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How To Hide A Router And Modem?

How To Hide A Router And Modem

How To Hide A Router And Modem

In this day and age, every home has internet access as standard. To keep you connected to the web, a router and modem are necessities.

Unfortunately, they’re not the most attractive piece of equipment and can be a bit of an eye sore.

We’ve compiled a list of creative ways to conceal your router and modem within your home so it looks more appealing, without compromising your internet access.

If you’re looking for ways to hide your router and modem, then read on!

Place Them In A Woven Basket

A simple and cost-effective way to conceal your router and modem is to place them in a woven basket.

We all know how great these baskets are for storing odds and ends to keep your home looking tidy and organized, so why not your router and modem too?

The gaps in a woven basket and the open top allow for the wifi signal to still be strong enough to keep you connected.

If you do decide to place a lid over the basket, make sure there are wide holes in it, to prevent your router and modem from overheating.

Create A Side Table Around Them

You may have a cable connection in an awkward spot in your home, making it difficult to hide your router and modem.

If this is the case, you can use a modified side table to conceal them. You can make your own or take out the back of an existing one so that the router and modem can reach the connection point while staying out of sight. We can’t control where the key components of our home are installed, but we can work around it with a little extra effort.

Hide Them Behind A Picture Frame

An easy way to cover up your router and modem is to hide them behind a picture frame.

You can route the cable wire onto a shelf or side table and then simply hide it with your favorite photo in a picture frame of the same size.

You can even attach a box at the back of the frame to hide them even more.

People will be too busy admiring a picture of your pet to notice your unattractive internet set-up!

Mount Them High

If you’re finding it particularly difficult to find a good place to hide your router and modem, you can always get it up high and out of the way.

Consider creating a custom box to mount on the wall near the corner of the room so they are out of sight and mind.

Make sure the box is placed where your router and modem can still give you a good signal, and that you can reach them if you need to.

Disguise Them On Your Bookshelf

If you, or someone you know, are well-versed in crafts, a clever way to hide your router and modem is to make a bookshelf disguise for them!

Just take a box the size of your router and modem, and then glue some book spines of your choice onto the side.

This is a stylish and creative way to keep your set-up out of sight.

Hide Them Behind Your TV

Hide Them Behind Your TV

The most simple and no-nonsense way to hide your router and modem is to place them behind your TV.

You can either put them on your TV cabinet behind the TV, or attach them to the wall behind your TV.

This is also a great way to conceal cables easily and give your TV the best connection to the internet.

What You Should Consider When Hiding Your Router and Modem


While it may be tempting to hide your router and modem in a confined space, such as a cabinet, it is not the best idea.

A router and modem in an enclosed space will not give you the best connection, as they will be blocked from sending and receiving data.

This can result in slow wifi speeds, which is a huge inconvenience for a household that relies on the internet.


You should also make sure that your router and modem are safely stored.

For example, if you’ve mounted your router and modem high on a wall, you need to make sure that they are secured, and that there is no chance of them toppling down and injuring someone.


Hiding your router and modem in a place with good airflow is very important, as overheating can shorten their lifespan and put you at risk.

This is why an enclosed space is not ideal, as your devices can overheat and become a fire hazard.

Since routers and modems are rarely turned off, they put in a lot of work with almost no breaks, so it’s important to know the signs of overheating.

The most obvious sign of overheating is that your router and modem feel very warm to the touch and smells like burning plastic.

Another sign is if your wifi signal isn’t as strong as it should be, or if your connection keeps dropping.

To avoid overheating, check your router and modem regularly for any dust build-up.

You can easily remove dust using compressed air, however, if your router and modem still seem to be overheating, then consider changing their position to somewhere with better airflow.


Your router and modem will deliver the strongest connection when it’s out in the open, but they can spoil your home decor.

With these creative ways of hiding your router, you’ll be able to still get a great wifi signal and airflow through your set-up, while keeping your home looking just how you like it.

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