, as opposed to bright, sunny rooms, which can rapidly absorb a cool white. 

The rustic appearance of these tiles, which is can be enhanced by keeping the earth-toned sides of the tiles exposed, is an excellent complement to a farmhouse design kitchen, especially if mixed with brass hardware, and the off-white kitchen color ideas in the walls and cabinetry.

Make It All Match

Matching your kitchen countertops with your backsplash is a terrific way to bring a design together and make it flow more smoothly.

This is of the utmost importance in the case of a color scheme that takes its cue from neutral tones since the pursuit of simplicity is likely to be at the center of the design process in such a case.

If you want to create a beautiful area, then you could use a gray and white marble with intricate veining that begins at the backsplash continues over the work surface below, and then extends over to the island.

Use Stone

It is not the employment of tile that does a little bit of optical illusion work to create the appearance of depth, you can also use many other materials to make a space feel more four-dimensional.

When compared to the often used alternatives of flat tiles, stone bricks that are placed out in a row as a backsplash give a significantly higher level of texture.

Use Brick 

An all-white kitchen may give people the sense that the space is overly antiseptic or that it's uninteresting.

Installing a chic black backsplash in the area will not only give it some edge but will also help to confine the space, so do both of these things while you're at it.

You may also utilize it as the basis for the accent pieces that you select, such as picking out lights in an onyx tone or selecting chairs in a midnight color that go well together.

Add Some Gray

When you want to preserve the bright and airy feeling that a white kitchen creates, a light gray is a color that may help you reach that aim.

Your attention is drawn to the lighter gray even though it is a very little element, and at the same time, it blends in exceptionally well with the environment of the area.

In contrast, penny tiles may be used to cover a substantial portion of the wall, which means that rectangular tiles can only be used to cover a quarter or a half of the wall at most.

No matter whatever option you choose, selecting a shade of misty gray will satisfy your need for something that stands out against all of the white.

Choosing The Right Backsplash

If your walls, worktops, and kitchen cabinet colors are primarily white, the potential to create a statement in your kitchen lies in the backsplash ideas you choose to use.

You may do this by adding some color to the area, or you might decide to go with a finish that has a little bit of glitter in it.

Accept tonal colors by committing to a palette choice that is similar to your color scheme; for example, warmer whites. Alternately, you may go all out with a burst of pattern and color.

Glazed tiles y function very well when utilized as a backsplash in a white kitchen. The glazed surface has a property of softly reflecting light, and the tiles may create an appearance that is multidimensional and shifts appearance depending on the time of day.

Glazed tiles have a property that makes them stand out, so you only need a few of them in a space for them to become noticed. This is because they are so visually appealing.

Marble, in combination with glazed ceramics, will give the room an appearance of wealth, while zellige or encaustic tiles will provide the sense of a more rustic environment. Both of these materials may be used as flooring as well.

Install them according to the best methods, whether that means getting a professional to do it or conducting some research on how to install a backsplash in the right way on your own.

This is something that should be considered regardless of the choice you go with.

The most essential thing when selecting white kitchen backsplash ideas is to ensure that everything is correctly placed and sealed, to give the waterproof and cook-proof protection you require.

When looking for different options for a white kitchen backsplash, this is the single most crucial consideration to bear in mind.

When it comes to the kitchen, you want something that is not just something that looks wonderful but that is also useful.

So it is best to pick porcelain or ceramic tiles that are wipe-clean and suited for locations that may become a bit hotter, such as behind a stove.

You could also go for a pattern, as it will not only generate impact but will also assist to cover any defects in the wall as well.

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