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Best Backsplash For Busy Granite Countertops

Best Backsplash For Busy Granite Countertops

Best Backsplash For Busy Granite Countertops

The kitchen is widely considered to be the heart of the home. Granite countertops are ideal for hard wearing and durable cooking surfaces.

However, because they have bold patterns where the rock is naturally formed over time, it can be hard to find the right backsplash that complements a busy granite countertop.

Backsplashes are useful surfaces that can be kept clean after cooking and protect the paintwork. They are also great for sink areas as well as installing near the hob.

These are some of the best backsplash ideas for your busy granite countertop, and what to consider when choosing the right kitchen backsplash for you.

Neutral Subway Tiles 

Neutral Subway Tiles

If you want to make the granite countertops stand out, then you could go for a neutral color on your backsplash.

White subway tiles are a pretty universal look, that can create a sleek, modern appearance that enhances the busy granite on your countertops.

By creating a subway tile backsplash, you can create a surface that is easy to wipe down and keep clean when cooking. Most subway tiles are seen in plain white, which allows you to introduce more natural light into your kitchen.

On the other hand, this can mean that your granite countertop stands out a little more when you use a plain tile as your backsplash.


  • These are some of the most affordable options for covering walls and larger areas in your kitchen. You can easily install these and create a wipe-down surface for a seamless finish that complements your granite countertop.
  • Subway tiles are popular among many homes, which makes them widely available from a range of home ware stores and online.
  • You can use subway tiles to create unique patterns when you are making a backsplash, because they are easy to install in most kitchens.


  • Because they are a classic look, subway tile backsplashes can be seen in many homes. This means that they are becoming the norm in many kitchens. If you want to achieve a unique look unlike any of the homes in your neighborhood, then it could be worth using another material.

Moroccan Tiles 

Moroccan Tiles

In contrast to subway tiles, you could choose a different approach. Moroccan tiles are known for their bold colors and standout patterns.

They can be used to create a sense of warmth that clashes just enough with the granite countertops to stand out.

Integrate a little color into your kitchen with unique Moroccan tiles, even if you pick a plain white or cream tile with small motifs on.

Alternatively, you could make every second or third tile on your backsplash a Moroccan tile for a more subtle look.

The bold color in Moroccan or Mexican tiles is certain to provide a little warmth.


  • This is a great way of making your home feel more inviting, and encouraging people to spend more time in your kitchen. The bright colors, including blues and greens, create a sense of calm that many people are drawn towards.
  • Bold tiles are a great way to stand out from the crowd and express your personality. It can be used as a talking point when you have guests, or to create a vibrant and colorful atmosphere.
  • Most Moroccan or Mexican tiles can be customized, so you could add a personal touch to your backsplash in this way.


  • Adding patterned, colorful tiles to your backsplash is a risk. You could decide that you don’t like it one day. Removing and changing the backsplash in your kitchen can be difficult, and it is not always worth the hard work involved to replace the tiles frequently. A great alternative could be to apply peel-and-stick decals, as they are slightly easier to replace when you want to.

Glass Tiles 

Glass Tiles

Alternatively, glass tiles could be used to create a smooth finish. These can make a backsplash appearance seamless, and it can keep any kitchen feeling bright and open.

Glass tiles range from almost transparent to colored, and it could be worth searching for the best fit for your kitchen.


  • Glass backsplashes can be used to make busy granite countertops stand out, and let it act as a statement piece in any kitchen.
  • Glass is stain-resistant, and it comes in many colors.
  • Because it is such a universal material, there are a range of sizes and thicknesses to choose from, when you are finding glass tiles. This can be used to achieve the perfect look that complements your style.


  • If it has not been treated properly during production, then glass can shatter when it is exposed to extreme heat.

Marble Backsplash

Marble Backsplash

Another way that you can make your granite countertops stand out in your kitchen is by adding a touch of elegance.

This is done through the use of a marble backsplash.

Both the stones have some of the same qualities, and it could be a great way of connecting to the earth with these naturally occurring materials.

Muted granite is ideal for marble accents or a backsplash, otherwise the patterns can clash a little too much.


  • Marble is a great way of adding a sense of elegance to your kitchen.
  • As a kitchen material, marble is incredibly heat-resistant.
  • The sleek stone has a unique feel to it that is unmatched by any man-made material.


  • Marble is slightly more porous than other backsplash materials, which is why it needs a little extra care when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.
  • The most significant drawback of marble is that it is very expensive. It can also be extremely heavy in large quantities, which makes it harder to install than other materials.





You could also create a seamless finish by adding a granite backsplash to your kitchen. This can help keep things simple yet elegant by continuing the mineral across the room.

You can add a contrast with a muted granite that is less busy than your countertops, or keep the same finish across the surfaces.


  • Like granite countertops, backsplashes that are made out of this naturally occurring material are resistant to heat and staining.
  • There are a range of unique patterns to choose from when it comes to granite backsplashes. This means that you can choose a completely different finish that complements your granite countertop if you like.
  • Because of the range of patterns and grain, no two pieces of granite are completely the same. This means that your backsplash will be one-of-a-kind.


  • Sealing is needed on genuine granite backsplashes once a year, in order to protect the material. However, you could use decals in order to get around this and to eliminate some maintenance required.
  • Genuine granite is expensive, and wall decals could also eliminate this. There are a range of options nowadays that vary in the appearance of texture and different colors. This means that you can find a granite-like backsplash that complements your busy granite countertops.

Buyer’s Guide


When you want to find the right material for your kitchen, it is worth comparing how challenging each backsplash will be to install.

As you will know from installing your granite countertop, naturally occurring stone that is hard wearing and durable is extremely heavy in large quantities.

