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How To layer Curtains With Sheers

How To Layer Curtains With Sheers

Do you have a set of curtains that don't compliment your room, or are you worried that they don't offer enough coverage, making you feel exposed to onlookers outside?

How To layer Curtains With Sheers

This can be a common issue with those who have widener windows, especially in living rooms, and some curtains can darken the room, so how can you get the right mixture of both?

In this guide, we will outline easy-to-follow instructions to set them up and what tools and equipment you'll need to get the job done easily so you can relax in the comfort of your own home with ease so read on in this guide to find out more.

What Sort Of Curtains Should I Use?

Before you get that step ladder out and start mixing layers, you'll want to consider a few things that could make or break the look of your curtains.

It could also be useful to take a closer look at your windows, and with these tips, you should be ready to present them in no time at all.

Size Of Curtains

For this, you'll want to determine what size windows you have so you can pick out the right size of sheers and curtains if you don't have a set already or if you're looking for an upgrade.

In general, you want to avoid anything shorter than 96 inches unless you have low ceilings, otherwise, you might find it looks awkward or doesn't match the interior of the room they're placed in.

If you're unsure what size to get, it's always worth getting the longer lengths so you can hem the curtains if you think they flow too low.

Color Of Curtains

You want to consider the color as you want it to match or complement the color of your interior and the pattern of your sheers.

You could also go for a color that contrasts with the walls if you want to make your curtains the centerpiece of the room.

Of course, colors and styles are a matter of taste, so it's really down to your preferences when looking at layering your curtains, but the main thing you're looking to do is make the curtains look fuller in the room and pick out colors and patterns that you like instead of going for trendy styles.

Types Of Rod And Bracket

You want to pick out brackets that have a length that extends at least 6 inches past the window, so you can open the curtains and sheers fully to see the entire window.

You'll want to use double brackets and curtain rods to layer a sheer curtain under the curtain, allowing sunlight to come in but isn't too intrusive.

If the window is wider than 30 inches, you'll want to invest in a double center support bracket and make sure the bracket can manage the weight, but usually, anything 20 pounds or lighter should be fine.

How To Layer Your Curtains And Drapes

If you're starting from scratch, you can install the double curtain rods and brackets, assuming you've done the measurements and have selected your ideal design.

You might find that curtain rods from hardware stores provide the correct brackets and ends to your newly acquired curtain rods, and if not, they should be located around the same area of the store.

If you have a curtain that uses rings instead of holes, you'll want to consider this when you're measuring the height of the curtains, as they may make getting to your sheers a bit of a hassle.

You might have to place the rings on the curtain rods, ensuring there is an equal amount of each on both sides and they are fairly spaced out.

Now you can on the base layer or second layer, which will be the sheer, using the same system if it comes with rings, and you can feed this onto the lower level of the rods.

Then you can layer your curtains on the top layer and add any finishes like adding decorative ends to complement the room's design and prevent the curtains from sliding off.

You could also add touches like a tieback, which you can use to let more light in or complete the look you're going for.

Ways You Can Layer Curtains And Sheers

If you're still unsure what design would work best for you, below are a few ideas that may give you some ideas and may even inspire you to come up with a design of your own creation.

  • Sheer over solid- By pulling your sheer curtains over your solid ones, you can add some light into the room and can be draped over or left covering the entire curtain.
  • Draped as a window scarf- You could do something more unique and drape one of the sheer panels across the top of the window, which goes in front of your solid curtains and has an eloquent look.
  • Sheer over sheer- You could forget about the curtains altogether and have different colored sheers to make the window space look bigger and airy so that it might work in a room with light colors and fabrics.
  • Ready-made overlay- You might not want to bother with multiple layers, and you could get a set of ready-made layered curtains. This works by having the sheer curtains sewn into the regular curtains so that you can have layers without the effort.


Now you have an idea of what your curtain combination can look like, it's time to get some inspiration and see what's right for you.

If you're worried about damaging your walls or a renter, you shouldn't be put off unleashing your inner interior decorator, as you can find easy-to-mount brackets that don't leave a mess.

Your landlord shouldn't have an issue with this touch because you're improving the house's interior, after all.

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