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25 Ideas To Transform Your Bathroom

25 Ideas To Transform Your Bathroom

25 Ideas To Transform Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are some of the most overlooked areas of the home, but you can easily transform them into tranquil environments that promote relaxation and a sense of calm.

They do not have to be spaces that are purely functional, as your bathroom can easily have a new lease of life during a makeover.

Are you tired of looking at the same old, boring toilet paper dispensers? If yes, then you should try out these 25 bathroom transformation ideas.

They are sure to give you some new ideas for your bathroom decor, and create a space that reflects your style as well as personal tastes.

Whether you want to add a bold touch of color or create a relaxing atmosphere, these innovative designs will surely inspire you to make your bathroom reflect your character.

You can also make some of these changes on a budget. Consider making the following changes before starting a complete renovation, which can be a little pricey.

You can make small changes to your bathroom, which can be highly impactful when it comes to the overall appearance and style of the area. There are so many ways that you can transform your bathroom, that it can be a challenge to know where to start.

make small changes to your bathroom

These are some ideas that will hopefully inspire you to add your own spin to bathroom decor.

Importance Of Updating Your Bathroom Space

Importance Of Updating Your Bathroom Space

Smaller changes like introducing new textures such as rugs can have a big impact on the overall feel of your bathroom. You would be surprised how much a gallery wall or some bold artwork can add.

Additionally, you can explore different options for storage that are practical as well as stylish.

In turn, these small changes can make your bathroom feel cozier and look more design forward. There's even room to put a few interior design trends to the test if you're ready to step outside your comfort zone.

Your bathroom can be used to complement other rooms within your home and continue certain themes. Updating your bathroom space can be a great way to start a DIY project and create an area that you want to spend more time in.

Not only will an updated bathroom feel more like your own, but it can also promote personal hygiene because you will want to use it more.

Brushing your teeth regularly and taking long, relaxing baths can boost your mood and promote self-care consistently.

Express your personality and style when you are updating your bathroom. The process itself can allow you to explore your creativity as well as make your home flow a little more effortlessly.

Not only that, but updating your bathroom fixtures such as faucets and the shower head can actually reduce your home’s carbon footprint and energy usage. Modern fixtures have been designed to save water and make less water last longer. In turn, this can lead to a reduction in utility bills on the whole.

Our Top 25 Ideas To Transform Your Bathroom

Our Top 25 Ideas To Transform Your Bathroom

1. Bring In A Bathtub Caddy

Bring In A Bathtub Caddy

Firstly, you could integrate a caddy into your bathroom, which adds a touch of class to any bathtub. This simple addition makes a big impression, and there are many styles to choose from.

A caddy is a piece of wood or other material that is long enough to sit over your bathtub and act as a table when you are taking a bath. You can use this for books, candles, bath salts, or spare towels when you are not using the bathtub.

Bathtub caddies can be found in reclaimed wood and lucite. There won’t be any issues finding something which complements your style and helps add to a certain theme within the bathroom.

2. Make The Most Of Shelving

Make The Most Of Shelving

Shelving does not have to be boring if it is functional, and you have complete creative freedom when it comes to this. Think about the type of system that works for you and the materials that you have.

Smaller bathrooms pose an extra challenge when it comes to staying organized. Shelving can provide a great solution and make the most out of the vertical space rather than taking up too much floor space.

You could upcycle second hand shelving units with a coat of paint or different textures, or find a cheap set of open shelving locally. It is recommended that you opt for multiple tiers so that you can add baskets for towels, decorative accents, and even luxury soaps.

3. Add Some Artwork

Add Some Artwork

You do not have to be artistically minded to enjoy interesting paintings and pops of color that artwork can add to a room.

Try to create a gallery wall with lots of smaller pictures or prints into your bathroom that will complement the space and add to the colors that you are using.

Not only can this make your bathroom look more complete and welcoming, but it will make the overall design feel more dynamic and complex. Large prints are also great if you have less wall space in your bathroom.

4. Have Fun With Wallpaper

Have Fun With Wallpaper

There are so many designs of wallpaper out there, that there is no reason why you should not have a little fun with it.

As long as you find something that can easily be cleaned, and is resistant to high amounts of humidity, then you can explore many patterns, designs, and even textures of wallpaper in your bathroom.

Some wallpaper is ideal for rental properties because it comes in a peel-and-stick design. This is great if you want to change up the feel of your home more regularly, because this is usually easier to remove without damaging the walls.

If you are more artistically minded, you could even create your own wallpaper design. This is a great way to add a personal touch to your bathroom and make your home feel more complete.

5. Try A New Towel Rack

New Towel Rack

There are many ways that you can hang your towels when they are drying or not in use. These include shaker-style pegs, vintage coat racks, stacking them on clear shelves, and rolling them into a basket.

