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36-Inch Farmhouse Sinks

36-Inch Farmhouse Sink  

36 inch farmhouse sink by rohl

Everyone dreams of that Pinterest-worthy kitchen, but how do you get one?We’ve got an idea: Invest in a statement-making 36-inch farmhouse sink to create a gorgeous focal point for your kitchen design. This oversized style of apron front sink will look amazing and ground the rest of the kitchen’s look - plus, provide ample space for cleaning up after a delicious meal or fun gathering. 

If you’re considering a 36-inch farmhouse sink, the first thing you’ll want to ensure is that you’ve got a big enough kitchen for it. Thirty-six inches is one of the largest sizes of farmhouse sinks available. These generously sized farmhouse sinks make a perfect centerpiece for a large kitchen island or long countertop. You likely won’t want a 36-inch farmhouse sink if you’re dealing with less counter space or narrow room between your counters, like in a galley kitchen.

With a more prominent profile, these farmhouse sinks offer plenty of flexibility in terms of the bowl design. You can get a single-bowl, 36-inch farmhouse sink to make a striking visual impact and provide plenty of space for cleaning. Or, you can split things up – look for double-bowl sinks in either a 50/50 ratio, or some other arrangement, such as 60/40, to divide your dirty and clean dishes with ease.

36-Inch Farmhouse Sink Styles

Another way to have your apron front sink stand out is by choosing a material that suits your kitchen design. Cast iron and fireclay farmhouse sinks are great for a traditional kitchen, while copper and stone look sophisticated in a rustic or old-world-inspired space. Going modern? You can also totally achieve a chic, contemporary farmhouse kitchen sink look with stainless steel. Plus, many manufacturers also create uniquely designed fronts for their farmhouse sinks with fluted, sculpted, or arched details. If you prefer a flat front, make sure your farmhouse sink is reversible so you can choose which side faces out – plain or decorative. 

With a big kitchen sink comes some kitchen design considerations. We recommend giving your 36-inch undermount sink a cabinet that is three inches bigger than the sink. So in this instance, you’d want a full 39 inches of cabinet space to house your 36-inch farmhouse sink. Keep in mind that some farmhouse sinks can have a slight size variance from the advertised size, though typically no greater than half an inch. We recommend waiting until you have your sink to actually order the cabinetry. This will also give your cabinet manufacturer an opportunity to advise whether your farmhouse sink needs additional supports built in to uphold the weight.  

We sell 36-inch farmhouse sinks from a wide range of manufacturers, across many different colors, finishes, and profiles. Alfi, Allstone, Barclay, Bocchi, Crestwood, and Water Creation are just some of the brands that offer 36-inch farmhouse sinks, with more manufacturers adding this popular size to their lineups all the time.  

Give your kitchen the Pinterest-worthy highlight it deserves: Go for a show-stopping, 36-inch farmhouse sink and you’ll love it for years to come. 

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