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Best Chairs For Small Spaces

Best Chairs For Small Spaces

There isn't a better feeling out there than being able to relax in a comfortable chair and watch television or read a good book.

Unfortunately, not everyone's house has the room to accommodate a bigger chair, and some may compromise on comfort to get it to fit in the remaining space they have.

You want a chair that isn't going to knock into anything if you have to move it and is comfortable so you can sit in it for long periods and compliments the rest of the room, style-wise.

Luckily, we have pulled together some of the best chairs we could find that offer all of the above and maybe more, so you can unwind after a long day and do the things that matter to you most.

If you're ready to change your seating game for the better, then read on to find out more.

How We Have Chosen These Chairs

The chairs we have provided below are recommended by the criteria that a chair of this type should have.

So we've picked chairs that can fit in virtually any space, are comfortable to sit in for long hours of the day, are easy to move around and won't damage your floor, and is easy on the eye so it won't be the eye-sore of your room.

The chairs we have picked out are ideal for spaces such as an office, den, or bedroom and can be extended to the living room if you don't have a lot of space there either.

These aren't the definitive places you could use these chairs but act as suggestions as some may look out of place but could work in other small spaces you have in your house, but of course, this will come down to your own style and needs.

HomePop Swoop Arm Living Room Chair

HomePop Swoop Arm Living Room Chair

This modern-looking chair has a lot of versatility when deciding where to put it.

The design features a slightly curved back along with side swoop arms to create a comfortable sitting experience that can be used in practically any room of the house.

This is made possible by the variety of colors you can choose from, which can complement your room, and by extension, your style.


  • It is available in 3 various fabric styles, and each one is easy to clean by vacuum or spot wipe using a soft dry cloth.
  • Its sturdy design means it can take a few knocks, so it will be useful if you decide to move it around and it catches on door frames or walls, for example.


  • It's a minor issue, but this chair is definitely a pet hair magnet, so you might find yourself getting out the sticky rollers often if you have a lot of pets in your home.
  • The space in which you sit might not suit everyone as it could be a bit of a squeeze if you decide you want to spread your legs out while sitting.

Christopher Knight Home Traditional Fabric Chair

Christopher Knight Home Traditional Fabric Chair

This chair is about as minimalist as you can get as the design has a contemporary feel that can blend effortlessly into any room and is generously upholstered with a smooth, immaculate texture that has a plush seating type of feel to it.

The chair also has tapered legs and offers plenty of durability and ties this all together with a natural grain look, so your space can be the main center of attention in your home.


  • With a weight of 21.5 pounds, this chair can be easily moved around in case you want to reorganize the layout of the office or den and is easy to climb in and out of.
  • It has a simple assembly with all the tools and parts included with simple-to-follow instructions, so you can have it set up and use it in no time.


  • The floral design might not appeal to everyone and only comes in this design. A good workaround could be a cover, but you may have to look around for one that covers the chair.
  • The chair doesn't have arms, so sitting in it for long periods might be an issue, but it makes it easier to tuck under desks and tables if that's what you're looking for.

CLATINA Office Guest Chair

CLATINA Office Guest Chair

This chair is great if you're looking for something simple that you may only want to use in your home office.

The chair also helps to relieve pressure on the back and lumbar regions by offering a good level of comfort if you're sitting down for a long while.

The back has a Slightly tilted mesh which can provide enough support when you are leaning back, and the thickened seat cushion with breathable fabric gives you a dry and relaxed sitting experience.


  • It comes with durable foot pads on the legs, so you don't have to worry about them scraping anything if you have wood flooring and makes little noise, which can be infuriating at the best of times.
  • The arms connect to the back of the chair, so it is level with most desks, so you don't have to spend ages fumbling around to get into a comfortable position.


  • The chair's look means it may not suit all the areas of your house and is limited to an office or small den and might not work if you want a less simple design, so it's not very versatile.
  • The chair might be trickier to assemble if you're older or not a fan of assembling things, so it might take longer to understand the instructions and get it set up.

Ave Six Abbott Spindle Accent Chair

Ave Six Abbott Spindle Accent Chair

Going from the simplest of chairs to something a bit more eloquent, this Abbott chair Blends a hardwood structure with a reversible plush seat with turned spindle detailing, padded armrests, and a distressed wire brush finish.

If you're wondering what it's like to sit on, well, the inner coil spring cushion is surrounded by heavy foam and spring support.

This means that the chair should last you a good while and can take a good knock which wouldn't compromise the chair's comfort.


  • Weighing around 38 pounds makes it one of the heavier chairs on this list but makes it more sturdy and less prone to falling over or getting damaged, especially if you have the unpredictability of children in the home.
  • The dense foam of the cushion on the chair means it will last you for a while and is firm which can make it easier for you to find a comfortable position and keeps you in a good posture.


  • Its design will likely not be for everyone's taste and may look better in a living room if you're looking to sit more people, but you don't have the space for larger seats or couches.
  • It doesn't appear to have any foot pads, so you may want to be careful when moving it around if you want to prevent damage done to your floor.