A new towel rack can be a functional and stylish addition to your bathroom, which prevents people from leaving their towels on the floor or forgetting to put them back in the designated space.

6. Add A Tub Surround

Add A Tub Surround

If you are a fan of vintage style and paneling, then you could decorate your drop-in tub with wood surrounds. This is great for someone who has more DIY experience working with plywood on particular projects around the home.

Because the bathtub handles more water than other areas of the home, it’s critical that you are adding a sheet of waterproof laminate on top of the plywood surrounds. Then, cap the edges using solid stock. Skirt the bottom with baseboard and use plywood that is suitable for outdoor use.

Adding a tub surround can bring the whole room together and allow you to enjoy a relaxing soak in the bathtub without worrying about trapped moisture, which could potentially rot the paneling.

7. Paint Your Bathroom Floor For A Cheap And Quick Refresh

Paint Your Bathroom Floor For A Cheap And Quick Refresh

This can be a great way to give your bathroom a new lease of life without taking up too much of your budget. It is surprising how much painting the floorboards can transform your bathroom. Wood paint is recommended, as well as preparing the area appropriately by sanding and priming.

You could also use a paint that has been specifically designed for use on floors, because this will not be as slippery as other types of paint once it has dried. This will also be more durable, although there are fewer color options available.

8. Paint Your Bathroom Tiles

Paint Your Bathroom Tiles

Another way that you can freshen up your bathroom is to paint the tiles. Taking down the existing tiles can be both messy and expensive, so you could have a little fun with paint.

Make sure you are using brands of paint that are recommended for use on ceramic tiles in order to make the finished product last longer.

You can use slightly different shades of the same color to achieve a gradient finish, or stick to one pot of paint if you prefer.

Additionally, you can fill in the grout with a pen, small paintbrush, or other tools once the paint has dried for another touch of class and style.

9. Update Your Towels

Update Your Towels

When was the last time that you filled your bathroom with new towels? Be honest, most people don’t do this as often as they should.

Treat yourself and your bathroom to some large, fluffy towels that add a sense of luxury without breaking the bank.

This is one of the cheapest ways of updating your bathroom. Experiment with accent colors or patterns to liven up the space.

Some people aim for the luxurious hotel feel by adding fluffy white towels to their bathroom. This can make you feel cared for and even cleaner when using these.

10. Add Simple Bathroom Accessories

Add Simple Bathroom Accessories

Something that can make your bathroom feel more put together and complete is to match the smaller accessories. These include toothbrush holders, storage jars, and soap dispensers. Make functional things stylish in your bathroom by finding matching accessories or experimenting with different textures.

There are plenty of options available to choose from, but you can either keep it simple by finding accessories in the same color, or have a little fun with it. These finishing touches are great for bringing the space together as well as creating a usable area for you and other members of your household.

11. Add A Statement Mirror

Add A Statement Mirror

We would argue that mirrors are an essential part of any bathroom, from getting ready to reflecting natural light around the space.

They can really help bring a room to life, and bounce light around. Why not add a statement mirror for a little functional style?

The light that they can bring to a space is bound to make your bathroom look and feel fresh.

Statement mirrors can be hung on walls, added to medicine cabinets above the sink, or even in the form of a vintage freestanding mirror if you have the space.

12. Fill Your Bathroom With Decorative House Plants

Fill Your Bathroom With Decorative House Plants

Houseplants are always a great idea! They can be perfect for filling a space, connecting with nature, and purifying the air.

There are many health benefits that houseplants have, and some species would greatly benefit from the humid environment of a bathroom. Boost your mood by bringing some of the outdoors into your home.

You could also have a little fun with shelves, containers, and hanging devices that hold your beloved plant friends. Craftier individuals could make their own macramé hangers, ceramic pots, or even living walls.

You can try to fit them into your style and even create hanging shelves for long leaves to reach down into the bathroom.

Something to be aware of before adding all kinds of plants to your bathroom is that some do not need as much hydration.

This means that they will not benefit from being in a humid environment as much as other species.

Pothos, aloe vera, gardenia, staghorn, and bird’s nest fern are great for bathrooms because they can help purify the air without having to worry about how much moisture they are getting.

If your bathroom is an internal room without windows, then it is recommended that you choose fake plants.

While these species work great in humid environments, every plant needs plenty of natural sunlight to grow and survive.

13. Update Your Shower Curtain

Update Your Shower Curtain

Another way that you can transform your shower curtain is to change your shower curtain. This is a simple step, but it can greatly improve the feel of the space.

The amount of people who are currently using a moldy or yellowed shower curtain is surprising.

