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Best Chair For Reading

Best Chair For Reading

There’s nothing like curling up in the evening with a good book and letting the day's troubles fade away as you immerse yourself in another world.

Reading is escapism at its finest, however, you can’t fully unwind with your favorite book if you don’t have the perfect reading chair.

To help you find the ideal reading chair that offers you the comfort and posture support you need for hours of reading, we have compiled a list of the best reading chairs on the market with a helpful buyer’s guide so you know exactly what to look for.

OSP Home Furnishings Wicker Papasan Chair

OSP Home Furnishings Wicker Papasan Chair

The OSP Home Furnishings reading chair is a beautiful addition to any home.

A twist on the classic Papasan chair, this large wicker chair is highly durable with its seamlessly integrated metal frame that is modern, while still giving a cozy vibe.

This chair looks great in a bohemian-style home and is super comfortable, with its Dacron-filled cushion.

It always features a 360-degree swivel and is available in 17 different cushion and frame colors.


  • Sturdy - This chair is built to last with its sturdy metal frame, concealed by durable resin wicker.
  • Thick Cushion - This chair’s dacron-filled cushion is large and thick, perfect for relaxing with a good book.
  • Large - This reading chair is 40 inches wide, 36 inches deep, and 35 inches tall, so there’s plenty of room for you to comfortably sit and also makes a great accent piece in any living room or home office.


  • Shape - Because of the round and deep design of this reading chair, it may not be optimal for those concerned about their posture.

HollyHOME Modern Fabric Lazy Chair

HollyHOME Modern Fabric Lazy Chair

This chair made by HollyHOME is another great product for bookworms.

Available in 23 different colors and patterns, this chair is a great addition to any home, no matter your style as you can choose a design that matches your decor.

It also features soft-touch fabric and wide armrests for maximum comfort, as well as a large seat that you can settle into.

This chair is also extremely sturdy and strong, having four high-quality steel chair legs that hold up to 500 pounds, and non-slip mats on the bottom to prevent your chair from moving while you use it.

It’s easy to assemble, with no screws needed, and can be folded away for simple storage.


  • Versatile - It comes in 23 different colors, so you can tailor this chair to the decor of your home without it looking out of place.
  • Non-Slip - This chair features non-slip mats on the bottom of its steel chair legs, so there’s no chance of the chair slipping or moving when you sit in it.
  • Assembly - It is very easy to put together and can be folded and stored away, or even moved to another part of your home with minimal effort.


  • Deep - This chair’s low back and deep seat may not be ideal for those prone to lower back pain or who are above average height.

Superrella Modern Accent Chair

Superrella Modern Accent Chair

This stunning reading chair by Superrella is made with high-quality materials and built to last.

Featuring an anti-rust steel frame and a cushioned seat, made from suede fabric and filled with soft sponge, this chair is both durable and comfortable.

It’s upholstered and padded to be warmer in the winter and friendly to sensitive skin.

It also has a tall back to help you maintain good posture and supports your body for ultimate comfort.

This modern chair comes in 6 different colors and its curved design makes for a stylish addition to your living room, home office, or bedroom.


  • Adaptable Material - The upholstery and padding of this chair are soft on the skin and retains heat in the winter, keeping you warm while you read.
  • Tall Back - This chair’s high back is great for posture and is especially supportive for taller individuals.
  • Anti-Rust - This chair is made from anti-rust steel that’s made to last, and can be used outdoors without the worry of rusting over.


  • Limited Styles - There is not much color choice with this chair, so may not suit the decor of your home.

GDFStudio Macedonia Mid-Century Modern Fabric Recliner

GDFStudio Macedonia Mid-Century Modern Fabric Recliner

This mid-century recliner made by GDFStudio makes for an attractive and comfortable reading chair.

A modern take on the mid-century style, this chair’s clean lines and understated elegance are a great choice for any room in your home.

Its upholstery features plush seating and a button-tufted waffle stitch for extra comfort, while still being a sophisticated piece.

It also has a reclining feature, so you can adjust your chair between 105 and 150 degrees for maximum relaxation.

Available in 11 colors and made with sturdy birch wood legs, it is a beautiful chair to place in any home.


  • Upholstery - This chair is professionally upholstered with high-quality fabric with button-tufted waffle stitching, providing a contemporary, textured look while being very comfortable.
  • Adjustable - The reclining feature of this chair allows you to adjust your position so you can lie back and relax while you read.
  • Modern - The style of this chair is a modern take on mid-century decor and adds a classic element to any room, while still remaining contemporary.


  • Height Restrictions - This chair is not as comfortable for those below average height due to its length and how tall the chair is.

Milliard Faux Fur Saucer Chair

Milliard Faux Fur Saucer Chair

This stunning Milliard saucer chair is another great choice for your reading nook.

The premium faux fur and saucer shape hug your body and make it a comfortable place to relax.

It comes in 7 colors, so you can choose the perfect style to match your decor.

It is also one of the cheaper reading chairs available, but still high-quality.

It’s easy to clean with warm water and mild detergent, so there’s no need to fret over any accidental spills.

This chair is easy to store too - it folds flat so it’s convenient to transport and store when not in use.


  • Cost-Effective - This chair is a high-quality product at a low price, so you won’t be breaking the bank.
  • Easy To Clean - The faux fur material is easy to clean with just warm water and detergent, so there’s no stress when it comes to removing stains and dirt.
  • Foldable - This chair can fold away in seconds, making for easy storage and transportation.


  • Weight Limit - this chair has a 265-pound weight limit, so is better suited for children or smaller people.

Buyer’s Guide

Now that we’ve outlined the best reading chairs money can buy, it’s important to go through everything you should be looking for when selecting the perfect reading chair for you.


It’s essential to find a reading chair that’ll fit your space and that's big enough for you to relax in.

