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Best Backsplash For Honey Oak Cabinets

Best Backsplash For Honey Oak Cabinets

Best Backsplash For Honey Oak Cabinets

In the past, backsplashes were functional covers for your kitchen wall to ensure that liquid or food splatter wouldn’t stain the wall.

However, in recent years, backsplashes have also become a decorative element which can create a strong focus in your kitchen.

They can make your kitchen cabinets stand out and give your kitchen a contemporary, finished look.

Depending on your kitchen cabinets, you can choose from an overwhelming variety of kitchen backsplashes.

If your kitchen has honey oak cabinets, then you can opt for a backsplash that’s warm and natural, such as soft gray stone or a neutral beige.

In this article, we take a look at the different types of backsplashes and some of our favorite backsplashes for honey oak cabinets.

Types Of Kitchen Backsplash

Placing a backsplash on the wall of your kitchen where you are cooking or handling food is an inexpensive way to keep your kitchen clean and tidy. It allows you to clean this area easier, and you do not stain your kitchen wall.

There is a large range of different types of kitchen backsplashes that feature different colors, materials and patterns.

Let’s take a look at the most popular backsplash types.



The traditional way of designing a backsplash is with tiles. It is still the most liked choice because it is affordable and easy to clean.

In addition, tiles offer a great variety of patterns that you can use to customize your kitchen wall design.

From mosaic, subway and stone to porcelain and glass, the number of materials for kitchen tiles is almost endless, and the right choice depends on your preference.

Tiles can be applied individually to your kitchen wall as a backsplash. Alternatively, you can also buy peel and stick tile sheets which are much quicker and easier to install.

The most popular tiles used as backsplashes are glass tiles, ceramic tiles and stone or marble tiles.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are very lightweight which makes them easy to install. These kitchen tiles are available in a range of sizes, patterns and colors.

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are generally thicker than ceramic tiles but they create a durable and thicker backsplash.

The greater thickness of glass tiles means however that they are also more expensive.

One of the biggest advantage with these tiles is that they are slightly transparent which allows you create a more unique light and color effect on your wall.

This makes glass tiles particularly interesting when you want to create more visual interest in your kitchen.

Both ceramic and glass tiles can just be wiped down to clean them.

Stone And Marble Tiles

Marble and stone are relatively expensive materials, and they also look very luxurious. Marble kitchen tiles are very easy to clean, and with their naturally speckled design, they can compliment almost any kitchen cabinet color.

However, stone and marble tiles are prone to chipping, cracking and staining, so you will need to treat these materials with care, and maintain them properly.

If you are looking to use both marble and stone as your backsplash, then you need to make sure that you choose the right color and pattern.

The design of your backsplash can have a big impact on your kitchen’s design as it covers a relatively large area.

You can be creative with trying out a herringbone pattern, or align the tiles horizontally or vertically.


There are many different stones that you could use as backsplash, including quartz and granite.

The majority of homeowners use the same or a similar stone to what they have used for their kitchen countertops.

This ties in the color and design but you can also create a greater contrast with a different stone and color.

Just like marble, other stone options are expensive, especially if you want to cover a large backsplash area.

However, if you are prepared to spend some money on a truly unique backsplash, then choose a solid stone that covers all of the back wall of your kitchen.


Wood doesn’t seem to be the first material that comes to mind when thinking about backsplashes but the great advantage of wood is that it creates a rustic atmosphere in your kitchen.

Similar to stone, you can use any type of wood, including plywood, reclaimed wood or a large plank of wood.

When using wood as a backsplash, you need to make sure that it is sealed properly. This will ensure that the wood lasts longer and you can clean it easier.

Alternative Materials

While tiles and stone are some of the most traditional materials you can use as a backsplash, there are no limits on what you can use, as long as it is sealed and easy to wipe down.

We have seen kitchens with industrial steel, mirrors and wallpaper as a backsplash. This is all down to your imagination and personal preference.

However, it is good to remember that when selling your home, a more neutral tile or stone backsplash will appeal to more buyers.