Choose something that complements the existing colors in your bathroom such as accent colors, monochromatic, bold patterns, or Scandinavian Sleek Styling. You could even add a screen door or room divider to your shower.

Change up the regular shower curtain and introduce a touch of elegance without compromising the privacy.

You will need to check how waterproof these wooden dividers are beforehand and make necessary adjustments.

14. Illuminate Your Bathroom With New Lighting Fixtures

Illuminate Your Bathroom With New Lighting Fixtures

There are so many types of lighting that can make your bathroom feel like your own, that it is worth being bold with your choices. Take a closer look at bulb sizes and light color temperatures in order to achieve your desired look.

Warmer light is generally best when promoting tranquility and relaxation. You can have fun with modern lampshades that are more subtle yet effective, ceiling chandeliers, and pendant lights, too.

There are a range of budget friendly ways to upgrade your bathroom lighting. These include finding second-hand lampshades or even vintage chandeliers for the ceiling.

You could choose more high-end luxurious brands, but these are likely to be more expensive.

15. Upgrade Your Shower Head (And Other Fixtures)

Upgrade Your Shower Head (And Other Fixtures)

Not only can this bring your appliances into the twenty-first century, it can make your home’s energy and water consumption lower on average.

This is because modern shower heads are more efficient than older fixtures that are seen in the bathroom.

You can create the perfect shower environment for you. Whether you want a handheld shower head, a larger fixture attached to the wall, or a spa experience in the bathtub, you can upgrade your bathroom fixtures to achieve this.

Additionally, you could choose to make all the bathroom fixtures match for a more seamless appearance.

This can be seen in the form of darker metal or brass. Make sure you know how to keep brass fixtures in good condition before installing these, so that this touch of class lasts a long time.

16. Candles Are A Must

Candles Are A Must

There are so many candles on the market nowadays that aim to promote tranquility, relaxation, and healing. They can create a spa experience when it is needed, as well as a pleasant aroma.

However, many people find themselves worrying about the flame if it is too close to the hanging towels. In order to avoid this potential fire hazard, some people prefer faux candles which don’t involve a flame.

This is also a great alternative if you have inquisitive pets or children, and you want to have the ambience without creating a potential hazard.

17. Bead Board The Ceiling

Bead Board The Ceiling

Add a rustic feel to your bathroom and bring some warmth with bead boarding. Create continuous patterns of wood paneling on the ceiling and extend it several inches onto the wall.

In spite of adding more material onto the ceiling and lowering it slightly, it can actually make the bathroom seem taller.

Many people add bead boarding to the ceilings of smaller rooms in the home to make them feel larger than they actually are.

Your bathroom will look and feel much larger afterwards, especially if you choose to paint the boards in a light color once they are in place.

It is a great way to make a statement and make smaller areas feel much larger, inviting, and open.

Depending on the type of finish you are aiming for, you could choose a warm color of paint that will complement the rest of the bathroom. Most people paint their bead board in a light shade that has more of a rustic feel to it.

18. Replenish The Existing Tile Work

Replenish The Existing Tile Work

If your bathroom tiles could do with a freshen-up, you can transform your bathroom with an acid etcher. This is an easy-to-use tool which can help bring your tiles back to life.

Make sure that you are getting help from an experienced laborer if your tiles need more than simple cosmetic attention.

Acid etchers are ideal for removing dirt, staining, and residue from the grout. It can be ideal for making your tiles feel like new without having to replace them.

They clean the area between tiles that are more prone to trapping moisture, which can cause mold if it is left over time.

19. Consider Implementing A Decorative Window

Consider Implementing A Decorative Window

Stained-glass windows bring in a range of warm colors when the sunlight comes through them. Not only that, but they give a little more privacy than clear glass windows would provide. You can make your own design or find some at the local farmer’s market.

If you want to make the most out of the natural light, then you could add clear, frosted glass to your bathroom window.

This will give you more privacy without having to shut the curtains or blinds, while letting the sunlight in.

Alternatively, you could apply window stickers which have been made to give a little privacy without replacing the glass.

These are great for renters or people who cannot afford to change their bathroom window. Frosted glass, stained-glass effects, and patterns are available to choose from.

Some people will even go as far as to hand a decorative panel of glass on the exterior of the window from the outside walls of their home.

This is usually done when the pane of glass doesn’t fit into the bathroom window frame. If you decide to do this, make sure you take it down during stormy weather.

20. Floor-to-Ceiling Tiling

Floor-to-Ceiling Tiling

A useful way to create a seamless look to any bathroom is to add floor-to-ceiling tiling. This can make the space easier to clean and add a touch of drama to the appearance.

You can use a combination of different tiles that have slightly different colors, or stick to a select few.