You’ll need to measure the area you want to place your reading chair in so you’re sure it’ll be the perfect fit.

An oversized chair is recommended for reading purposes. This is because it offers you more than one way to sit comfortably.

You may want to change position, stretch out or curl up, so a chair with a wide seat is the best so you can move around as much as you like.

Oversized chairs are also great for people of all sizes and heights, so anyone in your home can use it.

The measurements of a chair consist of height, length and width, so look for this while shopping online, or take your measuring tape to your local furniture store.

If you’re placing a reading chair in your living room, make sure it isn’t bigger than your sofa, as it can end up dominating the space.


Like a desk chair, you’ll be using it for long periods of time, so you need your chair to be ergonomic. This means that it supports your body and doesn’t give you any aches and pains.

An ergonomic reading chair should feel comfortable even after sitting it for hours on end. This will prevent long-term strain and injuries.

You should also consider getting a reading with a tall back if you suffer from neck pain, as it offers you a place to rest your head.

Chairs with curved backs provide this kind of support as well, helping you maintain good posture.

Even the smallest of reading chairs should have comfortable arms for you to rest on.

They should be high enough for you to rest your arms comfortably without strain, and wide enough to prop up your favorite book.

A deep seat is also something you should consider when browsing for a great reading chair.

With plenty of space, you’ll be able to get comfortable easily, especially if you’re taller than average.

Shallows chairs leave taller people uncomfortable and confined in the chair, so think about getting a reading chair with a deep seat.

Though it’s not mandatory, consider getting an ottoman to go with your reading chair.

An ottoman gives you the option to put your feet up and increase good circulation in your legs while sitting in the chair for a long time.

Again, this is not necessary but it is nice to have the option and also looks great with a matching reading chair.


Upholstered chairs make great reading chairs, and are usually softer and more comfortable than those that aren’t upholstered.

With upholstered chairs, you can often stain-resistant options to eliminate the stress of cleaning accidental spills.

Also, bear in mind that a leather-upholstered chair is more expensive, but does last longer.

However, it may not be as comfortable as a fabric chair, but this is dependent on the quality.

You also need to take frame material into consideration when it comes to choosing a reading chair for your home.

Chairs with solid wooden frames tend to have a higher weight capacity and are built to last for years.

Steel frames are also very durable and considered to be a high-quality material that is long-lasting.


There are a few variations of reading chairs, each having different functions and looks.

Consider which type of chair is right for you before jumping into a decision.

Club Reading Chair

This is the most common type of reading chair, widely recognized as a classic. The name was coined by the clubs, as they were often used as luxury seating.

These chairs are typically both comfortable and durable. They are likely to be upholstered with a thick textile, such as leather or fabric.

Club reading chairs are also known for their clean lines and look great in many interior decor styles.

They often boast solid colors and patterns, and look sleek and stylish in a modern home.

Round Reading Chair

This style of reading chair is very classical.

The lines of a round reading chair are much softer than those of a club chair, and are a great fit for traditional homes, or can add a classic element to contemporary interior design, contrasting the harsh, modern lines.

These reading chairs can be rustic, classic, or industrial, so are very versatile and work well with most home decor.

There is also great variation of pattern and color with these reading chairs, available in simple, bold colors, or with more intricate designs.

These chairs may or may not have arms, and some have no back, so bear this in mind when browsing round reading chairs.

Recliner Reading Chair

Considered to be one of the most comfortable types of reading chair, the reclining reading chair is a great choice.

It allows you to lean back and relax if you wish, and then return to its original position for more back support, it’s completely up to you.

Some reclining chairs come with additional features, such as a swivel function that allows you to turn your chair in any direction.

Others are even electric, and can be tilted back and forth with a remote, some having massage functions too!

Recliners are typically the most lavish type of chair and may cost a bit extra.

Avid readers who spend a lot of time engrossed in a book will particularly benefit from a reclining reading chair.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Clean My Reading Chair?

The method for cleaning a reading chair depends on the material - chairs that are upholstered with fabric can be cleaned with a special upholstery cleaner, a homemade solution, or even carpet cleaner.

If your chair has a removable cover, all you have to do is take it off and throw it in the laundry.

For leather chairs, on the other hand, you can wipe them down with a damp cloth and some mild soap to remove any marks or stains.

How Do I Measure A Reading Chair?

To measure a reading chair for your space, you need to measure the height, the width, and length.

Measure the height from the bottom of the chair leg to the top of the back, and measure the width by measuring along the side from the back to the arm.

Finally, for the length measure horizontally across the back of the chair.

How Can I Make My Reading Chair More Comfortable?

If you’re finding that you’re not completely comfortable in your reading chair, there are a few things you can try to make it easier to sit in for a long time.

Firstly, you can fluff up the cushions by firmly patting the sides, and if the cushions are removable, you can fluff them up even more.

You can also add cushions to your chair that can be placed to support your neck or lower back.

An ottoman can also be helpful to get the circulation moving in your legs, and allow you to lean back if you wish.

What Is The Best Position For Reading In My Chair?

In terms of maintaining posture and supporting your body, the best position for reading in your chair is to sit with your back upright.

You should also have your feet placed firmly on the ground and knees bent at a 90 degree angle. Also, you should keep your head straight and avoid tilting your neck.

Of course, you don’t have to spend your entire reading session like this, but it's beneficial for you to take up the proper reading position when you start to feel uncomfortable.

Final Thoughts

For a bookworm, a reading chair is absolutely essential in the home. There are some great options out there that cater to different needs.

They come in many shapes and sizes, and can look great in your home, no matter your decor style.

Above all, think about comfort when it comes to buying a reading chair, as you’ll need it to support its sitter for as long as they are lost in a book.

This guide will get you started on finding the right reading chair for you.

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