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33 Inch Farmhouse sinks

33-inch farmhouse sinks

Crestwood white Fireclay farmhouse sink

Drop jaws. Inspire awe. Create a wow moment time and time again. These are just a few affects a farmhouse sink will have on your dearest company and guests once you incorporate it into your perfect kitchen design. You wont be able to help but feel it yourself every time you step into your beautiful kitchen: a satisfying flutter of joyance at the sight of your stunning apron front farmhouse sink.  

Will a 33-inch inch farmhouse sink be sizeably suitable for your kitchen? Thirty-three inches is on the larger side of things, so you’ll find it a more appropriate fit with a medium- to large-sized kitchen - this, so that the sink itself doesn’t consume too great a portion of counter space. For a more elegantly acute visual impact, you may well want to stick with a single-bowl farmhouse sink. Or, for a similar aesthetic, one might search specifically through divided, double-bowl, 33-inch farmhouse sinks, being available in both equal and alternative ratio styles. 

Another option to consider for your 33-inch farmhouse sink is the actual style. Your choice of material will make a tremendous difference in how your sink looks. Stainless steel can take a vintage farmhouse sink look and update it to suit a contemporary kitchen. A fireclay farmhouse sink blends well into a more traditional kitchen, while offering unparalleled durability and attractiveness. The material you choose will also dictate color options, from classic biscuit or white fireclay sinks to hammered copper, natural stone, and tinted stainless steel.

Sink Design and Options

Some 33-inch farmhouse sinks are also reversible, meaning the drain is situated so that you can choose which side faces out. This feature is particularly valuable if you’re interested in a copper or natural stone sink where the finish of one side might be more appealing than another. Some manufacturers also provide two different apron fronts on their farmhouse sinks, so that you have the choice between a more architectural sink design with a fluted or sculpted front or a more basic design with a flat front. 

One significant consideration for incorporating an undermount farmhouse sink into your kitchen layout is the supporting cabinetry. First, there’s the size. We recommend cabinetry that is three inches bigger than the actual sink size. For a 33-inch farmhouse sink, in particular, that means you’ll need a 36-inch cabinet. In addition, you may want to wait until your sink has arrived to confirm the exact size. The unique finishing processes involved in crafting certain materials for sinks, like fireclay or cast iron, can result in slight size variances that should be considered with your countertop or cupboard production. You may also want to speak to your kitchen designer about whether your cupboard will require additional support for the weight of your desired sink. 

Because they look great as either a single-bowl or double-bowl sink, 33-inch farmhouse sinks are one of the most popular sizes we sell. You can find farmhouse sinks from brands like Nantucket, Allstone, Bocchi, Crestwood, and Rohl, to name just a few. Whatever the brand, material, or design you choose, one thing is certain: Your farmhouse sink will be the most showstopping element of your kitchen.  

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