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Farmhouse Sinks 

Farmhouse fireclay sink installed with faucetAlthough farmhouse sinks are making a big splash in today’s kitchen designs, this traditional style of sink is inspired by a model that dates all the way back to the 17th century. Offering huge style impact and plenty of functional benefits, farmhouse sinks have recently made a resurgence in popularity, coming in more materials, finishes, and layouts than ever before. If you’ve ever wondered what is a farmhouse sink, whether a farmhouse sink is a trend, and why it’s suddenly so popular, keep reading.

History of Farmhouse Sinks

Farmhouse sinks, also known as apron front sinks, were originally designed in the United Kingdom and named for the cities where they were crafted – Belfast and London. These oversized sinks were typically installed in the summer cottages or manor homes of the wealthy elite; the large, deep basins were ideal for holding large amounts of water before indoor plumbing was a thing. By only having to haul in water once, it made things easier when cleaning large loads of dishes and cutlery from the dinner parties and gatherings these wealthy families would host. The signature design feature of a farmhouse sink is of course, the apron front, which allows you to stand directly in front of the sink without bending over a cabinet or countertop, for increased comfort. This is a callback to the days when women or servants would spend a good portion of their days over the sink, whether preparing meals, washing clothes and dishes, or even bathing babies.

Today, that oversized single basin is ideal for scrubbing up the biggest pots and pans in your kitchen with ease. Most apron front sinks will have a depth of about 10”, a difference of several inches over a typical undermount or drop-in kitchen sink. The width of farmhouse sinks varies widely, with the smallest models running from as narrow as 20” all the way up to a massive 60” design. Most single bowl farmhouse sinks will run between 26” to 36”.

Farmhouse Sink Costs and Materials

If you’re debating how much a farmhouse sink costs, the good news is there are a wide range of price points. The price of your farmhouse sink largely depends on the material. Cast iron and copper farmhouse sinks are the most expensive, but each sink boasts its own benefits – cast iron is incredibly sturdy, while copper offers a unique lustrous shine. Copper farmhouse sinks start at $1,500 and may cost as much as $6,000, depending on the finish and features. Fireclay and stone farmhouse sinks are popular for their variety of finishes. Fireclay farmhouse sinks are one of the original materials used to make this style of sink, celebrated for its extreme resilience and the ability to customize your sink with a range of colors. Fireclay sinks have a wide range of price points, starting as low as $500 for a single bowl farmhouse sink from an affordable brand like Crestwood or Bocchi. More expensive fireclay sinks often have unique features like a sculpted front or are completely handmade, like Rohl’s Shaws Lancaster sinks that can cost up to $4,000, Pure stone farmhouse sinks range from about $1,000 to $3,000 depending on how rare the stone is.

Stainless steel farmhouse sinks are typically the most affordable sinks and coordinate easily with other materials in your kitchen, although they can scratch easily and may not provide the same rustic look you may appreciate from other materials. You can find stainless steel farmhouse sinks for under $500, although more elaborate or heavier gauge stainless steel sinks may cost more.

Farm Sink Style and Designs 

Farmhouse sink with faucetApart from the actual material of your farmhouse sink, there are several other design features to consider. For example, do you want a single bowl or double bowl farmhouse sink? You can even get triple bowl farmhouse sinks if your kitchen can accommodate them. Many farmhouse sinks are also reversible, meaning the drain is centered so you can position any side of a farmhouse sink to face outwards. As a result, many manufacturers have actually created a decorative sculpted or fluted apron front on one side of their sink, and a plain apron front on another side, providing you extra design options. If you prefer an offset drain with your single bowl farmhouse sink, that’s available too. There are even corner farmhouse sinks or farmhouse sinks that can be installed as an undermount sink.

If you’re going to install a farmhouse sink, there are some important things to consider. First, you’ll need to select your sink well before your kitchen renovation. Many farmhouse sinks have slight size variances from a manufacturer’s stated dimensions, based on the unique artisanal techniques used to craft these sinks, particularly from fireclay, copper, and stone. The installation instructions for farmhouse sinks varies from brand to brand but may require a special drain attachment or a custom cabinet with additional supports built in to carry the weight of your sink. Your farmhouse sink will need to be installed before the countertops are put in, as well as your cabinet fronts. For more details on how to install a farmhouse sink, be sure to read our blog. 

Why Are Farmhouse Sinks So Popular? Everything old is new again – and the same goes for farmhouse sinks. Homeowners are flocking to farmhouse sinks for their timeless design that suits a classically inspired or rustic kitchen design perfectly. Not only do these sinks stand the test of time looks-wise, but they’re also quite durable, particularly when constructed from a traditional material like fireclay. Farmhouse sinks also offer ergonomic benefits. The flat front makes it easier than ever to get closer to your dishes without having to bend over as much. And the deep basin is ideal for keeping unsightly dishes out of sight when entertaining company. Best of all, you can buy a farmhouse sink to match just about any kitchen design. The wide range of styles, sizes, materials, colors, and finishes will help you find the ideal sink to make a big design statement in your dream kitchen. Browse our collection now - we have the best farmhouse sink for you! 

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