Yaheetech Faux Leather Barrel Chair

Yaheetech Faux Leather Barrel Chair

These barrel chairs are popular because of their clean and casual look, so that we couldn't leave them from this list.

You have a chair constructed of a soft foam-padded seat, strong plywood frame, and upholstered in luxurious-looking faux leather, with a curved armrest design that perfectly lines up with your arms.

The four sturdy pine legs are sturdy and offer strong support to sit comfortably, making it easier to climb out of for those who may be taller.


  • An easy assembly that requires you only to screw the four wooden legs to the chair, and you're ready to use it, and at 23.7 pounds, this could expand your options if you decide to rearrange your space.
  • It comes in a variety of styles, so you can place it in a room without conflicting color schemes if you have primarily lighter colors, for example.


  • If you're a taller individual, the highest point of the back might only support your lower back, so it doesn't offer that much support if you're prone to leaning forward in your chairs.
  • Not the most robust material, so if you have a cat that likes to make work of your furniture, they could cause cuts or nicks in the chair, so you might have to invest in a cover to fit the chair.

Luxton Home Ergonomic Chair

Luxton Home Ergonomic Chair

This chair that we weren't sure was a chair or not on first inspection has a minimalist design and is great for your back posture.

This kneeling office chair helps keep your spine in a natural alignment to help prevent aches, even after hours of sitting, and has a durable build so you can stay productive longer.

With a high-quality foam that can support your lower back and legs, the versatility of the support will be useful for those who find that traditional four-legged chairs don't offer the type of support they're looking for.


  • The design can give the soothing effect that a rocking chair does, making this chair more versatile in terms of expectations for a sitting experience and can help you focus instead of trying to find an optimal sitting position.
  • It has a very minimalist design that makes it easier to store away in cupboards and wardrobes if you find you may want to use it in other areas of your home.


  • The Allen screws inevitably loosen over time, so it may appear unsteady or insecure in some instances, so every week or two, you may have to tighten them.
  • This chair is optimal for an adjusted height desk, so it might be too low for some people who want to be able to reach things like keyboards or monitors if you have a home office, for example.

Buyers Guide

We've shown quite a range of chairs here, so you might be ready to take the plunge and improve your sitting experience straight away.

But have you considered your individual needs and wants when determining what sort of style would work in that space you want to utilize as the best as possible?

Below, we have provided some things you may want to pay close attention to as they could affect your sitting experience later on down the line.


You can choose from leather, foam, soft cushions, firm cushions the list goes on.

If you're not sure which material works best for you, have a look at your other home furniture and identify what you like most about them so you can apply this thinking to your small space, which makes it a versatile asset if you decide you want to use it in multiple rooms or have more seating options when guests come around, for instance.

The Abbott spindle accent chair offers you a few options in regards to placement as you can choose from a selection of colors if you want it to match a particular look of a room, and there are always chair covers you can invest in if you find you want a certain color scheme in your home.


This factor will be down to your preferences, but there are a few things that you could do to make your decision easier.

If you want a barrel chair like the Yaheetech faux leather chair, for example, you could find accessories like armrests or side tables that will bring the look together and save you having to spend ages in the chair trying to find your optimal seating position.

Of course, if you're looking for a chair for the office, the first impulse is to go for a desk office chair that can easily adjust and customize to suit your needs.

These office chairs can offer some flexibility but make it difficult to utilize in other areas of your home, especially if you have wheels fitted to the chair and use it in a room with wooden flooring, which can be a nightmare on its own.

For this, you might want to consider a solid base that keeps you in one spot and keeps you focused and productive.


Most of the chairs on this list are under 40 pounds, so anything 50 pounds or above might get trickier to move around and store if you want to utilize your space even further.

The best way to determine how much space you need is to measure the length between your desk and the furthest wall so then you can account for the area that the chair takes up.

You also want to accommodate the space it takes up when you pull it out further if it's tucked under the desk, for instance.


If you have bad posture and want to improve it, a standard desk chair or foldable chair might not offer the support you need.

The Luxton home ergonomic chair can give you that support, but if you have specific needs such as lumbar or upper back support, then you may need to look for an ergonomic design that has this support built-in.

On the other hand, you could customize your chair with cushions and a cover or throw to give it that more lived-in feel and might be able to help you if you need support in a certain area.

What Types Of Chairs Can I Choose From?

It's good to know the different types of chairs available so that you can choose from an accent chair, armchair, egg chair, rocking chair, office chair, and wing chair.

These are the base level of available chairs, and you can pick one out based on the size of the room, the activity you decide to do in the chair, the style, and the chair's versatility.

Of course, there isn't a one chair suits all option, so find out which one suits you the best and doesn't have you adjusting any difficult-to-reach levers and knobs to get your optimal seating position.

Final Thoughts

You've seen a variety of chairs that can meet simple and more complicated needs, so your choice will depend on what you value most in your chair.

It makes sense to find out how different chairs work by testing them out at your nearest furniture store so you can find out there and then what type of support they offer, so you won't be met with any unwanted surprises or features when you take your chair home.

You also want a chair that works in almost any space you have available for it, so it can complement the rest of your house and get admiration from your guests.

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