Best Backsplashes For Your Honey Oak Kitchen Cabinets

With all the many different types of backsplashes on the market, it can be difficult to find the best ones.

We put our favorite kitchen backsplashes in one handy list for you below, together with pros, cons and customer comments.

Ceramic Subway Tiles

Ceramic Subway Tiles

These ceramic subway tiles are in a classic white and will make the grain of your honey oak cabinets stand out nicely.

The white, glazed surface of this tile makes it easy to keep clean. As these ceramic kitchen tiles are so versatile, you can use them almost anywhere around your kitchen or your home.

You could even combine them with tiles in a different color to create an interesting pattern but they also work as a plain white backsplash creating a neutral look.


  • The bright white creates a classic, neutral look that matches every type of kitchen cabinet

  • Easy to wipe off any stains and dirt

  • Quick and precise to cut (with a wet saw)


  • Needs professional installation as ceramic tiles that are dry-cut can release toxins.
  • The white color shows every stain, so will need frequent cleaning

What Customers Say

Customers found this white ceramic tile set ideal as a backsplash for their kitchen. They said that it transformed their kitchen and gave the room a new look.

    You can find this contemporary backsplash on

    Self-Adhesive Marble Look Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

    Self-Adhesive Marble Look Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

    If you are looking for a quick and easy application, then these self-adhesive sheets are the best option.

    You simply peel them off, and apply them to your kitchen wall without any grout or glue. Their strong adhesive on the back ensures that the backsplash stays in place.

    You can also remove it again if you wanted to change it but you will need to apply heat and there is no guarantee that parts of the wall paint won’t come off.

    The marbled, stone look includes tones of blue, gray and white. A thickened gel coat on the top gives the tile a three-dimensional effect.

    It’s important to point here that these tiles are not fire-resistant. You should apply them at least 16 inches away from your stove or any hot surface.


    • The 3-D tile design in different colors brings a contemporary look into your kitchen
    • Compared to some other backsplash options, this product is on the pricey side
    • Very easy to cut with scissors and apply to the wall


    • Cannot be applied to uneven surfaces, porous wood or wallpapered walls

    What Customers Say

    Customers found the backsplash peel and stick sheet very easy to apply. However, they also used additional adhesive to make sure that the tiles stay on the wall.

    You can find this marbled backsplash on

    Porcelain Spanish Wall Tile

    Porcelain Spanish Wall Tile

    These white wall tiles have a beautiful print that can give any kitchen a Spanish flair.

    Made from durable porcelain, these tiles are so versatile that you can use them inside or outside, as flooring or as backsplash in your kitchen.

    The white background with a Mediterranean design make this is a perfect tile to add more elegance to a room.


    • Although the pattern is printed on, the design creates a focal point backsplash in kitchens with honey oak cabinets
    • You can use light or dark grout with these tiles to add to the pattern’s effect
    • Heat and frost resistant so you can use them near your stove


    • Compared to the simple stick-on sheets, these porcelain tiles are more expensive

    What Customers Say

    Many customers use these Spanish tiles for as flooring, bathroom or kitchen wall tiles. They found that the tiles are thicker than they had expected.

    You can find this marbled backsplash on

    Peel And Stick Kitchen Backsplash Sticker In Colorful Marble

    Peel And Stick Kitchen Backsplash Sticker In Colorful Marble

    This one is our particular favorite when you are looking for a backsplash that goes well with your honey oak kitchen cabinets.

    The marble effect does not just make it feel luxurious but it also contains warm brown and gray colors that will make your kitchen more inviting. In addition, there are also different color options available.


    • The classic marble design creates a welcoming focal point in your kitchen
    • Can be applied to well painted walls, ceramic tiles, glass and mirror surfaces, metal surfaces or sealed wood paneling
    • Very quick application with cutting to size, peeling off the tile and applying it to the clean wall
    • The marble effect is very realistic and can almost be mistaken for real marble tiles


    • Although this backsplash is waterproof, the vinyl is not heat resistant so should not be used as a heat shield

    What Customers Say

    Customers found these marbled tile stickers very easy to apply, and they match their honey oak cabinets perfectly.

