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How To Hang Plants From Ceiling

By Lianne Jones June 02, 2022 0 comments

How To Hang Plants From Ceiling

Plants are a wonderful way to breathe life back into your home.

If you're a homeowner with limited space, you might be wondering: How do you hang plants from the ceiling?

In this article, I will explore different methods to hang plants from the ceiling.

Let's get into it.

There are various reasons why you might want to hang your plants from the ceiling. Hanging plants from a ceiling is a great way to add some life to your home.

Hanging plants from a ceiling adds a natural touch to your home decor. They also provide a fresh airy feeling to your room.

Hanging plants from a ceiling is also a great way to bring nature indoors. It provides a refreshing environment to your living space.

So, how do you go about hanging plants from a ceiling?

How To Hang Plants From The Ceiling

Hanging plants from a ceiling is relatively easy, and there are a few methods that you can use to do this.

Adhesive Hooks

These hooks are made of plastic or metal. You simply need to attach them to the wall or ceiling by peeling off the adhesive cover.

Then, you just place the hook on the ceiling. Finally, you hang your plant from the hook!

You can buy these at any hardware store, and they're super easy to install.
What you should be wary of is the weight the adhesive hooks can withstand.

Over time, the adhesive on the back of these hooks can lose their stickiness if they're overloaded with weight.

You don't want to overload the adhesive backing and cause your plant to fall to the ground as this will leave you with a huge mess to return home to.

Traditional Hooks

Traditional Hooks

If you're not worried about drilling into the ceiling, you can always use traditional hooks to hang your plants from the ceiling.

The only thing you will need to be wary about when choosing this option is that it is difficult to remove the traditional hooks without damaging the ceiling.

Bearing this in mind, only use this option if you're absolutely sure the location of your hanging plants is just right.

Tension Rods

Tension rods are a simple way to hang plants from your ceiling.

They come in various sizes and lengths. Tension rods are typically used for hanging curtains, and partitioning dorm rooms, but are also great for hanging plants!

This method is not only inexpensive, but is also damage-free to your ceiling!

However, just make sure that you check the maximum weight limit to ensure that the tension rods can withstand the weight of the plant that you're hanging.

Hanging Floating Shelves

The use of hanging floating shelves is another way to hang plants from your ceiling.

These shelves can be hung off hooks or even curtain rails, allowing you to easily hang plants from the ceiling without damaging your ceiling.

There are many types of floating shelves available. While some are very affordable, their price can vary depending on the type of wood you opt for.


S-hooks are an ideal solution if you want to hang plants from the ceilings. S-hooks are designed to suspend heavy objects and free up the space a bit around your home.

You can purchase S-Hook online and at the majority of DIY stores.

Macrame Plant Holders

If you already have hooks to work with, macrame plant holders are a wonderful design that bring a unique flair to any room.

The advantage of hanging plants from the ceiling using macrame is that they are secure, but also look really stylish.

Benefits Of Hanging Plants From Ceiling

Benefits Of Hanging Plants From Ceiling

It Saves Space

One of the biggest benefits to hanging plants from a ceiling is that it saves space.

With so much clutter in our homes today, we all struggle to find enough space to live comfortably.

When you hang your plants from the ceilings, you create more breathing space for yourself and your family.

Plants Are A Great Decoration

Another benefit of hanging plants from the ceilings is that they add a natural element to your living spaces.

Living spaces naturally feel warmer when plants are in them. This makes them seem like a place where people would rather spend their time.

Plants Purify The Air

Finally, hanging plants from the ceilings can help to purify the air.

In fact, studies show that having plants in your home helps to improve indoor air quality.

This means that you'll breathe cleaner air.

Things To Be Wary Of When Hanging Plants From A Ceiling

Alongside the positives, there are also things to be wary of before hanging plants from a ceiling that you should know about.

Can Be Damaging To The Ceiling

If you opt to drill hooks into your ceiling, then you should know that they can be difficult to remove without damaging your ceiling. This can be costly, especially when it comes to you moving out of your home.

That being said, there are plenty of methods that you can use that won't cause the same damage to your ceiling.

Some Methods Are Harder To Do Yourself Than Others

If you have little to no DIY experience, then you will want to make sure that you choose a method that suits your skill level.

Don't go for something that you won't easily be able to achieve on your own, as this could result in you damaging your ceiling.

Instead ask someone to help you, or only choose an option that you can easily achieve yourself.

Compare Methods With Your Budget

If you want to stick to the lower end of the budget, you will want to opt for an inexpensive method to hang your plants from your ceiling.

Generally speaking, methods such as S-Hooks and adhesive hooks cost less as they typically don't require other tools to install.

If you intend to use traditional hooks that require a drill, you will need to include this in the overall price of the DIY project.

Make sure that you do your research to figure out the best option for your budget.

It's all well and good wanting to hang plants from your ceiling, but if you're not able to afford it, that's another story!


There are many ways to hang plants from the ceilings.

Hopefully after reading this article you have a better understanding of the methods that you can use to hang plants from your ceiling.

Good luck with your DIY project of hanging plants from a ceiling!



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