Not only that, but stones can be difficult to install in terms of connecting the backsplash to your kitchen wall.

It is important to look for something that falls within your DIY knowledge, or something that is easy to install.

If you want to achieve an authentic feel by adding genuine stone like marble, granite, or even heavy-duty glass, then it could be worth hiring a contractor.

Someone with more experience can be a great way of making your backsplash last a long time, so that you don’t need to worry about it for many years.


Another factor to consider before purchasing your backsplash is how much each material can withstand. Kitchens are busy spaces, which see a significant amount of use.

This means that a backsplash will need to be durable and able to withstand regular cleaning and being exposed to different foods.

Consider a more hard-wearing material if you tend to use your kitchen more frequently. This can allow you to rest easy knowing that it will not break while you are cooking.

Similarly, it is important to look at the temperature range that is recommended for each backsplash material.

For example, glass is less likely to withstand higher temperatures when it is exposed to them more frequently.

Because of this, it could be worth purchasing glass tiles or a solid backsplash that is made using reinforced glass.

This is less likely to shatter when it is put under direct force, or when it has been exposed to high cooking temperatures.

Ease Of Cleaning

Some materials are easier to clean and maintain than others.

It is worth looking into the recommended cleaning methods and products for each backsplash before purchasing. Certain materials, including marble, are more porous.

This means that they absorb some moisture in your kitchen, which could make them less useful in a backsplash that is close to your kitchen sink.

Consider the different methods of cleaning and protecting marble and other materials carefully, so that you are aware of the amount of maintenance and attention that can be expected.

If you find that a certain material needs to be cleaned more thoroughly, or more frequently, than you are used to, then it could be worth searching for something else.

Unless you are willing to adjust your kitchen cleaning routine and schedule, it is important to find a backsplash material that works for you.

Works With Your Kitchen Cabinets

Of course, there is no point in purchasing a backsplash for your kitchen if it does not complement the rest of the room.

As well as the busy granite countertops, the kitchen cabinets, flooring, and overall color scheme should be taken into consideration.

Make sure you are finding the right backsplash for your kitchen, that helps bring the whole space together.

Instead of wildly contrasting patterns and colors, it is worth trying to visualize the room and thinking about how each texture and shade will work together.

For example, if you already have multiple textures or stone in your kitchen, then a glass or marble backsplash can create too much of an optical illusion that is slightly unsettling to the eyes.

Try to keep things simple and understated for a look that will last.

Similarly, darker colors, like those seen in natural granite, can make a kitchen feel smaller.

Consider light shades to reflect as much natural light as possible and create an open, inviting space.


Additionally, your backsplash should fall within your budget.

Materials like marble can create an elegance and touch of class, but there is no point spending all of your savings on the natural stone.

Make sure you are finding a stylish backsplash that doesn’t break the bank or put you into debt.

This is even more necessary when you want to install a particular material that is heavy or that poses its own challenges.

Consider the costs of additional help and the maintenance that each material needs. This can allow you to determine how much each backsplash will cost in the long run. Certain materials can be more challenging to install than others.

If you are looking for a high quality stone for your backsplash, then you may need to contact a local contractor or construction company.

This can allow you to get the job done to a high standard.

Because of this, it is therefore important to avoid spending your entire budget on the material alone when it comes to finding the right backsplash for your kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should A Backsplash Be Lighter Or Darker Than Countertops?

This depends on what type of colors make up your granite countertops.

Your backsplash should help to even out the darkness with a light shade, or to contrast the light with a darker shade.

Using this approach can allow you to create more depth in your kitchen and provide a nice level of contrast that is as subtle or bold as you want it to be.

Similarly, darker walls and cabinets can make the room feel smaller and darker in general.

Adding a light colored backsplash to your kitchen can bring in more natural light, and create a sense of cleanliness and freshness.

What Can I Use Instead Of A Backsplash?

A backsplash is highly recommended in all kitchens, because the wall underneath is more likely to get damaged when it is exposed to high temperatures, moisture, and everyday kitchen uses.

However, you can create a temporary backsplash until you have the funds for something more permanent using a range of materials.

These include vinyl wall stickers, that can protect the wall and be wiped clean easily.

Alternatively, thin wood panels can be arranged uniquely to create a custom backsplash.

When you want to use wood in your kitchen, it is critical to seal everything with varnish. This will make it easier to keep sanitary and prevent it from rotting.

In general, vinyl stickers are ideal for affordable backsplashes because they come in a range of designs.

Because they are easy to remove and apply, you can experiment with a range of interesting textures without needing to chop heavy materials or get your toolbox out.

What Backsplash Material Is The Easiest To Install?

Peel-and-stick backsplashes are widely considered to be the easiest to install. This is because of how simple the application is.

However, for those that are looking for a material that is slightly more durable than vinyl, it is worth planning ahead.

In general, the backsplash that you decide on doesn’t particularly matter, as long as you are preparing ahead of time.

This involves researching recommended materials for adhesive purposes, checking how other people have installed their backsplash, and more.

It could also be worth researching local construction workers who are willing to give you advice on your planned installation.

For a more authentic look, you could also choose to compromise between solid stone and wall stickers.

This is through the use of tile backsplashes that are easy to attach to any wall.

All you need to do is apply the recommended adhesive and apply grout.

Once you wipe away the excess, you will be left with a high quality backsplash that looks and feels like ceramic tiles.


The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it should be a hub of activity on a regular basis.

Because of the busy granite that has been used in your countertop, it is worth finding a material that works well with this natural stone in your backsplash.

Each option creates a slightly different effect, and it depends on the kind of look and style you want to achieve.

Consider how well your chosen material will age, and whether you are able to keep it clean.


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