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Rohl Farmhouse Sinks and Faucets

Rohl Sinks and Faucets

Rohl shaws classic modern 30 inch fireclay farmhouse sinkSteeped in tradition and time-honored techniques, Rohl faucets, and fixtures bring authentic luxury to your kitchen design, like the  Rohl country kitchen faucets. Manufactured in Europe, North America, and New Zealand, Rohl products are made by expert artisans, using practices that have been passed down between generations of craftsmen who take genuine pride in their trade. 

When you buy a Rohl product, you’re buying a piece of history. The house of Rohl has operations all over the world for a reason – it believes in honoring quality craftsmanship that is both rooted in traditional practices, while also looking forward to what modern homeowners expect and desire in terms of both style and function.

Rohl was established in 1983, but many of their products have roots that go much further back than that. Rohl’s Shaw sinks, for example, are made from the same mold, in the same factory in Lancashire, England, as they were when first unveiled to the public in the late 1800’s, making them the original farmhouse apron front sinks. Each farmhouse sink takes approximately a month to create from start to finish, resulting in a piece so lovingly made, it’s actually stamped with the name of the person who built it. Installation is easy, click here to learn more.

This commitment to preserving the time-honored way of doing things isn’t limited to their Shaws sinks either. Rohl’s line of Allia sinks are crafted in the prestigious Limoges region of France, an area known for its enamel and porcelain work dating back to the 19th century. The heavy clay used to craft these fireclay sinks is regionally sourced, bringing a touch of pure authenticity with every product they make. Be sure to check out the video on Shaws fireclay sinks.

Design and Style 

Both the Allia and Shaws sinks are made from heavy ball fireclay, an incredibly durable choice for your kitchen. Fireclay farmhouse sinks provide the authentic look you’d want in a country kitchen, with plenty of other benefits, like durability, antimicrobial properties, and easy maintenance. Rohl’s faucets are an equally stylish and elegant choice for your dream kitchen, complementing their sink designs perfectly. Built to exacting standards and using the latest technology, many of Rohl’s faucets are crafted in Italy, Germany, New Zealand, and Switzerland; regions where sleek design and expert attention to detail go hand in hand.

In North America, Rohl has tapped into modern design sensibilities the continent is known for to also craft a line of premium, sleek faucets and hardware. They’ve even teamed up with renowned interior and product designer Michael Berman to release a line that speaks to cutting edge design and timeless style all at once.

The range of Rohl’s faucets is immense with a top selling being Rohl perrin and rowe, giving you the flexibility to find one that suits your kitchen or bathroom design perfectly. From luxurious finishes like platinum or 24K gold, to taps finished with sparkling crystals, you can dial up the opulence in your space with a few simple additions. Or go for a more traditional look, with a Rohl faucet in a classic curved spout design to add an amazing finishing touch to your farmhouse sink area. You can also select from a range of finishes for your Rohl sink or faucets. Many of the sinks come in multiple color choices, including varying shades of white for their heavy duty fireclay sinks. When it comes to faucets, choose from shiny chrome, glittering copper, or even a rustic brass finish.

A Story Worth Telling 

Rohl Shaws original 40 inch Farmhouse sink with faucetsIf you’re wondering why you’d choose a Rohl sink or faucet over any other brand, this deluxe line of household fixtures stands for luxurious style, heritage, and durability all at once. The people behind Rohl travel the world to seek out the best products and designers possible. Only a select few manufacturers are brought into the Rohl family and sold North America. This commitment to exclusivity has only further enhanced the brand’s reputation as a purveyor of authentic, high-end goods from around the globe.

Rohl sinks and faucets also tell a story. When someone compliments your kitchen design, you can share how your sink was built in Italian region known for its high-performance race cars, by the same group of artisans who are masters at manipulating steel and other materials into streamlined products. Or how your farmhouse sink was named for the House of Lancaster, a member of the British Royal Family. These stories speak to the longevity of the craftsmen and their practices behind their products, and the trust generations of homeowners have had in purchasing these luxurious pieces.

When it comes to durability, Rohl sinks and faucets also offer peace of mind. Many of their products have a lifetime warranty; a true sign of a company that stands behind its product quality. Rohl is also committed to providing what it calls responsible luxury, ensuring their products meet or exceed safety standards, while also considering factors like accessible / universal design, and water conservation. An investment in a Rohl sink or faucet is one that could truly last a lifetime – and provide many years of happiness in your design choice as well. We have the best Rohl customer service

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