Because floor-to-ceiling tiles are powerful when it comes to creating an impact, it could be worth balancing this out with standout pieces of art.

Consider introducing new textures such as natural wood or statement light fittings that will add a little warmth to the room.

You can also use floor-to-ceiling tiling to create a sense of luxury that is commonly found in spas and resorts.

Adding a touch of sophistication and class makes your bathroom come together nicely without having to have a complete renovation, which will certainly cost more.

21. Decorative Ladder

Decorative Ladder

Another way that you can introduce another touch of style which is also functional is to add a decorative ladder. These are usually made from wood in a natural finish, but can be found in a range of metals and colors.

If you have more experience with DIY projects and woodwork, you could make your own ladder for your bathroom.

This can be ideal for those who have a bathroom with awkward areas or unusual proportions. You can use a ladder as a towel rack, weave yarn or string lights between the slats, or make the steps flatter.

This way, you can keep plants and soaps on the different levels of the ladder. Use a wooden ladder to its full potential by storing your essentials in a smart way.

You can easily make each of the steps a little deeper in order to hold hanging plants, spare towels, candles, or anything else that will bring your bathroom to life.

22. Wallpapered Ceiling

Wallpapered Ceiling

Many people don’t see the full potential of their bathroom ceiling. Take inspiration from southern Californian cottages and add some floral wallpaper to your ceiling. It can really elevate your bathroom and add a modern yet artistic touch.

Try to find wallpaper that is durable and waterproof, and make sure that you aren’t covering any vents or outlets when applying. You can choose from a range of different designs and colors that can make a subtle statement to guests.

One of the most important things to remember when you are installing wallpaper onto your bathroom ceiling is if the glue or adhesive agent will wear off over time or when it is wet.

It is also worth taking a look at your bathroom ceiling to see if you need to do any prep work ahead of time.

Older homes tend to have textured ceilings, which are a little difficult to remove, so it’s important that you are taking a closer look at this and contacting an experienced decorator if necessary.

They can also help by making sure you are using the correct materials and type of wallpaper that can withstand the higher amount of humidity that bathrooms get.

23. Monochrome


Try to find a color that is subtle yet adventurous for you, and aim to stick to it when you are decorating your bathroom.

Add items that are slightly different shades on purpose, and make it really feel like your own. Lighter colors such as sage green are effective when you want to make a small area feel larger and brighter.

On the other hand, white and creams add a sense of luxury and sophistication without necessarily breaking the bank. You could also choose bolder colors such as terracotta to make your bathroom feel warmer and cozier.

Think about what type of color palette you want and consider sticking to a monochrome effect on the walls, ceiling, bathtub panels, floor, or tiles.

This can be great if you have a smaller bathroom and want to be a little more adventurous with your home decor. If you aren’t sure where to start, then it could be exciting and fun to experiment with bright colors in your bathroom.

This can be even more impactful if the rest of your home follows a relatively neutral color scheme.

24. Metallic Touches

Metallic Touches

If you want to make your bathroom stand out, you could consider adding some modern touches and metallic elements. These include cabinet and door handles, that can be widely found in gold, silver, matte, or brass finishes.

This can add a touch of class and luxury to your bathroom without costing you high amounts. You can also make other items match, such as mirror frames, towel racks, and soap dispensers.

Mixing materials can be very impactful when it comes to decorating the home. You can make your bathroom feel more put together by adding metallic touches where possible.

Another way that you can complete the look is by introducing natural materials too. These can be used to create a contrast that is intriguing and unique.

25. See-Through Storage

See-Through Storage

Many people struggle to stay on top of their bathroom organization, and end up purchasing more products than they actually need. You can greatly improve your organization system and prevent this from becoming an issue in the future with clear storage bins.

Consider using decorative clear jars or bottles for your bath salts and keeping storage containers visible. This can be a great way to see all the products that you have at a glance without struggling to find something.



There are so many fun and exciting ways to add a touch of your personality to your bathroom. Make sure you are doing something that you can afford to do. It is also worth making sure that the changes you make are reversible if you are living in a rental property.

Peel-and-stick wallpaper and other reversible changes are a great way of making your bathroom more inviting without having to worry about long-term damage to the walls, floors, or appliances.

Because bathrooms come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, it can be difficult to know what to do with certain areas.

That is why it can be highly useful to add your own touches and even creating your own bathroom furniture which fits awkward spots and makes the most of the space you have.

Making a space that you enjoy being in can promote personal hygiene habits and even relaxation. Create a tranquil environment that truly feels like it is a part of your home with bold colors, different textures, or more subtle decorative choices.

The sky is the limit when it comes to transforming your bathroom, and you should definitely try to have a little fun with it. Explore the options within your budget, and try to get creative!

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