    You can find this marbled backsplash on

    Buying Guide: Backsplash For Honey Oak Kitchen Cabinets

    A backsplash in your kitchen does not just protect your wall, but it also spruces up your kitchen design.

    There are a number of things that you should consider before buying a kitchen backsplash. From the different colors and materials, to how well the backsplash can be cleaned.

    We find out what you need to know before purchasing a kitchen backsplash for your honey oak cabinets.

    Choose The Right Color

    With the different types of backsplashes available, you can find almost any color of the rainbow. Particularly glass tiles and porcelain can add a visual effect to your kitchen wall.

    Depending on the material you use for your backsplash, you may also find metallic colors, such as copper or steel.

    Getting the color scheme of your honey oak cabinets and the backsplash right is essential to the overall look of your kitchen.

    Certain colors can either be jarring or inviting. As a rule of thumb, you can go with two types of colors: colors that blend in creating a seamless look and contrasting colors that create a dramatic effect.

    When you need to choose a color for your backsplash, it is important to consider the existing color scheme of your kitchen.

    It can be worthwhile creating a palette with the different colors you already have, and then you can see what you can add in.

    The color of your backsplash does not just have to work with your kitchen cabinets but also the floor and countertop.

    You also need to consider the size of your room. If you have a small kitchen with a lot of different colors, then this can create a very busy atmosphere and you should choose a backsplash color that blends in with your honey oak cabinets.

    However, if you prefer to add a contrast or a visual effect in your kitchen, then choose a color that already exists in the room.

    Backsplash Colors That Blend In With Honey Oak Cabinets

    Honey oak cabinets have a warm, gentle tone that creates a natural look in your kitchen. The best colors that blend in with this type of cabinets is beige, off-white and gray.

    A white backsplash has a very clean and neutral look. This means that it does not clash with any other colors in your kitchen, and you can combine it very easily with almost any other furniture.

    As an alternative to white, you can also use an off-white or beige backsplash that has a similar effect to white.

    The beige color adds some warmth into your kitchen and it flows nicely with the natural grain of your honey oak cabinets.

    If you have stainless steel appliances in your kitchen, then you can also include gray into your backsplash design. This will create a cohesive look with your kitchen cabinets.

    Backsplash Colors That Contrast With Honey Oak Cabinets

    If your kitchen looks a little boring right now, then creating a dramatic effect with a contrasting backsplash will add more interest to the space.

    Colors like blue and black are ideal to create a contrast, while still matching with your kitchen floor or countertop.

    When you apply a contrasting backsplash color to your kitchen wall, then this will become the focal point of the room.

    It will give your kitchen a more individual look. If you choose a black backsplash, you can also create a sophisticated, luxurious design.


    Similar to the right color, the design of your backsplash is also essential to creating a calming atmosphere.

    There are a lot of different patterns and designs available, including subway tiles, mosaics or decorative vinyl panels.

    The exact design is entirely up to you and your preferences.


    Another consideration for when buying a kitchen backsplash is the size of wall that you want to cover.

    Not every material will cover a large wall entirely. For example, ceramic tiles are relatively small, so you will need to calculate how many tiles you need to cover the backsplash area.

    Some tiles and backsplash materials also come in ready-made sticker sheets which have a certain size.

    Make sure that you buy enough tiles or other materials to cover the size of wall you need to ensure that there is no liquid or food left on your wall.


    Another important point that you need to consider when buying a backsplash is the costs.

    Some materials are more expensive than others. For example, marble and stone do cost a lot more than the affordable glass tile backsplash.

    Unless you install the backsplash yourself, you will also need to factor in installation costs.

    However, some of the cheapest options, such as vinyl backsplash or peel and stick tiles are relatively cheap, and you can even install them yourself.


    Honey oak cabinets create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your kitchen. When you are looking for a backsplash, you will need to consider whether you want to keep this warm tone, or you prefer to add more interest with a contrasting pattern.

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