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Best Blinds For Kitchen Windows

Best Blinds For Kitchen Windows

Window dressing can often be an afterthought. If you have just finished a kitchen remodel or are moving into a newly built home you may have neglected to consider your kitchen window treatment.

As one of the busiest rooms in the home though it’s important to find blinds that will suit your kitchen and work for you.

But where do you begin, and what do you choose? There are a lot of things to consider such as are the blinds easy to clean, what color or design works best and where they are going to be located.

Think about if the blinds will be over a sink, near the stove, or the food preparation area, i.e., in the ‘splash zone’. This will help you choose the material and style of blinds.

You will also need to think about the size of your windows and the style of your kitchen, modern or traditional.

But don’t worry, there may be a lot to think about, but we have you covered, well your kitchen windows at least.

Woven Wooden Blinds

Woven Wooden Blinds

Woven wooden blinds add texture and interest to your kitchen window.

Their tactile nature in a room full of stainless steel, enamel and other hard surfaces add a nice contrast of softness to their surroundings.

They can be made from grass, reed, and jute, giving a characterful and airy impression to your kitchen window.

Bamboo is a slightly chunkier material but adds an eclectic statement to your kitchen.

Woven wooden blinds are better for windows that are out of the splash zone in your kitchen.

The splash zone is the area where water from the sink, steam or grease from cooking or splashes from your food preparation can come from.

As woven wood blinds are quite difficult to clean they do better away from this part of the kitchen.

These are subtle but impressive blinds which are effective and durable against sunlight glare.

They also hold their shape over time and do not distort or warp when exposed to heat or humidity.

For privacy, woven wooden blinds can either be used alone or with a room darkening liner for enhanced shade or privacy.


  • Add texture and character to your kitchen window
  • Available in grass, reed, jute or bamboo
  • Hold their shape, resisting distortion and warping
  • Can be used with a liner for added privacy and shade


  • Tricky to clean

Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds

These blinds provide a relaxed and elegant touch of drapery in the kitchen. They offer a window treatment that is contemporary with both flair and sophistication.

While the soft gathered look is reminiscent of the drapery of curtains but with the practicality of a blind.

A patterned Roman blind can make your kitchen window a statement piece in an otherwise neutral colored room.

Solid colors give a clean and classic look, but white is a great choice for a light, airy feel.

Roman blinds are not suitable for use around the splash zone of your kitchen and would suit windows away from the stove, sink and food prep areas.

Some come with no visible cord so are safer for children and pets.

Depending on the fabric Roman blinds give varying degrees of light control in your kitchen.

The heavier, rich fabric blinds will block out a lot of light while the more sheer fabrics will gently diffuse sunlight.

If privacy is a concern you may want to pair a Roman blind with a sheer curtain on your window.

When they are open the majority of the window is exposed, something to bear in mind if your kitchen is overlooked.


  • Elegant and sophisticated
  • Plain or patterned fabric to match your decor
  • Can either block out sunlight or diffuse it
  • Pair with sheer curtain for privacy


  • Not very easy to clean

Faux Wooden Blinds

Faux Wooden Blinds

Faux wooden blinds give your kitchen the feeling of natural wooden blinds but with the convenience of PVC. They can be cleaned with a damp microfiber cloth.

These blinds offer a polished classic look of wood without the expense or fragile nature of real wood.

Some of them come with very realistic wood grain patterns, and it’s hard to distinguish them from the real thing.

Faux wooden blinds are durable, heat and moisture resistant which make them ideal for use over the sink.

They will not warp or bowing when exposed to steam from cooking and so proximity to the stove is not an issue either.

Perfect for windows in high activity areas such as the sink or food preparation area.

These blinds are perfect for controlling the amount of light that comes into your kitchen.

Simply alter the angle of the vanes for more or less sunlight. They also won’t warp with heat or humidity and are resistant to UV rays.

When you need privacy you can choose how much of the window to block out. You can have the blinds raised or lowered and the vanes open, partially open or fully closed.


  • Look of real wood with the resilience of PVC
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be used in the splash zone
  • Resistant to heat and humidity


  • On large windows or wide windows they can be heavy

Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds have an undeserved reputation for being boring. But they are far from it.

While they are a more budget friendly option than some blinds, they come in lots of different color and pattern options as well as material choices, such as vinyl or fabric.

Vinyl is great for ease of cleaning if they are in an area where they are likely to get dirty such as near the sink or stove.

Vinyl roller blinds are available in great fun patterns to liven up your kitchen or solid color for a more understated and classic look.

Vinyl roller blinds are great for windows in the splash zone as they are very durable and easy to clean.

They are also good for small windows as they don’t block a lot of the light at the top of the window when they are raised.

They fit neatly and tidily into your kitchen window and some use spring mechanisms to avoid the danger of dangling cords in the kitchen.

Roller blinds can be rolled all the way up to the top of the window to let in the maximum amount of light or lowered to the desired level to allow you to control how much light comes into your kitchen.

On a hot day it can be a lifesaver to reduce the solar gain from the window.

For privacy when the blind is raised you can pair it with a sheer curtain if you are overlooked.

Or you could dress the window with a pair of fabric curtains to work in combination with the roller blind.


  • Budget friendly
  • Lots of choice for color, pattern, and material
  • Vinyl roller blinds are easy to clean
  • Easily adjustable


  • Varieties with dangling cords are a danger to children and pets

Solar Blinds

Solar Blinds

Solar blinds are also called cellular blinds and are designed to filter out UV light. They are available in single cell or a honeycomb design for maximum efficiency.

You can buy solar blinds in lots of different fabrics, colors and textures. They are also available in a variety of opacity and pleat sizes to match any kitchen decor.

Slim and modern, solar blinds offer a minimal look and keep the glare out of your kitchen.

These blinds are good for busy areas as they are wipeable and work well over a sink or food prep area.

They reduce energy consumption and control temperature to keep you cool while you are cooking.

If you are lucky enough to have lots of sunlight coming into your kitchen these energy efficient blinds will keep your kitchen comfortable all year round.

Their screen like mesh is designed to filter out UV light but still allow you to see through.

The blinds vary in degrees of how open they are and how much light they let through. For example a 7% openness means 93% of UVA and UVB rays are blocked.

Solar blinds do offer privacy when the sun is out but are transparent at night when your lights are on in the kitchen. You may want to add some curtains or shutters for extra privacy.


  • Filter out UV light
  • Slim and modern
  • Offer temperature control
  • Wipeable


  • Do not give a lot of privacy at night with internal lights on

Buyer’s Guide

Based on our selection of kitchen blinds there are some features that you should consider before purchasing a blind for your kitchen window.


Take a look at the location of your window in the kitchen and what is around it. Is it close to the sink or stove?

If so, you will need to consider how the blind will cope with being splashed with water or grease from cooking.

Kitchen blinds that deal with the splash zone are made from materials that can be easily cleaned and will not stain.

Faux wooden blinds are made from PVC so can be cleaned with warm soapy water. Vinyl blinds can also be wiped down with a damp cloth.

Woven wooden blinds, solar blinds and Roman blinds are best used in a different part of the kitchen away from the splash zone.

The heat and humidity from cooking is also a consideration and some blinds can be affected more than others.

Wooden woven blinds are durable and don’t distort over time, faux wooden blinds and vinyl roller blinds are also resistant to moisture and heat.

Fabric blinds are not affected by heat and humidity but may stain if the moisture content in the air is quite pronounced.

Roller blinds with dangling cords should be located away from areas in the kitchen where they could be a danger to children or pets. Ideally use roller blinds with spring mechanisms.


Choosing the right material for your kitchen blind is just as important as the style and design.

Making sure that the window blind is made from an appropriate material for its position in the kitchen will mean that it will last much longer.

Durable and water-resistant blinds will do better around the sink and stove than fabric or woven wooden blinds.

Keep window blinds made from other types of materials away from the splash zone.

Aside from the ability to keep your kitchen blinds clean, the material that they are made from will play an important role in the decor and style of your kitchen.

A Roman blind with its fabric folds gives an elegant touch to your window, woven wooden blinds add texture and interest.

Bamboo is a more robust material and adds an eclectic dimension to your kitchen window.

Faux wooden kitchen blinds give your window a classic, polished look while the mesh fabric of solar blinds contributes to screening out UV light and helps with temperature control.

There is more to the material in your kitchen blind than how easily it is to clean, although that is important. The right material choice can make or break your kitchen blind choice.

Light Control

Blinds in your kitchen window serve more than one purpose, but their primary function is to control the light coming into your kitchen.

Their effectiveness in this area depends on what they are made from and where they are positioned.

Woven wooden blinds keep out a lot of light but don’t plunge your kitchen into darkness.

Roman blinds can be made with different weights and colors of fabric and this will have an impact on how much light they block. Light weight and pale colored materials will let in more light.

Faux wooden blinds have vanes that can be angled to allow more or less light in and can also be raised or lowered.

The amount of light that roller blinds block out will depend on the material and color of the blind.

Heavy dark colored fabrics are more effective than lighter ones, although it is possible to have black out roller blinds that can completely darken a room.

Light control is the solar blind's reason for being. It filters out UV light and helps to control the temperature of the kitchen by lowering the solar gain through your kitchen windows.

The degree to which the blind opens controls the amount of UV light coming through.


Privacy is another important reason for having blinds on your kitchen window especially if your kitchen is overlooked.

Solid materials such as faux wooden window blinds are excellent for privacy and don’t usually need any other type of protection.

Fabric or vinyl roller blinds and woven wooden blinds are good, but some may need the addition of a liner or fabric curtains for enhanced privacy particularly at night when internal lights are on.

Roman blinds which are made from heavy or dark material are effective in terms of providing privacy. However, some lighter fabrics may not be adequate, and you might need an additional pair of curtains.

Solar or cellular blinds are not the best for privacy especially at night when you have lighting on in the kitchen.

In these instances the blinds will be quite transparent. During the day however they do give a degree of privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Kitchen Blinds Are The Easiest To Clean?

Vinyl roller blinds and faux wooden blinds are the easiest to clean as they can be wiped with a damp cloth or washed with warm soapy water to remove dirt, grease and grime.

Fabric blinds such as Roman or roller blinds are more tricky as they can’t really be wiped or washed. Woven wooden blinds are the most difficult to clean.

Can I Put Blinds On A Small Kitchen Window?

It is possible to put blinds on a small kitchen window but if there is not a lot of light getting in think carefully about what style of blind and material you use.

Heavy dark fabric blinds will block out light, but light sheer fabrics will let more light in and brighten up the kitchen.

What Blind Works Best Over A Kitchen Sink?

The best blind for use over a kitchen sink is a faux wooden blind. These are made from PVC and are resistant to water and heat.

As a result they won’t warp, bow or crack if exposed to moisture and humidity. Vinyl roller blinds also work well on a window above the kitchen sink.

Final Thoughts

The best blind for your kitchen window is ultimately your choice and will have a number of influencing factors such as budget, style, decor and practicality.

Take into consideration the area around the window and how it may adversely affect the blind before deciding.

Of course, you want something that looks good in your kitchen, so it doesn’t all have to be about function.

Window dressing is so called because you want to show off your window and the right kitchen blind can do just that.

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